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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


25. Chapter 25.

Errr Mer Gerd Its time to answer the questions I've been dying to answer !!! 

I love doing it . Its fun 

For Zayn 

Q : WTF DID U GET INTO A FIGHT .. ik you did:(

A : .. Yes but I couldn't never tell Alex about it she'll be mad 

Q : I got attacked by a dog .... Wow that's really all u could think of -_- lol still love u thoe

A : Better than telling the truth 

Q : I got attacked by a dog ... Seriously? That's thee best you could come up with it ??

A : In a panic .. yes . 

For Kian 

Q : Why do you have to be such a bitch about everything ? That's why no one will ever I mean like ever love you :|

A : What evaaah What evahhh you ratchet anyway 

Q : You're such a bitch you should leave people alone that love eachother like fuck off them that's why no one loves you and Lou is better with Harry .

A : I don't agree with that statement . ONE DON'T U EVAHHH CALL ME A BITCH I'M NO DOG ! And two Louis should have been with me . But aye I got what I wanted .. I got a taste of that dick and he left me begging for more . Too bad Harry and Alex hand to come and ruin it all those assholes

Q : bby its okay you don't need Louis you can have me if you know what I mean ehehehehehehe

A : Yeah that's right we can dominate the world nahh meeann  ?

For Harry

Q : EEE!!OMG HAZZA R U HAPPIER NOW ?!? told u your parents will accept u!!

A : I'm very happy . I couldn't live without knowing that my parents will accept me no matter what . And now that I do I feel better

Q : damn! you go styles ! haha , I can't believe you proposed ! I can't stop smiling . Larry for life . Haha I should stop . Congratz on getting your man back :D

A : Thanks :3




Zayn's P.O.V

"You're gonna be mad " I mumbled holding onto her small waist . "No I'm not just tell me " She said . I looked back at her gray Irises . The frightened look in her eyes . I know she cares about me but I couldn't just tell her what I was doing . I lost her once before and I can't lose lose her again . " I know I said I was gonna forget about the .. fighting thing until you had the baby .. " I began .

"But you did it anyway ....?" She guessed . I sighed " Yeah and I'm sorry " I apologized holding onto her tightly . I kissed her stomach not even looking at her to see if she was upset with me . "Zayn .." He sighed . "Are you mad ? .. Please don't be mad babe I love you  " I whispered going back to kissing her stomach .

"I'm not mad at you . I'm pissed at the decisions you make .. You could have aleast told me you were gonna do it " She said "You were gonna be mad " I said . "Yeah I would be at first . But I might as well get over it because your a 25 year old man and you make decisions for yourself . " He explained .

"But I wanna make decisions with you .. You're my wife I married you because I love you and because I want us to make decisions together not by ourselves " I responded to what she said . And it all was true . "So .. Are you planning on doing this forever like .. will this be your job " She asked .

"I don't know .. I mean yeah I got hurt but its not as bad as it seems ... Yah know the boxing part .. when it comes to gangs and stuff I'll try to stay out of it . I promise " I said holding up my pinky with out matching tattoos on it .

" ..Okay" She whispered linking our pinkies together . "I love you " she kissed me . "I love you too " I smiled . I took her hands and watched her smile . I kinda feel better now . " Is there anything else you wanna tell me or can we go eat now ?" She asked walking out the bathroom .

"Well I said I wasn't gonna smoke anymore .." I began but she cut me off . "You did anyway didn't you ?" She asked . ".. Yeah " I mumbled . "I don't wanna hear anymore lets go eat " She pulled me along . "Okay okay !!" I chuckled . 

Alexandra's P.O.V


Class was cancelled today because the teacher caught the mumps from his nasty ass girlfriend who came to our classroom . I vomitted on the floor and not just because I still had morning sickness but because he still kissed her puffy red disgusting lips . that kinda pissed me off because he couldn't tell the mumps from cold sores -_-

But anyway we went with Louis to practice today . He was taking a break so we decided to chill out for a second . "How's being pregnant . You're face is swelling " Sparrow pointed out . "Like it wasn't swollen before " I rolled my eyes smiling  . they chuckled . "But in all seriousness its not fun  .. I can't drink .

I can't drive .. Shit all I can do is eat pee and vomit " I sighed . "Awww" Her and Louis said at the same time . "Its okay I'm sure it will get better "Louis smiled . "What do you mean it will get better .. We should get you pregnant before we even speak about anything getting better from you " I punched his arm .

"Um I'll pass on being pregnant .. But I do wanna talk to Harry about adopting . I see that all my friends are having babies I feel left out " He pouted . "Aww .. Well Lou if it makes you feel any better you can have my aunts son .. She's too old for a 5 year old " I suggested . "No thanks " He chuckled . I shrugged . worth a shot . "I wan't a newborn baby that I can start from the beginning with .. Like you guys . I wanna watch my child grow up too "  He explained . "Well I think you should talk to him .

If anything he's gonna say yes because you're his big booty judy and he has no choice but to obey you " I pointed out . "Right" Sparrow agreed . He laughed "Thanks guys " He smiled . He took a drink from his gatorade and we turned around to see Niall with the baby carrier walking this way . "Hey Niall " I yelled He waved "NiNi!!!" Sparrow screamed . He laughed walking closer and kissing her lips .

"I'm happy you guys are here I want you guys to be the first to know . " He said sitting the baby carrier down . "About what ?" Louis asked . I wasn't really focused at first . I was too busy picking up the baby and playing with her . I turned back around "Okay now what ?" I asked . "Well There's something I wanna ask you Sparrow and the way I wanna ask you ... Is asked watching the drum line . " He smiled .

"What ?" She asked confused . He grabbed her hand walking her all the way to the announcer box where the announcer's sit . Me and Louis just shrugged going up there too and taking the baby with me . We sat down in the chairs up there and the large screen showed the entire field .

Then whatever Niall was talking about started and the drum line were marching and playing Sparrows favourite song sweater weather . Me , Sparrow and Louis were singing the song really loud . The baby just looked at us like we were nuts . Then at the end Niall zoomed out and we saw that the band spelled out will you marry me some how ."AWWWWW" I screamed .

Sparrow turned to Niall who was holding out the ring . "Well ..." He said . "Yes" She squealed . He put the ring on her finger and kissed her "AWWWWWW" I screamed again almost in tears . "Don't you guys love love ?" I squealed .

For some reason I was crying . "Aw the hormones sweetheart .. That's just the beginning of the pregnancy from hell " Sparrow said . Everyone laughed . 




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