Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


24. Chapter 24.


For Louis 


A : Right !

Q : Louis yay your pick hazzbear yay 

A : :3

Q : Now you can see that Harry really loves you and that he won't quit . Kian is just a asshole who ruined your relationship  with probably the best guy for you like ever ? BB I love you and what is best for you is if you go back with Harry because he is the one for you BooBear . 

A : I really do realize that . Harry was always so special to me and I can't just see him deal with it like this . Falling in Love only happens once so .. make sure its the right person 

(Louis's word of wisdom )

Q : Wooo , Go with your good half ! Kian is stupid go with your heart , Harry need you you know that ?

A : Yessss and I need him ♥

Q : Who u gonna pick big bro I mean I'm always here for u

A: Harry .. ALL DAAAY !

For Deangelo 

Q : Sup ?

A : Hello .. How are you ? o_o

For Zayn 

Q : NO NO NO Zayn put the damn cigarette down 

A : RIGHT !! *Steps on it * 

(AMENZ! V_V ♥)

Q : How many tattoos do you have I forgot 

A : I have 25 tattoos in total :3

(Minus the perrie tattoo thats 23 and adding the tattoos for alex is 25 what?!!) *Fold's arms like a gangsta *

For Harry 

Q : O....M....F...G Harry I forgot to ask u this but are you bi or gay ????

A : I'm Bi ..I'm more attracted to guys so .. either one is fine I guess . 

ASK MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!

Booommm .. Okay to the storehh .


Alexandra's P.O.V

It has been the most awkwardest thing having both Louis and Kian sitting on my couch cuddling . But the awkwardness didn't stop there .

In court I was sitting there while they were doing all this random stuff and when the said Harry wasn't charged with anything serious Louis just hugged Kian .. I don't get it . Since when do you hugged the person pressing charges like seriously . 

For some reason Zayn was supposed to get off of work at 2 .. its 6 now . I wanna call him but I don't want it to seem like I'm bugging him . He never minds that . I just hope he's not doing anything dumb .

I walked back into the living room and Kian's legs were blocking my way to my chair . "Get cho fucking feet off my table " I threw his feet off . "Damn stop being so uptight " He growled "Stop stealing people's boyfriends " I snapped back .

He looked at me with a blank expression "Oh I forgot you can do that " I sat down crossing my legs . He rolled his eyes . Whatever . My phone started to buzz . I picked it up answering my text 

Hey I'm about to come over for some drinks . I really need to clear my mind  - HazzaIsSPARTA 

You know I can't drink right ?- AlexMalik

We can drink Sprite :) - HazzaIsSPARTA 

I rolled my eyes smiling while reading the other messages 

I just dropped the baby off at Niall's mum and we are about to come over make way for my stretch marks :D - Spazzovt 

Oh Hush ! Lol - AlexLove 

Hey . Um can I come over so we can talk - CherryBear

Nah its okay .. We don't need to talk I feel bad about it already .. You don't even know the whole story and I yelled at you .. I know how it feels to be yelled at by a pregnant person :( - SexyTaco 

WHOA WHOA WHOAAAA .. You're saying your pregnant ?!!- CherryBear 


I'm on my way goddammit! - CherryBear

I laughed . I'm happy everything is fine with me and Cher now . You don't even know how much guilt I have been holding in for a long time .  "What you laughing at ?!" Kian said in a snooty tone . "None of yo business .

Now get your funky ass off my couch your leaving Louis today " I warned him . "What are you talking about ?" He chuckled . Louis rose from his chest . I think he knows what I mean "Harry's coming ? " He mouth asked me .

I winked at him . He smiled a little . "eugh ! This is why I hate pregnant people " Kian yelled getting off the couch  "Me too . Considering your mom was one of them and you were the fetus growing inside the womb " I smiled . He rolled his eyes once more before disappearing into the room . 

Louis jumped from the couch and attacked me with a hug . "Thankyou soo much . I love you !!" He squeezed me . I laughed "Okay Okay ! .. I can't breath too much hugging " I squealed . He let go . "Sorry .. Let me find something nice to wear" He snapped his fingers walking into the other room too . Aww now that's love .



- 9:30 pm -

We were laughing , drinking and talking like the civilized adults we are . We listened to Cher tell jokes and crack on Liam every 5 minutes . I sipped my Sprite laughing at what was funny . I like having the friends over .. Its better when Zaynie's here though . Where is he at ?! Niall doesn't even know where he is 

  " So Alex talk to me about you being preggers ! Is Zayn the daddy ?! Is it a boy or girl ?! Will there be a baby shower ?! Am I the god mom or nah?!" Cher said excitedly . "Um .. Yes . I don't know . Yes . I guess so " I shrugged for the last one . She clapped excitedly . We laughed . 

