The Horan Letters: Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall Horan and Cynthia Rose realize who they are and who they want to be with. Through out arguments and romance they always seem to push through everything they believe in. They believe in each other and them together as a whole. Let's just start with the letters. How Ciall Hose became a whole!


6. Chapter 5

Cynthia's PoV

I couldn't help but to call my mom and deliver the happiness to her but when I called no one answered. She forwarded me, I could tell cause I didn't hear voicemail. I figured she was fine. She was finally probably on a date. If so it would be her first since my Dad died at this time of year 2 years ago. I was planning to kill myself until one direction was signed. They made me feel like the only girl in the world even though I was invisible at the time.

After I walk back into the dining room of the penthouse, Niall had dinner awaiting me. He guided me to my chair and pulled it out for me to sit in. Once I sit down he whispers, "Someone randomly called me and wanted me to tell you something, it's really bad so I'll try and save it for after dinner." Then he slid me, along with the chair, up to my delicious looking steak.

He says, "Your so beautiful Cynthia Rose! I can't keep it from you till dinner is over. It sucks that this dinner will be ruined for you, but your mom has died in a car accident," my eyes begin to swell with tears, then he continues, "you don't have to worry about going to be by yourself though darling. I called my mum and she is setting up my new house for the two of us. And to remember this I got you this."

He pulls out a box from under a table. "Open it," he says. This made the tears okay. From that moment I knew he would always be there for me.

As I open the box Niall's face grows with excitement. It's a puppy! It's a black, with white on the belly and brown on the eyes and feet, Walsh corgi! It's my dream dog to have!

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