Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


35. Chapter 35

Sexy or nah ? You can be honest I know he's sexy ;3 -Wisdom from Alexandra Malik

For Zayniel


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For Evan

Q :Good , No one has to die today C: - Fixes jacket and Walks away -

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Okaaay on with the story :D 

Alexandra's P.O,V

I sat in Zayn's office with him surrounded by all his unpacked drawings and stuff . I'm happy Zayn has finally found something he actually wanted to do . When he smiles I smile and I believe with this whole Tattoo business he's running I'm gonna see a lot more of Zayn smiles and laughs and his bubbly idiotic side That I love . "Are you sure you like it ?" Zayn asked me as he held me in his arms .

"Yes I love it " I chuckled . He kissed my cheek "Good . I want everything to be perfect " He said . "Perfect for why ?" I asked . "Well .. " He began . He sat in his chair putting me on his lap . "I see this as something I wanna do for the rest of my life . I feel like I've been hiding my talent from he world " He finally admitted .

"Yes exactly!!" I yelled . "What ?" He asked confused . " I've been waiting for you to admit that . This whole time you've been doing stuff I KNOWW you didn't wanna do . You're not a waiter because everytime you came home I felt like you were gonna curse me out " I told him . He chuckled . "You're not a fighter .

You're my Zaynie-bear and I love who you were when I met you " I hugged him . I felt him hug me back and tighter "I needed to hear that .. Andra-Bear " He laughed a little . "Andra-Bear . Where'd you get that from ?" I said . He laughed . My phone started blasting some ignorant ringtone . I got up and went through my bag getting my phone and answering it . "Helllooo??" I said .

"When are you coming to get your baby ?! I got people waiting for me !" Deangelo yelled . "Who Natalie and her friends to go max out your credit card or nah ? " I asked . It was quiet on the line . Then he smacked his teeth " Just come get him .. He's the perfect Nephew but please--" I cut him off .

"Okay calm yourself I'll be there in a minute " I chuckled then hanging up . I sighed turning back to Zayniel . "Whats up ?" He said getting up and closing the curtains on the window . "I Gotta go get Alyx "  I told him getting my stuff . I was about to walk out and he blocked the door .

Kinda reminds me of back in high school . "Wait I wanna do something real fast " He locked the door and began to kiss me . He started to walk forward pushing me against his desk .

He picked me up laying me on his desk and kissed me . "Zaynie De is waiting on me " I whined as he kissed on my neck while taking off my blue converse . " Let him wait . I waited 10 loonng months for this " He removed his shirt and removed mine kissing me down my now flat stomach and removing my jeggings .

"Now this really feels like High School " I mumbled . "What was that baby ?" He asked . "Nothing kiss me " I demanded getting into the mood . He's right we haven't had sex in forever . And having it here is just gonna make things more special .  Let's enjoy this .. With condoms ;3


I was feeding Alyxander while Zayn was in the shower in our room . I missed my baby today . I had 6 weeks with him and now being back in school and stuff I have to be away from him 24/7 .. almost makes me wanna cry . I laid Alyx on his stomach and patted his back so I could burp him . Thats when Zaynie finally came out of the bathroom in his towel . "Took you long enough " I chuckled .

"Well you know .. Needed to be fresh for you " He kissed me . I blushed a little . I looked down at the baby and be burped up stuff . "Okay Ew .. Dass Nastyy Awyx " I said in a baby voice . "You sound like My Mum when she had Safaa " Zayn chuckled from the closet . "Don't pretend you don't love it" I told him .

I picked up Alyx cradling him in my arms after I wrapped him in his batman blanket Liam got him . I don't know what's wrong with him in batman but I love it . I felt Zayn soo crawl onto the bed behind me . He reached his arms under mine holding the baby with me . His head rested on my shoulder and he sung lightly to the baby . I wanted to sing along but it would have sounded nothing like how he sung .

It would sound rather horrid actually . After the 3 minute song Alyx was now sleep . In both of his parents arms . It was special . "I love you " Zayn whispered to me . "I love you too . " I told him . He he kissed my cheek for a long time then kissing me multiple times . Yep . This is our family .

And I'm enjoying every moment of it . 

Yay love :3 . But antyway . The next chapter will be the last sadly :( but I am making a part 3 Turn Uhhh!! :D  make sure you ask your final questions for the last Update of Mr.Malik 2 . 


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