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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


3. Chapter 3.

♥ Alexandra Jade High & Zayn Javaad Malik 

Its Time ♥

Alexandra's P.O.V


I looked in the mirror while my cousin Annastasia put the finishing touches on my hair  . I'm like . Seriously nervous . This is the biggest milestone I'm about to take . I'm not having doubts about it but like .. what if his family doesn't like me or something ? . Not everyone likes me . Shocking right ? . "Are you shaking" Anna laughed .

"No! .. shut up" I mumbled . She laughed again . "It gonna be okay Alex just be like Bella in breaking dawn " Cher smiled . "You want me to have a demon baby" I asked . "No no! I mean at the wedding when she pretended nobody was there .. it was just her and edward" She explained . I sighed .

"For some reason that calmed me down" I smiled . They laughed . Then the door opened quietly revealing my grandma and the maids . "Aww look at my baby" My grandma said and hugged my face . "Grandma be careful!" Anna yelled . She took a deep breath and wiped her tears . "I'm sorry . You look so beautiful "She smiled . "Oh stahp it you" I said . She laughed .

She pulled a little box out of her bag "What's that?" I asked . "Its just a little gift that was passed on to me at my wedding from my mother " She explains . "Oh did mom ever get this ?" I asked . "Oh you KNOW that bitch ain't touch it !!" She yelled . I busted out in laughter and so did everyone in the room .

I love when she calls someone a bitch because it sounds like 'beitch' . Its funny seriously . She opened the box carefully and pulled out a diamond wedding head piece . I covered my mouth in shock . It was sooo pretty I can't even explain it . She put it on my head carefully "I don't know what to say .. your giving this to me ?" I asked to make sure .

"Mhm .. cuz your my favourite grand baby " He pinched my cheek . "Hey!!" Cher and Anna yelled . "Well she's getting married !" My grandma said clearing the air .The door opened once more and Sparrow and Niall came in with the baby . "Ohh gimmie baby" I jumped from the chair and ran to them getting the baby . They laughed .

(About to walk down the asile)

I held onto Deangelo's hand so he could walk me down the asile when its time . I could hear quiet sobs coming from his side of me . ".. are you cry" I laughed a little . "No .. shut up" He sniffled . I laughed . "Your growing up on me " He said . "Aw" I poute my lip . I hugged him "I'm gonna be young forever don't worry " I said . He hugged me back "promise?" He sniffled again . I giggled "I promise" .

I saw Louis and Harry make their way with all the other groomsmen . Which meant it was time for me to go down yay!! . "Everyone rise as the bride now enters the room . " The guy said . I don't know who that is I'm sorry .

Zayns eyes light up like a christmas tree which made me smile . I closed my eyes and began to walk down to Chistina Perri A thousand years. I picked the song . Your welcome . I heard people whispering like "aw shes so pretty" and stuff  and I wanted to say "oh stahp cut .it .out" but .. I had to be quiet .

I could smell Zayn from where I was standing . That told me we were at the stand . The guy asked De if he was ready to give me to Zayn . He nodded smiling . Everyone clapped .

I took Zayn's hands and faced him . He mouthed the song and I held in the blush that was coming out of me .

"We are gathered here today--" Oh fuck u .No one wants to hear you speak


"Do you Alexandra Jade High take this man to be your husband . To have and to hold . For rich or for poor . In sickness and in health . Til death do you part ?" . "Yeah .. I mean . I do whoo!" I corrected myself . Everyone shared that awkward wedding laugh . Zayn laughed caressing my hands with his thumb . We've been holding hands now for 15 minutes .. my hands were sweaty .

"And do you Zayna--" He was cut off "Zayn" Zayn corrected him .I snickered . "Javaad Malik take this woman to be your wife . To have and to hold --" He was cut off again "I do .. I do" He smiled . I smiled back . "Is there anybody with a reason why these two should not be wed .Speak now or forever hold your peace " The guy called .

"ME I OBJECT I LOVE YOU!!" Someone yelled busting through the door . "Who is that?" Zayn asked . I shrugged . "I love you why are you marrying this douche!?" The man asked . "Um .. who are you?" I asked . "Wait .. your name isn't Judith?" He said .

"Uh ..No" I shook my had . "Oh .. well I'm sorry for disturbing your wedding guys sorry . Love and .. all that" The guy said awkwardly and the he ran out . "Um .. now that that's over . I now pronounce you Husband and Wife . You may kiss the bride " The guy smiled . "Ewwww" Sparrow ,Louis and Cher yelled . "Shut up" I yelled . They laughed . Zayn grabbed my hips pulling to him he kissed me . I held onto his face and kissed him back .

Everyone clapped and cheered ."I now stand before you Mr. and Mrs .Zayna Javaad Malik" He yelled . We walked down the asile with our arms linked together . I waited until we were completely out the door and to the back room until I busted out laughing . "Zayna!!" I laughed . "Okay okay I get it stop" He pouts .

"Aw i sowwey " I kissed him again . He smiled . "Mrs . Malik" He said . "Mr . Malik" I smiled back . He kissed me over and over again . There was never once that I was tired of his lips .

Just then My brother , Louis ,Harry ,Sparrow ,Niall,Liam,And Cher Burst in through the door . "NEWLY WEDS!!!" They screamed . We laughed . I like how they ruin the moment all this time . They're nuts but I love it .

Yaaay they're married !!! Are you happy because I am Liek... Err Mer Gerd !♥

But anyway like for the next chapter and maybe some kinky moments . Should they have kids or naw ? Let me knowwwww ;3

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