Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


32. Chatper 32.



Questtioonnnsssss .. Thats how my teacher said it today .. It was hilarious .. 


For Zayniel


A : Why ?

Q : forget shopping! Alex is about to go into labor, get there fast or you'll miss the birth of you first child!!! Love you, buh-bye! :)

A : The baby isn't due for another 2 days 


A : I'm not gonna miss it 

For Alexandra

Q :hold that bloody baby in you until zayn comes, understood???????

A : I don't know if I can !!!


Alexandra's P.O.V

We drove quickly down the street . We drove red 3 red lights and almost got hit abotu 6 times since we left . Deagelo swerved off the road and the people honked at him . "vete a la mierda puta!!" He yelled in spanish flicking the people off behind us . "De shes not gonna make it this baby is coming !" Issac yelled . "I KNOW I'M TRYING!! .. Just hold on Alex okay we need to get ahold of Zayn like NOW " He said .

"O-Okay " I said trying to breath . It hurt like shit ! . "Andrew unlock my phone and click on Zayns number please " I panted giving him my phone . "Oh You got the Iphone 5c " He said excitedly . "ANDREW!!" we yelled at him . "Sorry" He mumbled . "Are you okay . we're almost there okay?" Deangelo said keeping his eyes on the road no matter how recklessly he was driving . "I'm so scared " I said .

"Don't be scared okay Zayn will be here and everything will be fine " He reassures me . I sighed trying to relieve my pain . "He didn't answer . It went straight to voicemail" Andrew announced . I covered my face feeling like I was gonna cry . Most of it was the pain though . "Its okay we're here Alex . We need to know if this baby is coming first . " Deangelo sighed pulling into the Hospital parking lot . I'm like so scared right now . Nooo I wasn't reaaaddyyy !!! 

(In the room)

They made me change into this gown thing and a hair net . I didn't understand that . Deangelo changed into scrubs and came in the room with the nurse . "Okay Ms.High ---
" "Its Mrs.Malik thankyou " I corrected her . No matter how much pain I was in .. I'm a Mrs ma'am thank youu . "Mrs.Malik sorry . We will have to break your water but is there anybody your are waiting for ??" She asked signing some papers .

"Did you call Zayn?" I asked De . "He's not answering . Where is he ?" De asked . "He's in New York I don't--" I was cut off by the sound of the door busting open revealing Cher , Sparrow , Louis , Harry , Liam , and Niall . "OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I'm here okay okay !!" Sparrow said panicking . "Babe calm down .. Where's Zayn ?" Niall asked looking around the room "Don't know " De sighed . "Can someone please call him the pain is getting worse !!" I screamed .

"I got that . Let me go get my phone " Cher said leaving the room. "Is there anything we can do ?" Liam asked the nurse . "The obstertrician is gonna come in and break the water at about 11:30 tonight so I suggest we do nothing until he gets here --" She was cut off by my brother "He gets here ? Uh Uh you better get a female in this bitch!! " He yelled . "Sir we will try our best to get things comfortable for you . its about 10:30 now so we need to get everything ready .

Everyone must put on scrubs for the operation so I'll get those for you all ... This baby is coming today " The nurse smiled at me then walking out the door . I smiled a little . Hopefully Zayn will answer . I sighed trying to calm down a little "Don't worry Alex he'll be there " Deangelo said kissing my forehead . I hope he's right 

Zayn's P.O.V 

We been shopping for a long time . I was forced to leave my phone in the car which is bullshit because I probably got a hell load of calls now . We got in the car after putting out bags in the trunk and stuff . "See now wasn't that fun ?" Kian said . I started the car . "It was alright but now we have to start heading back " I said . Just when I was beginning to drive my phone started ringing . I looked at the caller ID to see Cher's name . I answered it . "Hello ?" I said . "Zayn thank god you answered .

Look where are you at ?!" She asked panciking a little . "Um I'm in New York right now . What's up ?" I asked . "You have to come home like now the baby is coming !" She yelled . "What?! the baby's coming . Like right now ?!" I asked . "Yeah the doctor is coming in soon you need to hurry up !" He screamed . "I'm on my way here I come now ." I panicked hanging up and beginning to drive faster . "Damn Zayn slow down !!" Kian yelled . "Don't tell me to calm down when I'm about to miss the birth of my baby !" I said . 

We made it to the hotel and we quickly packed all my stuff and checked out . We drove to the airport to catch our jet . "Zayn calm down !"  Kian yelled as we both ran through the flight station "Shut up kian !!" I yelled back .We got to the desk and I slapped credit card on the desk top . "2 30 minute flights to Bradford,England " I said . She looked at me flirtaciously handing me 2 tickets "You know . I like your face .

" She said . "Sorry lady I'm a married man " I snatched my card away from her and ran over to the line where the lady was taking tickets . I gave her our tickets and pulled slow Kian along . I need to get there before this baby comes .



Mr.Malik2 will be ending soon . dayum ..I noo want it to end .. But it had to some day :( . 


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