Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


31. Chapter 31.

One question :3 LEZ ANSWER IT :D

For Deangelo(and boys .. ._.)

Q :I think you owe me an apology, call zayn he will pick up now, he has his phone turned on and charging, him and kian are coming back

A : I'm sorry .. .-.

lol awkwardness . ASK MOARR!!!!!!!!!!!!

(To Le Storehh)

Alexandra's P.O.V

*The Next Day*

I was knocked out on De's friends shoulder . I was so tired and stressed out . I'm really trying my best to keep my stress levels down for the stress of this baby but he's half of the problem anyway . We searched Bradford all night for Zayn . We searched stores, hotels , alleys , I mean EVERYWHERE .

I don't understand where he could possibly be It can't be that hard to miss a 5'9 idiot who says he can't dance but everytime we go to the park he's having a good time dancing in the middle of the sidewalk to Drake. Liar. I woke up and it was about 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning and my phone was ringing .

I got up and walked over to my bag and got my phone out not looking at the caller ID and just answering . "Helllooo?" I said very sleepy like rubbing my eyes . "Babe .." The voic came through on the phone .I gasped tking the phone from my ear. I immediately woke up like I've been awake for hours now . I looked at my caller ID to see .. Mr.ZaynaMalik . 

Zayn's P.O.V

We took the only plane open which was California to Oklahoma . We went to a hotel and got settled at about 3:00 this morning . I was massively tired and annoyed . Kian wouldn't shut up the whole ride . I swear I really did wanna shoot him for a second . My eyes came opened as my alarm clock went off to Not a bad thing by Justin Timberlake . I groaned at the fact that I hate getting up this late but we had to divide out our time so I can make it back to Bradford in time .

I got up and went into the bathroom . I put back on my jeans and tried to fix my hair without my hair products .. it didn't work so I just left it as it is . I looked in the mirror at my almost headled shot wounds and just sighed . I pulled my undershirt over my head and my put on my black sweatshirt . I didn't have my tooth brush so I just put alot of the sample tooth paste in my mouth and swished it around with water . I coughed a couple times . It tasted so disguting . 

After I finished that stuff I walked out the bathroom to see Kian awake and sitting on the bed covered up in the blanket . "Good morning .." He mumbled . "Hey ." I said . "Can I make you some coffee ?" He asked me . I shook my head "We'll get some on the way we have to get going to the air port . We have to make it to New York by this afternoon" I sighed . He just nodded getting some clothes out his bag . 

I sat down on the bed to wait for him . I picked up my phone not seeing any calls from Alex . Well it is 5 im the morning so .. Theres that . After he got dressed and packed his bags I grabbed my stuff and we checked of the hotel getting in the car and making our way to the airport . 


We made it to New York at 6:30 this morning by jet . We went to some 5 star hotel Kian said was good and we got setteled into our room . We decided to go back but we couldnt . Its hard to go to sleep when I can't stop thinking of Alex . How is she doing with the baby ? Is she even okay ? . I picked up my phone and clicked on her number . I walked over to the big window in our room looking out into the big view of New York City . "Helllooo?" Her voice said souding very sleep .

Does she know who it is ? "Babe.. " I said smiling . I heard a gasp through the phone and I chuckled . Then I heard her breathing again "Z-Zaynie ?" She asked . "Mhm " I hummed . "Oh my gosh your okay ... I'm seriously about to cry right now" She squealed "Don't cry its okay . I'm in one piece " I said . "Where are you in one piece ?" She asked . "We just arrived in New York . We stayed the night in Oklahoma and took a jet here .. I plan to be back in england by tomorrow " I explained .

"Wait .. We ?" She said confused . "Oh I made Kian come . I want him to apologize to everyone for being such a bitch he doesn't even know why he's here " I shrugged . "Then how did you get him to come ?" She asked . " .. I may have threatened him .. but It was nothing serious " I lied . I just pointed a gun at her cousin .. Does she really want to know that ? . "Oh Okay well I'm gonna get everything ready for you when you come home " She said excitedly .

"No No don't worry about it . I want you to rest its getting closer for the baby to come . When I get home I'll take care of everything I promise " I told her . I heard a smile when she spoke "Okay . " . I looked at the time to see it was 7:00 in the morning "Its a little early why don't you go back to sleep .. I'll call you later on okay ?" I told her . "Okay . Night Night I luv uuuu " She said . I chuckled at her adorableness . "Forever and Always babe " I smiled . Once she hung up I just looked out into the window . "What time are we leaving ?" Kian asked .

"Um . If we leave now we can get to the air port camp out there and catch the flight to London  if we do that we can get to Bradford by tonight " I explained . "Aw come on Zayyynnn . We're in New York let loose you won't even stop to get a sample of starbucks " Kian groaned . "I can't afford to wasit time .

I have a baby coming and I need to be there " I explained . "Can we atleast go shopping do something fun while we're here " He whined . I sighed "Alright fine we'll go shopping . Besides I look like the biggest bum to ever walk " I chuckled . He chuckled back "Thats new .. you're always so fresh and so clean .. clean " Kian said awkwardly .I rolled my eyes . This is gonna be a long day . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

For the rest of the day I relaxed with my brother and his friends . We played a little team death match on ghost and we ordered Pizza . His friends are like my family so its really fun hanging out with them . I'm just happy to know my babe is okay like . I was so scared . I can't wait for him to be here tomorrow . Everyone oooed as I won against his friend Issac for the 3rd rematch . "The girl has skills" De said .

"Right you can't beat me .. OR Zayn jr. " I threw my hands in the air . They laughed . I beagn to laugh to but It faded away with a groan . I thought it was the baby just kicking but It really didn't feel like that . "Okay ..Ow!" I yelled . "What's wrong are you okay ?!?" Deangelo ran over to me taking my arm .

I groaned in pain again "I think we need to go to the hospitial " I said breathing heavily . "Is the baby coming ? " He asked . I shook my head "I don't know " . "Zae go get the car started we gotta go " De ordered . All his friends started to scramble everywhere . This can't be happening 



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