Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


36. Chapter 36.


And noww ... For the last QnA of Mr.Malik 2 xD

For HazzasTeddyBear 

Q :OMG I can't belive this is almost done!! CONGRATS!! 

A : Thankyou!

Q :so in the next book, is it gonna be like 15 years in the future?

A : Not exactly I don't really want it to be that far LOL!

Q : you are amaZAYN really paid I can't wait for the last chapter, I almost read all your stories.. Love you <3


Q :.Ummm.... Whom will you suppot? Kian or Harry?

A : Neither .. LOL Jay Kay I support Harry all dah way liek .. Come on .. I'm HazzasTeddyBear :D

For Alexandra 

Q : awwww you have the cutest family ever​

A : Aw thankyou soo much 

Q : you are so cute and also a cool mother

A : Aww well . Yah know :D ♥

For Zayniel

Q : I wish to have parents like you and Alex you are incredible

A : Thanks :3

Q : hey wanna kno something yep I kno u do butttttttt I'm not gonna tell u yet... Isn't ur sister name Safaa ? 

A : .. Um Yeah .. What kind of question is this ... 

Q : Aww Zayn, ur such a cutie!! <3 Wanna have another wifey?!? *winks*

A : Haaa your funny :D

For Alyxander

Q : why do you have to be so damn cute?

A : *Drinks bottle * 


And now .. For the last chapter . 

Of Mr.Malik 2 . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

" Does anyone in the audience object why Louis and Harry .." I called . "Or Sparrow and Niall should not be wed . Speak now or forever hold your peace " Zayn finished . Me and him still in our groomsmen or best man and Bridesmaid outfits Being the best priest and priestess they've ever seen .

He would glare at each other . Us only a year ago getting married and have the 4 standing in front of us there to support us and now . We shall support them in the weirdest was as possible . Once nobody said anything Me and Zayn smiled at each other . "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife " Zayn said .

"And husband and husband "  I smiled . The four just looked at their lover in straight awe as the ocean crashed against the shore behind us .

"Well don't just stand there Give each other some sugar !" I exclaimed perverted-Like . Everyone laughed . Louis kissed Harry and that led to Niall kissing sparrow everyone clapped . I kissed Zayn though this wasn't my wedding .

It felt like my wedding all over again . This also led to Cher Kissing liam and everyone kissing . Well geez "Whoooo!! RECEPTION !!!" Cher screamed .

"Caakkeee !!" I squealed and we both ran into the building . It may seem rude . But trust me I've done it at every wedding I've been to . 


Everyone was dancing having a good time . I was with my now 3 month old son getting cake . "Cake ?" I asked him . He just sucked on his pacifier looking at the cake like 'wtf' .

I already knew what his answer was because he tends to eat everything he sees now . "Okay papi doesn't want cake I guess .. " I put it down and he started to move his hands in a tantrumish motion . I chuckled taking him a piece of cake and me one to our table in the front .

When I sat down next to Zayn he took the baby from me . Hes been obsessed with this baby lately which is cool . My dad used to yell at me to shut up when I was a baby so .. That's nice . "Hi baby !!" Zayn cooed at the baby bouncing him on his knee . The baby responded with sticking his chubby little fingers in the rainbow cake and stuffing his face though he had no teeth .

I giggled beginning to take pictures . "Aww parents of 3 months how have you guys been with the baby " Sparrow walked over holding now 1 year old daughters hand with Niall holding the other . They have such the cutest little family I swear ! " He's perfect .. My Awyx " I tickled his stomach he was too busy eating cake .

They laughed . "Hey guys " I heard Louis's voice . Harry was holding onto hi hand and in his other arm was their little Baby Elijah sucking on a bottle . He looked sooo cute . "Aww he looks so cute " I squealed . "Eh my mum " Harry simply stated and we chuckled . "I can't believe we all have babies " I chuckled . "I know .. Where do you think we're gonna be a few years from now ? " Louis questioned .

We all looked up in the sky just trying to figure out how that would be . I couldn't imagine everything changing in a few years . I wanna stay with Zayn for the rest of my life . I looked at my bestfriends in the entire world happy as every with their families . Everything changing .. That's waayy to hard to handle .

" You know I can't imagine it " Sparrow shook her head . "Me neither actually " Liam said . " I guess time will tell " Cher shrugged . We all nodded in agreement . "Its time for the bridal party to jump " some lady announced on the mic . "Wait Jump ?" Zayn questioned . Okay here we go again .


Leaving Alyxander with my grandma and the rest of the grandbabies . It was time to jump off the board walk . Our shoes were off and we were obviously ready . "Alex I don't wanna do this " Zayn was panicking .

"Zayn bro your not chicken are you " Niall chuckled . He just ignored Nialls comment looking back at me "I don't wanna do this " He repeated . I chuckled squeezing his hand . "Babe I got you okay ... My husband can do anything " I told him . He smiled "You mean that ?" He asked . "I know that " I whispered .

He watched his cheeks burn read . "READY! 3 . 2 .1 !" I screamed and we all jumped in the cold water gracefully . I hope they caught a picture of that day . Who ever thought that all this could happen within a year . But I say if none of this happened .

Nothing would have went the way it did . After all I'm still a young college student with my 2 bestfriends and counsin . Things haven't changed since highschool except a couple babies and a few weddings . 

But our journey isn't over .. Me and Mr.Malik have more on the way ;3



Was the ending crappy .. Nah lol . Thankyou for your support  I lurv u all♥



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