The Horan Letters: Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall Horan and Cynthia Rose realize who they are and who they want to be with. Through out arguments and romance they always seem to push through everything they believe in. They believe in each other and them together as a whole. Let's just start with the letters. How Ciall Hose became a whole!


2. Chapter 2

Niall's PoV

" Yes! I will go on your tour with you Niall! My mom said it was okay and I will have all my stuff with me! I'll make sure to look special tonight!"

Wow, I thought, this girl I barely know that is incredibly beautiful wants to be my valentine.

I'm not even worthy enough for this girl. I can't wait to take her out tonight. I have seen her at one of my concerts. While I'm on that stage I can't help but to look out and see if I see the love of my life. That's when I first seen her. She was wearing a bright green crop top that said, "Marry Me?" with a ring on it, her hair was blonde and wavy and looked like she just got out of the shower and didn't care what others thought, and she was wearing jeans and cowgirl boots with mud all over them.

I never thought a country girl that owns horse and cows to like me. When we pulled up to the house I stepped out of the limo and ran up to her. I was stunned by her beauty, She had a plaid blue shirt on, jeans and boots. Her hair was in a braid on the side. She had makeup on even though she was perfect with out it. "Cynthia Rose," I said trying to sound charming, "your chariot awaits." I said that last part with a frantic smile, 'cause I knew how stupid I mad myself sound!

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