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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


33. Chapter 33.

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(To the birth)

Zayn's P.O.V

We rushed off the jet only 5 people were on and made our way to our rental car . I got in the dirvers seat and after Kian sat down in his seat I started speeding down the road . Kian kept the vomit bag he had on the plane to help him just in case he threw up during my reckless driving . "What time is it give me the time!!" I rushed kian .

"Okay hold on damn!!" He said getting his phone out his pocket and pressing the lock button "Its 11:35" He said . "Please hope nothing has happened yet !" I said doing a sharpt turn." Your gonna make it there in time .. I believe evertything is gonna go your way " Kian said .

"How can you tell ?" I asked him still the nervousness flowed through my body . "Because I remember how bad I wanted Louis .. How hard I tried to keep him and Harry apart . When I got Louis I thought I had everything .. But your a good guy and I'm sure all good guys get their way . Like harry did " Kian sighed .

"Look kian . You shouldn't have to feel bad or take your anger out about that anymore . Yes Everyone hates you now but ---" He cut me off . "Everyone hates me ?" He asked shocked . "Uh .. What .. My point is ! Is teaming up with Evan isn't gonna bring Louis back . I'm sure Louis has it in his heart to forgive you and so does Harry " I told him .

" R-Really ? You mean that ?" He asked as I pulled into the hospital parking lot . "Yes ! now lets go " I said getting out of the car and he followed me . I ran into the building moving people out the way to get to the front desk where this lady with long nails and a stank look on her face was sitting "Um sir people were infront of you !" She said smaking her lips .

"Look lady my wife is about to have a baby and If I'm not back there in the next 5 minutes I swear I will scream " I said to her . "Sorry nobody is allowed back there during delivery " She said . "She can't be delivering yet !" I yelled .

"Are you with the family of .. Mrs.Alexandra Malik ?" He asked looking at her computer screen . "Yes I'm her Husband !" I pointed out . "Her delivery started at 11:23 this evening .. its 11:35  your 12 minutes late .. its too late I'm sorry " She said .My hands met my face and I screamed . I can't believe it . I'm gonna be considered a dead beat . I wasn't even there for my baby's birth  "Zayn .. Zaynn!!!" I heard Kians voice whisper . I looked over to him who was motioning me to the hospital bathroom .

'I looked around them walking over to the bathrooms . He pulled me in handing me some scrubs and a doctors jacket . "What the hell is this ?" I asked . "Do you wanna see your baby or not ?" He asked . I sighed " Okay what are we doing ?" I asked him . "Just put these on I know how we can get back there " He said .

I shrugged going into a stall and stripping from my clothes putting on these blue scrubs and the doctors jacket that read Dr.CrossBones . What ? . I walked out the bathroom Kian following me with a nurses outfit on . "Why did you choose the pink scrubs .." I asked him . "I couldn't find any other colors " He shrugged .

"Oh Dr.CrossBones they need you in Mrs.Maliks room Dr.Calaamar needs help and they are really running out time back there . The front desk lady said . Luckly the surgical mask was on "Okay gotcha Miss . "I nodded trying to make my voice sound as foreign as possible . I pulled Kian along to the delivery hallway . I read every room sign . "Do you know what room she is in ?" Kian asked . Just then I heard a bunch of screaming and yelling and arguing and spanish words being slung around .

"I think I know " I said then turning to the door that read Malik on it . I walked in and the screaming got louder . Everyone was surrounding her bed and Alexandra had her face in her hands and she was turning red . "Wheres the doctor?!" I yelled .Everyone got quiet and gasped when they heard my voice . Talk about shocked .  Just then a little lady with glasses came over to me ."Dr.-- Wait . Your not Dr.CrossBones .." She pointed out .

"I know . He couldn't make it today Dr.Malik is filling in for him " I told her ."Oh Okay then . Do you know what your are doing ?" She asked me . "I think you should really just trust me on this " I sighed . She nodded . "Okay let me go and get a couple nurses here for some assistance . You can start delivering " She said .

I nodded walking over to everyone . I put my hand over Alex's .She looked up Her wet cheeks and red eyes "Doctor I'm so scared " She whispered . I removed the mask from off my face . "Zayn ." She said and a little smile appeared on her worried face . I smiled back . "Everythings okay . " I rubbed my thumb over her cheek . I kissed her forehead "I told you I was gonna be here and I'm here now " I said .

She started crying again "It hurts . Its hurts get it out !!!" She screamed . "Okay ... okay hold on !" I told her . I ran over to the bottom of the bed to see how close the baby was . It was close alright . "Ew" I mumbled to myself . "Don't be scared bro . You might have to do this again " Deangelo smiled . I sighed "Not sure about that " I said .

When the nurses came In We began to deliver the baby . It was gross .. But I got over it . And no more than 15 minutes later at 12:10am He was born .

Alexandra's P.O.V


My family finally got more quiet and civilized than before and gathered around me , Zayn and the baby . They took pictures and tried to touch the baby like no .. back up .. my baby . I passed the baby over to Zayn's shaking hands and watched him cradle his new twin in his arms . He smiled at me . "I love him so much .. I love you " He whispered the last part to me kissing my lips .

"I love you too .. Thank you for being here for me " I told him kissing him again . "He's so cute sweetheart " My grandma said . "Not as cute as me but .Hey "Liam shrugged . Everyone laughed . "Same looks as his dad " Sparrow complimented . "Do you guys have a name yet ?" Louis asked .

I looked at Zayn and he looked at me . "Umm--" I was cut off by Cher coming back in after crying "Okay sorry I had a moment . What the name ?!" She said excitedly . "Well we --" I was cut off again when the doctor walked in with papers in her hand "Okay so here is the birth certificate lets get some names!" She said .

"Oh for .. " Everyone looked at me as I was about to cuss . "I mean gosh darnet .. I was about to say I don't know what to name him . " I said . Everyone started chattering amongs themselves . I watched Zayn as he played with the babys fingers . What was he thinking about . "Alyx " I heard Zayn say . "Yes ?" He chuckled . "No I mean the baby .. Lets name him Alyx spelled with a 'Y' like my name " He suggested .

"Aww I love it !! " I squeezed his torso . He wrapped his free arm around me . "Okay just sign this whenever your ready " The doctor smiled . I looked at the baby silently sleeping in Zayns arm . He was soo precious I Love him !! .

"Are you guys ready to be parents ?" Deangelo asked us . "Yes .. We can do this " Zayn smiled  kissing my face . I smiled . I still couldn't believe I was a mom but now I'm just like . This is gonna be so easy for me :3

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