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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


5. Chapter 5

You'll never guess where they went for their honeymoon ... still didn't guess it ? o.O . Well your just gonna have to find out ;3.♥



Alexandra's P.O.V

We finally arrived in Parrrriiisssss ! . TURN UHHH!! My brother set up our honeymoon . I don't know why he has so many connections but I'm not really complaining . We checked into our hotel room which was at the very top of the entire hotel building . I was too lazy to walk .

Not even to the elevator so Zayn offered to carry me . We got to the top and I watched as Zayn's sexual frustration wouldn't let him unlock the door . He finally slid the card in the slot perfectly and opened the door to the beautiful room with an ocean view . He slammed my body on the bed and began to kiss me .

His kisses were soft and slow . He sticks his tongue in my mouth . My only weakness . I played with the hair on the back of his neck as he slid his hand to my back about to unzip my dress .

That's when the moment was ruined by someone knocking on the door . "FUCK!!" Zayn shouted . I giggled. He kissed me one more time before getting up to open the door ."Happeh Wedding!!" Someone yelled . "Um thank you " Zayn smiled . He took the wine and ice from the man and shut the door with his foot .

"Ahh wine " I smirked . He smirked back . He sat down next to me and pulled me close "I'll tell you what .. I'm gonna get everything ready . And i want you to put on the sexiest thing you can find " Zayn smiled sexually and kissed on my neck .

Cher bought me a new Lingerie set for my party but its deep down in my bag and i'm too lazy to look through all that shit . I looked around the room and my eyes landed on the closest thing to the bathroom .

There was a silk robe on the hanger in the bathroom . Perfect  .

"Fair enough" I smiled . I got up and strutted slowly to the bathroom looking back to see if he was watching . Oh he was watching alright . I grabbed the towel before disappearing into the bathroom . I swear this honeymoon is gonna be full of tease . 

I quickly got into the shower washed my hair and shaved . I need to be smooth . After that I blow dried my hair and made it look sexy . Sexy hair is a thing right ? . I re did my makeup sexy . Sexy makeup .. That's a thing .

Then I put on stuff that smells good . Smells like cookies ;3 . I put on the robe and tide it . Yes i'm naked .. Problem ? I opened the bathroom door to candle light everywhere . I looked at the bed to see Zayn .. In his underwear pouring wine . Dayum . " I've been waiting for you " He bit his lip .

" Sorry it took me so long ." I picked up  the glass with the little wedding veil and the plastic diamond ring on it which I'm pretty sure is mine and took sips from it .

" Why don't you go ahead and play the CD I bought just for the occasion " He sat on the bed . I walked over to the CD player and pressed play on his apple laptop . Ride by SoMo started playing . Yass this is PERFECT! .

"Now what took you so long ?" He asked motioning me to come over to him . " ... I want to impress you " I looked down and began to walk toward him . " Impress me ? You have impressed me so much already " He smiled . I bit my lip . I like when he acts clueless. I started to untie the robe as he watched me .

I let the robe drop from my bare body . His eyes went from Hazel to Black with lust . He got up and attacked me with a rough kiss . He ran his hands up and down my bare back resting them on my ass cheeks .

I felt his member I named Pedro get hard . His lips let me go and he picked me up slamming me on the bed once more . "I need you now" He groaned struggling to take his own underwear. I just laughed and watched him struggle .

He pulled out Pedro 8'1/2 inch body and slapped it against his stomach . Dayum . He hovered over me kissing my neck leaving love bites on me . He stroked himself a couple times before he placed Pedro in slowly .

I moaned . The started to thrust in need to satisfy me . He began to moan . It might feel better because we didn't use a condom this time .His thrust went harder and harder every moan that escaped my mouth .

"This feels so gooood" Zayn dragged out the 'good' . I wanted to laugh but dayum he was putting it in work . "Ah!"  screamed arching my back as he released and so did I . His thrust became sloppier as we road out our orgasms .

His sweaty body soon collapsed onto the side of me . I looked at him and smiled and he laughed pulling me on top of him and he hugged my body .

"You've impressed me alright " he sighed in amazement . I smiled "I'm happy I did ... Wanna run around the hotel in our pajamas ?" I asked . "Right behind you" he smirked .

We jumped out the bed put on matching pajamas and ran out the room like a bunch of idiots .

This is what Married couples do . 







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