Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


4. Chapter 4

Alexandra's P.O.V


The reception was pretty .I'm mad I didn't get to see it until now though -.- . Basically the bridal party walked in and everyone went nuts!! . It was weird but I loved it . We walked around for a while catching up with family . "Babe these are my sisters Doniyah , Waliyha , and Safaa ." Zayn introduced me to the 3 girls .

"Hayyy" I waved fabulously "Boo! your pretty . Finally let Natalie go though good for you Zaynie " Doniyah clapped . She sounded disappointed when she found out I was pretty . Well then . "Its very nice to meet you I'm the nicer sister " Waliyha smiled . "Well its very lovely to meet you " I said cheerfully .

"Trust be she's just pretending to get your good side . She was talking about you before she even met you --" Safaa was cut off by Waliyha covering her mouth . "We're just gonna go to mum .. yaay you love birds!!" Waliyha said and walked off with Safaa and Doniyah quickly . "What was that all about ?" I asked Zayn "I honestly have no clue " Zayn shrugged .

"Ohhh there's my sweet heart!!!" Someone screamed "what is that?" Zayn looked around "well.." I started " Lexiiii!!! Haaaaaayyyyy darling . Look how much you have grown !" My Aunt Babs screamed .She's my dads sister .. she was adopted .

"Um yeah .. look how white .. your hair is ."I said . "I know I kinda like it this way .. makes me as cool as you were in middle school remember your pink highlights ?" She asked . "Oh .. yeah those were--" she cut me off "So Zayn .. you are now married to a High . You are one lucky guy do you know how sexy we are ?" She put her finger in Zayns face "Umm .. " He started but was cut off "I think we'll take it from here babs " The male voice said .

Aunt babs moved out the way revealing my parents . My fathers figure towered over me a tall 6'2 . My mom stood next to him dressed like a snooty queen or something .

Like really she's puerto rican where do we do that at . "Alexandra .. How have you been ?" My dad asked with the most snobbiest attitude . "Fine " I mumbled. It was quiet between us . I didn't wanna make things awkward but Zayn know how difficult my family is .

"Um . Baby these are my parents Andrew and Daniella ." I worked up the balls to introduced them . They shook his hands . "Nice to meet you " Zayn smiled . " .. Darling cut the chaios where is the lucky guy ?" My mom laughed . What ?! . "Um ... this is the lucky guy "I smiled . They looked at each other and burst out in laughter .

"This is the best you could do .?" My dad laughed . Okay now I'm pissed . Do you see why I don't like my parents now ? . They can talk about anybody they want to but you DO NOT! Fuck with my FRIENDS and DEFINATELY NOT ZAYNIE ! . They are trying to get their ass killed around here .

" Mijá come on this wedding was beautiful. A ball room reception ? But you married him . Did you pay for it all ?" My mom laughed . I gave her the ' you bout to die bitch' eye . " I can't believe I gave birth to you " My grandmas voice said .

She walked up to us with her grandma defending face on " I gave birth to a fucking witch . Coming to this girls wedding and talking about her man . Who is the most hard working person I know ! Daniella your dad must be turning over in his grave right now!" My grandma yelled to my mom . My mom yells right back. Now they were yelling in spanish . 

It hurts me that my parents are so hurtful toward me and my brother . And to think they wouldn't do this on my wedding day ? Thought wrong .

I closed my eyes to save my makeup and me from burst in out in tears . I couldn't stop that one tear that fell and led to more . I squeezed Zayns hand . "Come on Alex " He mumbled to me .

He wiped away my tears not caring whatever damage it was doing to his suit . We walked away leaving them to argue .He seemed to not be hurt by this which was the most bravest thing he has done.

After the wedding speeches I threw the bouquet and for some reason my little little cousin Justice caught it . We she's single so I guess it counts .

After that Zayn got up on stage to do the toast of sexiness .. just kidding its the toast of marriage ... unless you think our marriage is sexy ? .

"I would like to make a toast to my Wonderfullyamazing bride . From the day I met you I knew I was in love . Everyday you make me smile and I just love you Alexandra .. To love " He ended . That ending though.  I awwed silently holding my heart .

"To love " everyone said and drunk their wine from the wine glass . "And now the bride and groom will dance .. get on this dance floor bitch!!" Sparrow , Louis  and Cher yelled.

I couldn't help but laugh . I love them . I got up and walked over to meet Zayn on the dance floor .

After he got his pats on the back and whispers about vagina from his friends he came over and the song I wanna be your man by Zapp and Roger played . That is THE sexiest slow song I have ever heard .

He grabbed my waist smirking and pulled me close . I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands traveled down to my ass . I didn't move his hands . I actually didn't want to .

"I know I'm not a teacher anymore ." He whispered kissing my ear .Dayum . "Yeah" I whispered back "But when we get to Paris I'm gonna teach you a lesson that requires me and you.. and no clothes " He inhaled sharply . He nibbled on my earlobe sexually . I moaned softly . I heard a sexy chuckle escape from his mouth . I like how turned on he is right now . AND HE MANAGED TO TURN ME ON JUST AS MUCH ?! . How the fuck do you do that I wanna know ! . 

We made our way to our new Black 2014 modeled Rose Royce . One of THE sexiest cars ever made . On top of that it was a ghost .. What?! . The driver opened the door for us whenever we were ready to get in . "Aww its gonna be so boring without you for for the next week  "Louis whined .

"Aw come on you got food .. and you got Harry .. You're set !" I hugged him laughing . He laughed back . "Hey Hey !! .. Be good . No doing stupid shit do you understand me ?" Sparrow gives me the evil eye . "Okay mother dayum !" I said . She laughed and hugged me . Cher was too busy hugging on Liam to say bye so he said bye for her . I could tell they missed each other.

Kian was waving like a weirdo and I waved back like a weirdo . Hopefully he's still here when we come back . "Bye sis ! Have fun ! Bring back lots of cheese and bread! I love you!" Deangelo yelled .

"Okay !!" I yelled back . We got in the car and fit the rest of my dress in there and we waved out the window to the people as we drove off . 


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