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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


6. Chapter 6

Alexandra's P.O.V 


The next morning I woke up to our first actual day of our honeymoon . Its really fun here . The people are soo nice . Too bad I don't speak french though .

I got out of bed and as soon as my feet touched the floor the bathroom door opened revealing Zayn and all his beautifulness . "Good morning Mrs .Mailk " He smiled combing through his wet hair by the mirror .

"Morning Mr .Malik what are you doing up so early?" I skipped over to him . "I just wanted to get up early . Get some breakfast . And then maybe head down to the beach and play a little volleyball with my beautiful wife " He kissed my hand .

"I like that Idea . Let me get ready " I smiled . I walked over to our bag pulling out my tye-die bathing suit and the top had fringes and no straps and some acid washed shorts with studs on it . Then my phone started to ring .

I jumped on the bed grabbing my phone off the nightstand . "Helloooo!!" I said . "Heey whatcha doin'" Louis asked . I could tell he was smiling . "Just about to go to the beach with Zaynie . What are you and Harry doing " I asked him .

"We had sex about 5 times since we woke up so I guess we are having sex . But I called because I have a problem " He said . "What's wrong ?" I laid on my back . "Well you know Harry and I are planning on getting married soon but before we do I have to meet his family " He explained .

"Yeah so " I said . "His family doesn't know he's bisexual " He said . I gasped . "Are you serious ?!" I said surpised . "Right ! As far as they know he's a big shot with kids and a beautiful wife who's a model " Louis scoffed ."Lou that's crazy .

You let him lie to his family like that ?" I gasped . "I couldn't get a saying in it . I trust him to come out and say something .. but I don't know if he will "he sighed .

"Aww BooBear I'm sorry " I pouted . "Its alright no worries . Well go have fun I'll call you later " He said . "Okay . Bye " I said and hung up . I feel bad for Lou . He's been waiting for that moment when he could finally get married and this is what Harry does .

I'm gonna kill that bitch . I sighed getting up and stripping from all my clothes and putting on my swimsuit and shorts . I put on some black sandals and I put my hair in a bun .

I was lookin cuttte! . I grabbed my phone and started taking selfies in the mirror . #DontJudge . I was about to take this really cute pic with the front face camera when Zayn came behind me and got in the picture . He started to tickle me .

I was laughing so hard . "Stop please!!" I screamed for mercy . I acidentally took the picture but it was soo cute . "Okay okay" He said and picked me up . "To the beach!!"  he yelled . I laughed as he ran right out of the room closimg the door behind him .


We got to the beach and it was nice and sunny . Teenagers making out, kids dropping their ice cream in the sand and crying . It was beautiful . I got finished spray SPF50 on Zayns back . He turned to the front and I only sprayed his nipples . "Gotta keep those safe" I smiled . He laughed then kissing me . "Hey !! You 2" someone yelled over to us . The guy had a quiff and he looked like Justin Beiber but I wasn't gonna tell him that , and the girl was suprisingly pretty but the bitch was neon orange so .. there's that . "You guys wanna play some couple volley ball ." The girl asked . "Yeah sure" Zayn yelled . "Let's murder theses hoes " I smriked . Zayn nodded in agreement . Okay we are officially gonna murder these hoes in volley ball .


"You guys serve first " The guy yelled sending the ball over to us . "Ive never served a volley ball before" I said . "Just try your best babe . I know you can " Zayn smile . I smiled back "Okay" I positioned my feet . I threw the ball in the air hitting it with my palm .

They tried to catch it but didn't . "Point Maliks" The ref said . "Fuck yeah!!" We yelled . I did the G handshake with Zayn . Point after point was ours . Every serve we made .

We were just so beasty . "Game point " the ref yelled . "Wanna serve this one together " Zayn asked . "Yay" I clapped . I got infront of him and he held the ball in his hand .

I underhand the ball making it over the net scoring the last point . "Maliks win 24 to Zip" The ref announces . Me and Zayn started dancing . "Fuck yeah we just shitted on you bitches!! " I yelled making them feel even worse .

"Hey babe let's celebrate " He grabbed me by my waist . "By what ?" I moved his hands to my ass . " I was gonna say the club but you obviously have something else in mind " He smirked .

"We can do both " I smirked back . "Well let's not waist time " He picked me up in his arms . Time to do the nasty ;3 .


We were getting ready to go to the club and get drunk basically . I put on a slim black dress . I still don't like heels and I never will so I put on my other black sandals . I kept my hair in a bun but I fixed it because ... the nasty messed it up ;3 .

After I did my makeup I heard Cher's ringtone. " Cherry!!" I sqealed and grabbed the phone "Hey cher!" I yelled . She laughed "hey what's up cuzzo ?" She asked .

"We're just about to go to the club . What about you?" I asked her . "Helping with the baby . NIALL SHE CANT EAT A HAMBURGER!!" She yelled "Whyyy nottt?" I heard Niall pout . What?! .

"Um are you gonna be okay ?" I laughed " Oh yeah I have everything under control" She said in a sure voice . I heard the baby crying "GOTTDAMMIT NIALL!! FOR FUCKS SAKE! " Cher yelled .

"Don't cuss infront of my baby!" Sparrow screamed . "I'll call you back" Cher said and hung up . I shook my head and laughed . So crazy . "You ready Beautiful" Zayn hugged me from behind . "Mhm let's go" I smiled . I grabbed my clutch in one hand and Zayns hand in the other . "Let's make sure we don't get too drunk . I wanna remember it when we have tipsy sex when we get back " He smirked ."You dirty man child!" I slapped his chest . He laughed .


-hotel room-

"Partayy!" Zayn sang drunk as ever . I thought we agreed no drunk , Crazy sweaty tipsy sex!. "Babeh let's fuck right here! Right now!" He yelled . "Zaynie your drunk" I said grabbing his hand "You're sexy" He said holding back the barf .

"Sit down" I said sitting him down on the couch.  "R-Remember when we kissed at the Mcdonalds parking lot" He slurrs . I laughed "Yes I remember " "You were like " He picked his sexy lips in my face . I giggled pushing his face back .

He was laughing to but it was just the drunkness . "Remember when W-We had sex in the classroom " He said then he burped and it smelled like Vodka ,Jen,And Irish whiskey mixed together . "Yes I remember" I laid on his chest .

He licked my face and I let him because he's drunk . "Remember I-I got shot at in california" He asked . I jumped off his chest "You got what now?" I asked for him to say it again . His eyes were closing  "Zayn !!" I yelled . He literally went to sleep .. and he was fucking snoring! I can't believe he never told me .

Getting married I thought he would have told me everything . I sat on the bed with my head in my hands . I let a couple tears fall . He never told me he got hurt and not just some petty 3 year olds booboo . Something so fatal . He's lucky he's okay now . But when he wakes up I'm gonna beat that ass -_- 

oooooo!! Is Zaynie a dead man!!!??? Liek for moar!!!! O3O btw I had 69 favourites .. Ha ;3



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