The Horan Letters: Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall Horan and Cynthia Rose realize who they are and who they want to be with. Through out arguments and romance they always seem to push through everything they believe in. They believe in each other and them together as a whole. Let's just start with the letters. How Ciall Hose became a whole!


3. Chapter 3

Cynthia's PoV

He's so passionate. As we walk out to the limo, or the chariot as he says, he told me he thinks I'm the one. Adrenaline rushes through my whole entire body as I sit in the limo and he puts my luggage in the back like the gentleman he is.

Before I know it he is in the limo with me. He slowly inches his arm around me. When he's gotten a fourth of the way I go ahead and say, "it's fine love, go on ahead."

He puts his arm around me and holds my hand with his free arm. I look out the window wondering where we are going. Before I could react he softly touched his hand to my pudgy cheeks. My face heats with embarrassment. He turns me to him and there's very little space between our lips. I'm dying to break the space but before I can he says, "Tonight before we go back to the lads and leave here to the next stop I got a hotel for us to stay in. It's the loves suite and we are planning to have a nice steak dinner. Just the two of us."

Before I could respond he suddenly breaks the tension between us and kisses me softly. This is my first kiss. And I love it.

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