Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


8. Chapter 8.

Alexandra's P.O.V

Well maybe the pool wasn't the best thing for Zayn . It explains why he never used the pool in the backyard . I use it so its going to good use ;3. I was drawing random things in my drawing book out of boredom . Its was gonna end up as something I just have no clue what . "Babe have you seen my shirt?" Zayn asked walking out the bathroom .

"What shirt?" I asked him . I looked up and he was standing infront of the picture of a dolphin . His face was literally where the dolphins face was . I started laughing . He was looking at me confused.

 "What ?" He asked . I fell off the bed I was laughing so hard . "What?!" He said really wanting to know . Okay at this point I was crying laughing . He sighed "Nevermind I'll find it myself " He walked over to our bags .

I tried to calm my laughing but then I though . Omg I should draw that !! . I jumped back on the bed and began to draw . When I finished I shaded and everything . I was laughing while I was drawing but I didn't know Zayn was watching . "What cha drawing babe?" He asked trying to see my picture .

My eyes got big and I quickly moved "Noottthingg" I covered it . "No let me see " He said trying to take it from me . I just backed up further until I fell off the edge of the bed . We started play fighting and him making his worst attempt to get the picture from me . "Give it to me !" He yelled chasing after me as we ran out the room .

"No !" I laughed . He grabbed my waist . "Comeon give it to me Alex please " He pleaded . "Oh you dirty boy" I said playfully . "Comeon Alex!!" He whined . "No" I looked away sassily . "Okay fine " He said . He pulled my body close to his . He kissed me on the lips sticking his tongue in my mouth .

He squeezed my ass and I yelped letting go of his lips and dropping the book . He grabbed it off the floor and looked at it . "This is me ?" He asked . "Nooo" I looked away . He shot a smile "Oh you've done it now " He grabbed my legs and threw me over his shoulder . I was laughing "Noo Zaynie stop!" I screamed .

He squeezed my thigh and I was laughing even more . We got back in the room and he dropped me on the bed . He hovered over top of me . "I wanna hear you beg for mercy baby" He smirked kissing me . "Is that supposed to scare me ?" I smirked back . "I'm so terrified " I said . "Fuck you're so hot !" He yelled kissing me .

I laughed . He slipped off my shorts and underwear at the same time . Whoaa eager . He jammed 2 fingers in me hitting the right spot every time . I moaned which made a smirk play on Mr. Malik's lips .

My moaning got louder and louder til I released all over his fingers . He licked it off slowly smirking after . He took off his shirt kissing me some more . He pulled off his pants and Pedro popped out. I held his rock hard length in my hand stroking it .

He moaned and twitched around . He was sexually frustrated . I could tell . "Fuck!" He yelled . He kissed me then sticking Pedro in . Moans escaped from me as he thrusted harder and harder . "Scream my name" He moaned.

I couldn't . I was speechless . "Z-z .." Was all I could say . "Say it !" He screamed thrusting faster . "Zayn !! " I yelled . "Louder" He demanded . "Zaaayn!!!!!!" I screamed louder as he released his hot liquids into me .

we both laid there breathless . "Now what are you gonna do when i ask for something ?" He asked . "Give it to you " I smirked . He laughed . He started to get relaxed when the hotel phone rung . He got up and answered it .

"Hello ?" He said . "Um we have had shome complaintsh about noishes coming from your room .  ?" He man with the squeaky voice over the phone asked . "Oh we're sorry we'll turn it down for you " Zayn said .

He smirked and winked at me "Thank shir Happeh Wedding!!" He yelled . I giggled . "When i get back .. we can both agree on round 2 " He smirked . "Go go go !!" I yelled . He ran into the bathroom . When the door closed my phone rung . I answered it because it was my bro bro and I honestly miss that turd right about now .

"Dee!!!" I squealed . He laughed "Whats up?" He asked . "Nothing ... Sex" I smiled . "Ew!!" He yelled . I laughed . "So anyway whats up ?" I asked him " I just want to tell you that . I finally got a girl that I can call the one " He said . I screamed " Oh my god forreal ? How long have you bee talking . have ya'll been fucking ?" I smirked .

He laughed " No nothing like that .. We've been talking for about 3 months now . Liking pics on Instagram back and forth and .. I just wanted to make the time I tell you special and I was hoping you could come and meet her when you get back " He said .

I heard the smile in his voice . "Awww insta-love of course I'll meet her . Besides you'll need my approval anyway " I said . He laughed . "Alright well I'll see you when you get home okay .. Love u sis " He sighed .

" Stahp being disgusting !! . just kidding love you too " I laughed . Once he hung up I turned off my phone . "Here comes Pedro!!!!!" Zayn yelled . I screamed . Time for round 2 ;3 .




;3 Mkay Bai


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