I looked over to Louis who was cuddled up with Kian but eye balling fairly tipsy Harry . This was really urking my nerves . Why can't they just get back together already ?! . "Oh for fucks sake . Harry and Louis come with me please and thankyou " I yelled getting up and motioned them to follow me to the art room . The both got up slowly and began to walk with me . 
They got into the room and I walked in shutting the door . I crossed my arms leaning against the wall . "What ?" Harry asked . "Oh nothing .. I'm just waiting for you guys to get back together " I smiled "Go ahead " I said motioning them to carry on .  They turned to eachother . I saw sorrow in Louis's eyes and guilt on Harry's face .

Theres no telling what is about to go down . "Look Lou I .--" Harry was cut of by Louis "No I'm sorry . I pushed you away like that and .. I thought I would just move on thinking I was just gonna fall in love with someone else like that .. I don't love Kian .. I Love you " Louis said .

".. I Love you too .. I wanna be there for you when you need me .. and I wanna be the one to fight for you " Harry said . He took Louis hands . I gasped covering my mouth "Marry me " Harry said . "Uh .." Louis said then looking through his pockets . He pulled out the black box he's been starring at all day .

He handed it to Harry "Ask again " He smiled . He pulled Louis to his chest "Marry me " He repeated taking the ring out of the box . "Yes . Yes I'll marry you .. I love you " Louis smiled as Harry put the ring on his finger . "I love you too" He said grabbing Louis's face and kissing him "AWWWWW" I squealed almost in tears .

"You guys are gonna make me cry stop it " I said . The laughed . For the first time in 2 months I watched them hug and Harry gave him those small kisses on his cheek . "ALEX THE DOOR !!!!" I heard Niall yell . Oh I forgot Lazy people are upstairs . We walked out the Art room and Louis and Harry went back upstairs and I heard cheering and stuff . I'm happy for them too .

I wish I could have seen the look on Kian's face .  I unlocked the door and opened it seeing Zayn with scars all over his body  and blood everywhere . "Oh my god Zaynie what happened ?!" I yelled .

"I got attacked by a dog " He hissed in pain . I could tell he was lying . This is no 'I got attacked by a dog' scars and pain . I didn't say anything I just helped him up the stairs . "OMG Zayn are you okay ?!" Sparrow said "Uh Uh ! What happened ?!" Cher screamed . "I'm okay " He said . I know he wasn't but I didn't say anything . 

Louis's P.O.V

I snuggled on the couch with harry as Nedflix played on the telly . But Harry was sleep .Harry was staying here so I can have time to pack my stuff and it was really late . I'm happy we're back together . I haven't felt this happy in the last 2 months and I can't wait to go back home .

 I removed myself from under his arm and kissed his face before going into the kitchen to get something to drink . I got a cup and poured had liquor in it .. I'm a late night drinker and I didn't have no buzz today . "So you're really about to leave me for him " I heard Kian's voice that scared me half to death .

I choked on the drink "God Kian you need a bell so I know when your coming !" I yelled quietly chuckling after . "I'm not fucking kidding around .. You're gonna go home with someone who's just gonna break your heart once again .. instead of coming home with me?" Kian said . "Kian it wasn't gonna be long term with you .

Yes you brushed some things off my shoulder but .. You should have know that soon enough I was gonna go back to Harry " I said . "No fuck that ! You said you were over him ... You said you wanted to be with me . I gave you my all .

And this is what you do ?!" He yelled . I was about to say something but I was cut off by Harry "Baby everything okay ?" He walked in the kitchen . "Yeah I was just drinking " I chuckled . He spun me around planting a small kiss on my lips .

He glared at Kian who was now standing there a little sawty for himself . "Come on baby .. Lets watch some family guy " He smiled . "I smiled back . He wraps his arm around me . I turned back to Kian holding up my middle finger . Okay Now I feel better . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

We were in me and Zayn's bathroom . He sat on the sink and I stood on the stool cleaning his cuts . He held onto my waist as  cleaned the open cuts on his face . He hissed in pain "Fuck Babe that hurts !" He screamed squeezing my hips "Sorry . I'm sorry " I said calmly and meaningfully .

I put another batman band-aid on it after I finished cleaning it . I held his face in my hands looking in his Hazel eyes . He held onto me "Do you love me ?" I asked him . "Of course I do " He said . " Then you need to tell me what Happened and you need to tell me now " I said to his . He looked away .

"Your gonna be mad " He said . "No I'm not just tell me " I said to him . He looked back at me . Was he really gonna tell me ?



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