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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


26. Chapter 26

Awww look at le baby yaaass (Took me forever to find this picture -_-)

Questionssssss . DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN

*Watched Phineas and Ferb today ... no judge thoee . *

For Sparrow 

Q : OMG CONGRATS HOW it feel gurl!!

A : I feel gurl mm!

Q : You should call Niall Nail and Sieanna Nail Jr. 

A : Lol!!



A : .. and who are you ?

Q : aww he finely proposed to you congrat !!

A : Thank you 

For Niall

Q : Aw that's so sweet !! Your getting married ;3 enjoy your wedding with sparrow ! :D

A : Thank you very much

Q : I hate to break it to yah buddy but ... Sparrow cheated on you with ... Deangelo .. I'm Sorry Sorry ... You deserve better

A : ... Are you Natalie ?

Q : Awwww you are so sweet it's bout time that you finally proposed I'm so happy for you guys luv yal!

A : Yup I'm sweet ♥♥

Q : You did the most sweetest thing anyone could have ever done !! Love You

Love u too darlin :3


(okay to le storehh)

Alexandra's P.O.V

*4 months later*

We just got back from the best doctors appointment ever . I'm really excited now we're having a boy!! Yay! . Now we're upstairs getting the baby's room together . Zaynie , Niall, And De are painting and Louis and Harry were putting together the crib . It looked confusing I don't know how they put that thing together with no problems .

It probably because I'm lazy . While they did that me and Sparrow were awwing over my ultrasound pics . "Aww!!" Sparrow screamed . I laughed . "And then there's this one " I took another one out the envelope . "Awwwww!!" She yelled louder . "Okay okay he's cute ..damn!" De yelled . "Don't be so jealous my baby cuter than you " I said . "OOh" Everyone said . "Okay okay you got me on that one " De admitted .

We shared a laugh . " Lexi!!!" I heard my grandma scream coming up the stairs . "Grandma alert in 3 . 2 . 1" I counted down and sure enough here come my grandma in her church attire busting through the white door . "Grandmaaaa" I squealed . "Hey sweetie how's my favourite grand baby " She kissed my face . "Gramma !" Deangelo yelled . "Hush child you know I love you both the most " She said to him making him turn around painting again .

"I'm good " I responded to her question "That's good . Zaynie I know you ainn abusing my baby !" She yells . She always does that just to make sure . "Never would I ever do that " He responds sweetly . He gave me a wink . I cocked my head to the side . Then I realized our first date and when we played never have I ever . "Ahh I see what you did there " I snapped my finger . He laughed .

"So what's it been 4 months now .. Child whens the baby shower ?" He put her hands on her hips with sass . Now you see where I get it from ? "Well I don--" Sparrow cut me off . "Its gonna be at my house .. I'm throwing it for her on the 6 month . Since we know its gonna be a boy I know the theme is definitely gonna be Dc and Marvel superheros " Sparrow smiled . I looked at her with shock and excitement .

"Aw that's gonna be adorable . I need to get that cake started then . that 8 tier superhero cake ain't gonna make its self .. Come give grandma hugs " She kissed my forehead hand gave hugs and kisses to Deangelo . "Byee" She sang . "Bye" I waved . I turned to Sparrow "You did not ?!" I said excitedly . "GURL WHAT ARE BESTFRIENDS FOR ?!" She squealed . We pulled each other in big hugs ."I WANT IN ON THIS HUG!" Louis yelled running over to us and jumping between us on the couch and hugging us . "Awww" We said . The door then opened revealing Liam and Cher . "LIAM BROUGHT FOOD " Liam yelled . "Food!" Me and Niall said at the same time running out the room . You could hear the faint laughter from everyone . 


I was looking at the nearly finished room with a white background and Zayn's Zap! tattoo painted on the wall . I did that :3 . The letters hung up on the wall that just said Name because we don't have a name yet . The crib was painted white and had superhero blankets on the railing . Superhero decorations were everywhere . Just looking at it makes me more excited .

The door to the room creaked open and Zayn came in and sat down next to me on the couch . He pulled me in his arms tickling me . I giggled . "Do you like it ?" He asked . "Do I like it ? Its perfect ♥" I smiled . He smiled back "You know I can't wait to be a dad . Its just the start if the family I've always wanted .

Now all we have to do is make 3 more Zayn look alikes " He chuckled . I chuckled with him . Then I felt something it was making me laugh . "What ?" He asked . "The baby is happy too " I laughed . "How can you tell ?" He asked with a little chuckled . I took his hand placing in on the middle of my baby bump . You could feel the baby kicking . He rubbed his thumb over my tummy ." I love you guys " He kissed my temple . "We love you too " I kissed him back but on the lips .


Kian got off the plane from Bradford . His heart was heavy with sadness but his mind was filled with so many ways to get back at them for revenge . So he was meeting up with a friends . A friend nobody has seen for a long time . Some are surprised he's even free after what happen not even a year ago .

Kian walked to the car area seeing a man in a suit holding up a sigh that said Kian on it . He walked over to the black range rover letting the man take his bags as he hopped into the backseat . "Make it safely " Evan asked Kian doing a little handshake with him . "Yeah " Kian nodded .

"So .. What's the updates?" He asked as the car started to move . " Alex and Zayn just got married and now they're having a baby " Kian explained . "Oh that just wont do ... We need to fix that little problem " He let out an evil chuckle taking a gun out his boot 

Now let hell break loose .


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