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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


27. Chapter 27


For HazzasTeddyBear

Q :What ever you do the baby needs a dad it has to have a dad ok ?

A : Don't worry I got chu bew bew mkay ? mkayy :3

For Alexandra

Q :what would you do if zayn farted on you and then said " smell that"

A : Would it be wrong if I said I would cry ??

Q :Are even just a teensy bit exited for the baby?


Q :RUN! Evan is back!


Q :I'm sorry to break it to you but Kians coming back for revenge with a guest so you better watch out stay close to Zayn, Louis, and De. Watching out for you sista. :) on another note, can't wait till the baby's born!'

A : .... BISH WHET ?

Q :Alex aww the baby kicked it must have been special

A : It was . ♥ It tickled like hell lol


A : Sure (stranger ) .-.


For Zayn

Q :aww ur gonna be an awesome father and Alex is gonna be an awesome mother!!!!!

A : Thank you ♥

Q :hey zaynie poo how u doin ?? do u kno tht ur amazayn, u see what I did there

A : Ha >.<!

For Zaynie and Alex

Q :do you have any names? Or even a middle name? You guys are gonna be the best parents ever !! :) luff chuu!

A : Alex ; no not yet 

Zayn ; well I suggested Jimmy Hendricks 

Alex ; and I said NO!

Zayn ; :(

For Kian 

Q :what the f is wrong with you are stupid Evan is a dick and supposed to be in jail you dum biytch I hate you hope you die

A : Thanks .. 

Q :MUCKA LUCKA DO U HAVE A DEATH WISH?! ALEX IS YOUR PREGNANT COUSIN U AHOLE! I HATE YOU! If Evan comes near her or hurts her I will Slap da sh*t out of u!

A : Why would you slap me if Evan did it ?! You know whuut fuck these questions I'm out 

Q : bby dont do this pls its not worth it remember me and you <3

A : -_-

For Louis

Q : hey big bro how u doin.. I've missed u

A : I'm doing good :3

... Evan 

Q :  if you kill anyone I will come and find you chop you up into tiny pieces and feed it to my cat you hear me if you touch Alex again or kill the baby shoot Zayn I will hunt u down

A : Have Funnnnn.. yah dumb bitch u can't see me !!

Q :BACK THE F**K OFF. I swear, if you even lay a single finger on any one of them, I will find you, and I will kill you.

A : Yasss you will .. -_-



A : Oh another bitch that knows a little Spanish .. I thought Alexandra was the only one -_-

Q :oh u mother ******** Ohhh I swear if u hurt zaynie or allllllleeeeex u will die.... 

A : Okay welp guess I'm dyin :)


kk to le storehh

Alexandra's P.O.V

*another 4 months later* (sorry I keep fast forwarding lol)

My birthday recently passed so I'm officially the drinking age turn up!! well I can't drink anything right now . As it gets closer and closer to having the baby more and more supportive my family is . Its also near Christmas so my Grandma is staying with me and Zayn . There are times when I actually think I'm about to give birth because it hurts so bad . And since we are on break at school I've just been eating and putting away baby clothes . Then eating some more . 

This morning I woke up to the note stuck to my forehead with Jelly this time that read 

I had training today . I'll be home at 8 . Love you forever and Always , Zaynie ♥

Well beautiful . My husband is gone . My grandma is at the church doing whatever . And I'm here alone with a baby in my stomach  that is kicking the shit out of me . I got of of bed and waddled into the kitchen putting waffles in the toaster . I got a can of whip cream out the fridge spraying some in my mouth .

Then the baby started kicking again "At least wait til I finish my breakfast! " I yelled . Then the door bell rung . I sighed "The doors open!!" I yelled hoping the door was actually open . It was yay no moving . I peaked out the door to see Sparrow , Louis , and Cher . "Hey guys " I said . "Aw look at my cousin .

I swear you never been more thicker !" Cher said . "Um .. Thanks " I mumbled getting my waffles out the toaster putting them on a plate . "So are you excited . When's the due date ?!" Sparrow said excitedly . "Um December ... I forgot " I shrugged making a mountain of whip cream on my waffles . " Why are you are such a cranky pregnant lady this morning ?"Louis said . "because nobody is ever home with me .

I'm fucking swollen and I can barely walk ! does that answer your question " I asked him . He walked over to me and hugged me "I'm sorry " He sighed . "Hey I never got no hugs when I was pregnant !" Sparrow yelled "Me neither " Cher mocked . "You had Niall with you 24/7 and you .. were never pregnant " He said referring to Cher for the last part . "You're right . I'm sorry Alex " Sparrow sighed hugged me too .

"Me too " Cher cooed joining in on my group hug . I literally started to cry "I love you guys !!" I cried . " Hormones ?" Cher asked . "Mhm" I sobbed .  

Zayn's P.O.V

I had my headphones in as I punched the bag . I drowned out the dreadful sounds of someone being killed or getting a limb ripped off their body with the sounds of R&B music . I soon felt a tap on my shoulder causing me to turn around and almost punch Deangelo in the head but he ducked .

I took my beats off my head "You almost killed me !" He yelled . I chuckled "I wouldn't have hit you that hard " . "But anyway we know that soon you're gonna be all soft and a dad of the cutest baby ever so we wanna make this your last fight and after e wanna take you out for some drinks what do you say " He asked .

"Um I promised I'll be home for Alex . But we can still go out now I think I'm finished for today " I sighed . "Aw see .. You are going soft . But I respect that . Anything for my sis . Meet us outside ?" He said . "Yeah " I smiled a little watching him then walk away .  I actually have been feeling bad that I have been leaving Alex at home .

I don't feel like the good husband she keeps calling me . Leaving her non stop while she is in pain or when shes crying it upsets me . I cried once or twice in this process yet I still keep going like I can't stop myself . I just wanna get to this drink and go home and hug her and my son . 

After I slipped on my shirt and my jeans I put back on my vans and the pulled out my phone dialing Alexandra's number . I smiled once I heard her small voice . "Helloooo" She said softly . "Hey were you sleep or something ?" I chuckled . "No I just got back from going out to eat with Sparrow , Cher , and Louis .. I'm in a food  coma .. I have the itis " She sighed . I chuckled .

"Okay . Well I'll be home soon okay . Is your grandma there ?" I asked her . "No not yet . I don't know where she is she said she would be home at 6 " I heard a shrug in her voice " Oh okay " I said . "ZAYNIE BOY HURRY UP!!" I heard one of the guys voice . "Well I'll see you in about an hour . I love you " I smiled grabbing my bag in my hand .

"Love you too " She sighed . I felt the smile in her voice but she sounded tired as well . After I hung up with her I grabbed my stuff and began to walk down the hallway of the building . The lights were flickering and I looked around seeing nobody there "Come on guys quit playing " I chuckled thinking it was Deangelo or someone .

Then the lights turned off . My body stiffened up as I dropped all my stuff to the floor . I couldn't see a thing but then I felt something go around my mouth . "Paybacks a bitch" Some one whispered in my ear with an evil chuckle but them my eyes fluttered shut and I blacked out . 





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