Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


34. Chpater 34.

Ain't the babehh so precious !! ♥

Lets answer dese questionss 

For HazzasTeddyBear

Q :when you end it are you gonna make a trilogy

A : Liek Of Courseee Yall must see Alyxander grow up liek .. I can't just leave him as a baby shitting in peoples hands liek .. noo 

Q : you should make a story later about when Alyxander gets older lol. 

A : RIGHT ! Das liek my summer project thoee 

Q :We Should totally write a book together O.O ...............

A : When should we ?? 0.0

For Alexandra 

Q :Do u think you will have a hard time? It seems like the perfect baby tho!

A : At this point I'm just like . Bring it on ! whatever parent hood has to throw at me I'm ready like . I had wait to love the hell out this baby!!!

Q :Zayn picked a great name! Alyx. ALYYYYXXXX lol I should stop. Anyways does Alyx look alot like Zayn when he was a baby or naw?

A : Lol you sound like Louis when you did that :D . He looks more like me and my brother when we were babies but I swear he has alot of Zayns features :3

For Harry 

Q :I'm SO Glad you've found the Right Guy ! 

A : Thankyou and Hes MY BOYFRIED NOBODY ELSES !! 

For Evan 


A : Right now I'm kinda stuck in jamacia .. So I don't think I'll come near anybody I know about any time soon .-.

Kay Kay das it ! (to le storehh)

Alexandra's P.O.V

*1 month later*

Its been a month and a few days since Alyx was born . Each and everyday I feel more and more like a mommy :D . But I do have to remind myself sometimes I'm still a 20 year old young lady who not too long ago graduated highschool and is now in College with a career to pursue .

My grandma is always trying to coach me and all . Its really annoying but some of it I might need . But she's also forcing me to actually have a decent relationship with my parents for the baby's sake . I know what your thinking . I'm gonna say fuck that and go on with my life .. and you're right .

I think my grandma has been the best grandparent on earth and I love her and she did say if I didn't want to talk to my parents about the baby and everything she would be there so ... Alyx still has a loving grandmother and grandfather if she decides to marry whatever boyfriend she has now . Anyway .

As for Zayns side of the family everyone is supportive . I love his Mom . His mom is my mom .. Like really I go over there sometimes just to say Hi Mommy!! . His sisters are still weird .. and I respect that . They're loving aunts . 

But anyway today was my first day back to school after winter break and I missed alot of days so I had to be there . Zayn started his new job today soo we had to leave Alyx with Deangelo . We were sitting at starbucks as I was showing them pictures of the baby on christmas after class . "AWWW!!" Louis and Sparrow yelled . I showed them another one "Awww!!" They yelled again .

"He's so cute " Sparrow squealed . "Cuter than Harry " Louis commented . "Aye don't be pervin on my son now !" I said . they laughed . "I still can't believe your a mom " He sighed . "I know its hard to belive a 5 foot nothing woman squeezed out an 21 and a half inch baby " I shrugged . They laughed .

"I'm so proud of you though . You managed to keep your cool through all of this " Sparrow squealed . "Yeah . Its all because of you guys being there for me " I smiled at them . "Aww Aleexxx !" Louis cooed hugging me tightly . I giggled . "Haaayyy Cuzzzooo!!" I heard Cher's voice . "Cherry !!!" I yelled holding my arms out like a baby . She laughed hugging me .

"Hows Ms.Mommy Malik doing ?" She asked . "I'm doing really good actually Wheres Kian ?" I asked . Right when I said that he came walking in with Harry . Louis stood up with a bright smile on his face . "Hey baby" Harry said walking over and kissing Louis . "Hey what are you doing here ?" He asked Harry .

"Um well I was with Kian and we were looking around trying to figure out a perfect birthday present for you " He explained to Louis . "What do you mean ? My birthday been passed " Louis said . "I know but I didn't get you anything " Harry said . ".. My birthdays on christmas eve you don't have to get me anything " Louis chuckled .

"But I want to and well .. I wanna show you what I got you " Harry said then getting a piece of paper from Kian . ERR MER GER WHAT IS IT ?! .

At first Louis just looked at it confused but he opened the paper and his eyes lit up . "You adopted a baby " Louis sounded like he was almost in tears . "Mhm . His name is Elijah . He's only 3 months old . I remembered how much you wanted a baby and --" He was cut off by Louis hugging him . "Aww" Kian said .

"Thankyou so much " He squealed . Harry chuckled "Your welcome " He kissed Louis head . Once they released from the hug Louis tried to pull Harry along "Well come on lets go get him !! we must not waste time !" Louis yelled . "The adoption process takes about a week ... Maybe you'll see him on monday" Kian said .

Louis pouted a little but he sucked it up when Harry held him in his arms . "But in the meantime let go out to eat you guys " Harry said . Everyone began to grab their stuff . I just looked at the time . "You comin Alex?" Kian asked . I shook my head . "Actually . I have somewhere I need to be but I'll see you guys later " I waved . "bye!!" everyone waved back . 

I got in the car driving all the way to where my old Highschool was . But I'm not going there . I turned across the street from it to a big building also known as Inky's . You'll never guess who owns this tattoo shop though :3 .

                                                                                                LIEK FOR MOARR!!!

                                                  IS THIS CONSIDERED A CLIFF HANGER OR NAH ? MAYBE IT IS :3 WELLL .. BAI :D                                        

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