Hi I'm Marci and I'm trying to switch factions. Before the Choosing Ceromony.


3. Constellations

     She stares above. Trying. Trying to figure out what to do. Does she want to leave and go escape to dauntless? Or does she want to stay. With her mom, dad and two younger brothers. Should she stay with the life she knows best. Where she fits in with her short stature and glasses. Or should she leave. a place with foreign people and risks along with  her many fears. She wants to leave. She likes to be different, yet she never was. She is normal. Boring. Any other Erudite. Not exotic. Maybe if she leaves she will have friends not be alone. Have a new chance not have to follow the same one. She will be known not forgotten.


     The stars above try to give me a answer. But it is hard to listen. I get up and walk towards the library. There is always at least a dozen people in the library at any given time.  She sits at a table with a couple people and thinks. "Do want a book?" The librarian at the desk says. "No. Just need to think" "okay you can do that outside" She says motioning to the door. "okay out I go" I say trying to not sock her in the face. "OKAY THAT IS IT" I say running to the train almost coming my way. When it passes I try to jump on but 
I can't a couple cars pass and then there is only three left. You can do this Jessica. I breath in and jump. I fall. I fall face first onto the floor. I'm about to fall! Why did I do this? Warm hand pick me up and set me flat on the floor board. "Wow you surprisingly light."

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