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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


28. Chapter 28.


Okay to the questions :3

For HazzasTeddyBear

Q : you seem like a cool person I love all your story your seem like me crazy an all I LOVE YOU

A : I LOVE U TEW BEW BEW ♥♥ Thankyou vewy muccchhh 


For Niall

Q :No this is not Natalie, I happen to be a friend of De,s I went to his house and caught him sleeping with Sparrow, I'm really sorry, he told me he would kill you if I told you do figure things out or run. 

A : lol Gurl Bai 

(Mhm tell em Niall)

For Zayn 

Q : please wake up, your little boy needs you! Find Alex, please I don't won't them to get hurt! 

A : *Blacked out at the moment*

Q :Zayn!! Omg are u ok who is the person who blacked u out was it Evan cuz Evan is coming to you or Alex with a gun help your self- fan

A : *Doesn't know because he is blacked out at the moment .. .-.*

For Alexandra 

Q :omg send Louis to go help Zayn or Cher! Zayn is in a lot of trouble!

A : Whaaa

Q :OMG. Ur so amazing! Just keep strong <3 you will see zaynie more often now, hopefully... But you need to call someone for him, if you haven't already found him.... Anyways, keep the baby safe, don't do anything rash! Luv you xox

A : Sure thang bew bew ♥

For Evan

Q : Why are you doing this! You don't even care about Alex! At least treat her like a stranger and leave her alone!'

A : Fuck You!!

Q : you better not touch zayn he is awesome and cool and when he gets free me and Zayn Louis Cher will find u and beat the crap out of u

A : Bitch you are sooo irrelevant  gurl bai 

(Only cool when niall does it -_-)

Q :you better fucking run you biytch because ima kill you if you even think about hurting zaynie do you catch my drift dude hurt anyone and I mean anyone and I will hunt you down you little dum bitch ok ok I have said all I need to say so you best fuck off

A : You are just as irrelevant as all the other bitches in this QnA go fuck yourself :)

For Kian 

Q :I know you want Louis back bc Harry stole him but going and tag teaming wit Evan is prob the stupidest thing you could ever do you fucking bitch


(Whoaaa ... Someones offended )


A : Okay . 

Q :why would you be this evil?

A : I'm always this evil :3

For Sieanna 

Q : how does niall and sparrow act as parents

A : Ahhh *Recks the table* :D

For Sparrow 

Q :Hey, how's the baby? Are you happy for the wedding? Can't wait! Eek! Haha.

A : The baby is fine shes 9 months now . Yess The wedding thoee that's literally gonna complete my life ♥

Kay kay I think that's all the questions :3 . If not I'm sorry I just woke up ha .. mah bad . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

I slept on the couch last night waiting for Zayn to come home . I didn't get any text or any calls from him and I'm really starting to get scared . The next morning after I got out of the shower I tried calling him and it went straight to voice mail this time . I sighed . "Lexxxiii!!" I heard my grandma . Okay then . Just then she busted into my room .

She looked like she had a good time . "Where were you ?" I asked her . "Oh . I had the best night with your new Grand dad he is amazing " She sighed with such love . "You really just found someone else I can call Grand dad " I chuckled . She gave me a 'don't get so testy look' .

Grandma has been married 5 times divorced once and widowed 4 times . I recently lost a grand dad which was fine I guess I didn't really know him . You should see all her rings . Thinking about it made me glance down at my wedding ring that was shining in the November sun . She sighed " So wheres Grand baby Zaynie " She looked around the room .

I shrugged almost beginning to cry . "I don't know " . I scratched my forehead trying to get the thoughts of crying to go away . "Don't worry he'll be here darling . Now get dressed . Lets do some more shopping for the  baby We can still do it without Zaynie " She explained .

As she left the room my face met my hands stressfully . I moved my wet hair from my face . I placed my hand over my stomach and began to pray closing my eyes . I sighed  "He's gonna be here " I whispered to myself . 

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up on a cold floor . A big gash was planted on the side of my head . I had blood coming from my nose too . I wiped the blood away with my sleeve trying to figure out how I got here . I tried to raise myself from the ground and right when I did 2 people in black grabbed my arms tightly . It felt like the were clawing my skin off .

Then more bodies with black clothes on stood before me . I looked at them confused "What ?" I whispered confused as to what is happening . Then they made a walk way and out came Evan and Kian . "Ah Zaynie ! What a pleasant fucking surprise !! " Evan chuckle " You have got to be shitting me ! ...  Aren't you supposed to be in jail ?" I asked him .

"Are you supposed to be minding your fucking business yeah ? .. Shoot him " He ordered and before I knew it a bullet went through my arm . I screamed in pain as blood made its way down my arm . He walked over to me talking my shirt in his hands . "So the bitch who put me in jail is now married to my ex bitch yeah ? How sweet " He smirked . "Don't call her a bitch you prick " I growled .

"I'll call her whatever the fuck I want to its not like your gonna stop me " He said coldly . I growled trying to free myself from the guys hands . Evan chuckled . "You know its funny because .. I remember about a year ago you did the same thing .. fight for a little girl . now this little girl is your wife and your trying to make a family with her .You are so fucking easy " He chuckled .

"I'm making a family with her because I love her to pieces . If you would have not gotten in the way none of this would have fucking happened in the first place you know that !!"  I yelled . I don't regret what I said but I did at the fact that another bullet went straight in my other arm . I winced in pain . " Well fuck you and just for that I'm gonna make matters 10 times worse .. Kian you watch him .. I gotta make a quick run to see Alexandra . Maybe help her with her little pregnancy " He smirked walking away .

"No No No NO!!! YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER YOU PIECE OF SHIT !!! " I yelled . He was gone . I was dropped to the ground and the men blocked the exits to the building . " I'm ..I'm sorry Zayn" Kian mumbled . I shook my head . He knew it was too late . I knew it was too late . In a matter of hours he was gonna be in England .And at this point anything could happen . 



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