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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


9. Chapter 9.

Having dirty thoughts yet ? .. Lol JayKay he's mine •_• ~A word from Alexandra Malik ;3

Alexandra's P.O.V

The next day in Paris wasn't like any other day . Today was couples day . Its kinda like valentines day except your forced to celebrate it . This is gonna be fuuuunnn . I put on some high waisted shorts , a white half shirt , and some blue and white Jordan 13's . Shoe's for days but you already knew that .

 Zayn came out the bathroom wearing pretty much the same thing except he was wearing jeans . "Okay so what are we doing again ?" He asked . "We .. Are going skateboarding " I clapped my hands together . "Do you even know how to skateboard ?" He said . "Yah of course I do " I said in a sure tone .

"I don't want you getting hurt babe " He smiled furrowing his eye brows . "I'm not don't worry it will be fun trust me " I smiled . I put the helmet over his perfect hair . He shrugged and just went along with it .


"Be careful babe " Zayn yelled from all the way down from the ramp " I know what I'm doing trust me " I smiled . He held thumbs but I could tell he wasn't sure about it . I went down the ramp and back up doing tricks and flips perfectly .

I was like Rob Dyrdek up there I swear . I finished kicking the skateboard back in my hand . I slid down the ramp and walked over to Zayn who was shocked . "Where did you learn to do that ?" He asked surprised .

shrugged "Kian taught me " I said . "And you expect me to do what you just did ?" He asked his eyes bigger than before . "Have fun " I patted his chest smiling .

He made me go up there with him . Which is cool I like teaching the teacher . "So basically when you make it to the end you're gonna switch to the side your back foot is on and the wheel is gonna let go of the edge " I explained . He nodded "Babe .." He said "Yeah ?" I asked .

 "Don't let me die !!" He panicked . " Babe please you can do it ! .. My husband can do anything " I reminded him earning a smile back from him . And he went . He was doing good .

"Yayy Zaynie you're doing it !!" I clapped cheered and jumped around on the tiny platform . "I'm doing it !" He said excitedly "I'm gonna do a trick " He said "Do the flip" I suggested .

And he did . He was in the air and the skate board was flipping . But the skateboard went without him , He hit Pedro on a bar and fell off the ramp . My jaw dropped . He fell pretty hard . He moaned in pain .

 I ran down there as fast as my girl legs could carry me right over to him . I sat down on his stomach caressing his face "Are you okay ?" I asked . He didn't answer . Just a bunch of groaning and every time he tried to say something he would gasp for air . I got up and helped him up so we can go back . 


He twisted his ankle and hurt his lower back . Kinda . Its like when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and your body just hurts . At least that's what the doctor explained . I feel bad . Its my fault I made him do it so I'm sad now . I sat on the bed waiting for him to come out the bathroom from changing so I texted Sparrow

So how is being a mommy Fun or Naw ?~AlexLove

Its pretty fun She's actually quieter than I expected How is the No-Condom sex going . Expecting any babies yet ? ~Spazzovt

No babies yet . Zaynie just got hurt thoee :( ~AlexLove

OMG what happened ? :O ~Spazzovt 

"ALEX! " Zayn called . "Yes ?" I answered . "Can you come here please ?" He asked . I got up and opened the cracked bathroom door . Zayn was sitting on the toilet cover rubbing his neck . "Huh ?" I asked . "Can you put lotion on my back " He asked . I smiled taking the bottle of lotion from his hand .

I sat on the top of the toilet behind him . I put lotion in my hand and began to lotion his back . He was moaning but I don't think it was because of pain . I giggled "Are you really getting turned on my this ." I asked

 "No .." He said making it sound like a question . I giggled. "I'm sowwey " I apologized . "About what ?" He laughed . "Because I made you do the skateboard thing and I knew you didn't want to " I mumbled . I snaked my hands to the front of him rubbing on his stomach . I rested my head on his shoulder .

"It was my actions that got me hurt .. Its nobody's fault but my own " He said . "Its okay .. I still love you to the moon and back " He kissed my cheek . I smiled . "Yay" I clapped on his stomach. He laughed . We just sat there in silence .

Then he said "You know I got hurt somewhere else too " he said . "Where ?" I asked .  He spread his legs then He Put his hand on top of mine and slid it down v-line into his sweats . Pedro was hard as a rock . " Oh you dirty bird " I smirked. He smirked back .

Kk I'm updating again later soo yaaay!! ;3 Sorry it had to end dirty . It was all in the moment lol!!

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