Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


7. Chapter 7.

Alexandra's P.O.V


The sun beamed through the window ... and my dress was squeezing my torso . I should have never slept in this . Rookie mistake . I got up and limped over to our bagfd and pulle out a black and white striped long sleeve and a black skirt with suspenders attached to it .

I got in the showr and stuff and re did my bun that keeps messing up . I walked out the bathroom with no emotion but pissed off on my face . Zayn was laying on the bed and I tried by best to avoid those eyes as I sat down on the other side of the bed  .

I felt the bed shift and arms wrap around my waist . "Good morning babe" He smiled and yawned . I ignored him . "Okay . What did I do ?" He kissed all over my face.

"What happened in california ?"  I asked . I could feel him tense up with fear " I went out with the guys remember" He chuckled . "No " I said . I turned around and faced him .

" What really happened ?" I asked really starting to get upset because he was lying . He looked down like he was scared to tell me . He started playing with his fingers and I took his hands in mine .

He sighed and closed his eyes "When we got to california we made a plan to get Evan and --" I cut him off "Where did he shoot you ?" I asked almost tears in my eyes .

He slipped off his shirt and turned around showimg me the scars on his back . I ran my fingers over them and tears filled my eyes .

"I didn't wanna tell you because you told me to be careful and not to do anything stupid .so when I came home .." He turned back around . He saw me crying with my arm up to my eyes . "Why are you crying ? . I'm fine I swear it didn't hurt" He said trying to calm me down . I literally jumped into his arms .

"What if something happened to you ? I wouldnt know" I sniffled . He wiped my tears with his hand " I was doing it for you .. if it means that I had to die to save your life I would .. but this is our special time together I don't want you to be worried about that just know that I'm okay "  he hugged me .

I hugged him back "I love you" I sighed at the feeling of his tender hugs . "I love you too" He kissed my forehead ."Hey let's go to the pool" I suggested .

"Hm I don't know " He said unsure . "Comeon it will be fun I swear " I smiled jumping up and down . "Okay I guess . Oh let me take a shower first . I smell like a drunkie " He jumped up and rused to the bathroom "stinky!" I yelled and laughed .

He laughed too blowing me a kiss . I felt so much better now that we talked about it .. We should have talked about it then had sex . But I'm still happy we take about it .


We got to the pool and there was a bunch of snooty french people. They just are gonna have to accept my cuteness right now . I got in the pool and swam around . It was very relaxing .

I looked over to see Zayn sitting by the pool kicking his feet in the water .I swam over to him . "Aren't you coming in ?" I asked him . He shook his head ."Why not ?" I pouted . He sighed "Don't laugh okay ?" He said "I promise" I smiled .

" I can't swim " He mumbled . I laughed "Hey you promised you wouldn't laugh!"He yelled . "No not at that . You never told me you couldn't swim " I got out and sat next to him .

"I know I'm sorry " He said . "Come on I'm gonna show you how " I got back in . "Noo I can't " He sounded traumatized . "Yes you can . My husband can do anything . " I held out my arms .

"You really think so ?". He asked . "I know so . Comeon I gotchu . I swear " I held out my arms more . He took deep breaths then dropping in the water and quickly into my arms . He hugged my body tight . I knew he wasn't gonna let go worth shit .

I laughed "Zaynie its okay let go !" I yelled . "No!" He yelled back holding me tighter . "Yes you can do it !" I yelled back . "No I can't !" He screamed . " We're in the 4ft you can let go" I told him .

He let out a sigh letting go of my body haftly . "My sweet little baby" I said in a baby voice kissing his head . "Stop " He laughed . 

Theres mah update for today sorreh its short I was watching Teen wolf but I stopped so I could finish for you guys . You guys are some lucky turds you know dhat ?! But anyway liiek for moar!!! ;3


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