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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


23. Chapter 23.

Questionssss yaaayyy!!!! 

Y'all have been quite agressive with these questions ... let's see what you guys have today I'm quite excited :3 . 

For Harry 

Q : I am glad you beated the crap out of him . He needed it and I hope you and Louis get back together 

A : Thanks .. 

Q : you did the right thing ! You gotta teach Kian whats yours is yours ! Good Job Styles

A : thanks but what Louis thinks about me now has probably gotten worse . 

Q : Harry you did the right thing ! beat up Kian moar and moar , he stole your man !! Louis probably still loves you but doesn't show it <3 GOO HARRY!<3 

A : Thanks .. for that .. 

For Kian

Q : Why did you have to break up the cutest couple . I hate you forever . 

A : You dont know me so go ahead and hate me *shrug* 


Ooo Kian didn't have his frutity pebbles this morning lets see what he's gonna be like in this chapter lol!! 

Louis's P.O.V

*A week later*

Its been a week since my game and the issue between Kian and Harry .Harry has been calling me and texting me to forget about it and talk to him but I dont think I can . I never wanted him to us violence to solve his problems .

I mean it was so bad Kian had a concunssion  and bruises everywhere on his body . Yes harry had hands . Today we were going to Court for that but first I was cleaning Kian's cuts . "Hold still!" I screamed at him while he still moved his face . "Sorry this is making me nervous " Kian sighed .

"Why you were attacked .. you deserve Justice " I said kissing his cheek . I threw the stuff away and he began to button up his shirt . "Do .. Do you stil have feelings for him " Kian asked me . I sighed "Can we not talk about this ?" I looked at him .

"No I wanna know . This relationship won't work if you do have feelings for him " He looked back at me . I looked away "I don't know " I said honestly . I really didn't know . There was still a part of my heart that labeled Harry my better half .

I still love him . It took me so long after our breakup to admit that . "Louuuuiisss are you ready ?" Alex asked opening the door . She was coming with us . "Um yeah just give me a minute" I smiled a little . "Alex can you make me a sandwich ?" Kian asked .

"Perra" She cursed in spanish holding up her middle finger and rolling her r's . Sometimes I forget Alex is half puerto rican . She walked out the room and we finished getting ready . I picked up my ringing phone seeing another text from Harry . 

It doesn't Matter if you talk to me or dont talk to me for the rest of your life .I'll love you no matter what . You were the one I chose to be in my life and the only one I wanna make mine forever .. Dont believe me ? Look Alex's Mail box  -Harry

I puzzled at the message trying to put together what was in the mailbox . I put the phone in my pocket and went outside to the mailbox . I opened it taking all Alex and Zayns mail ou first before I saw a little black box .

I closed the mailbox about to walk back into the flat as I unwrapped the bow from the box . I opened it seeing a gold ring that had forever engraved on it in cursive

 I dropped all their mail to the ground realizing I'm choosing someone who broke up what could have been the styles family over .. My bestfriend . My significant other  . MY BETTER HALF . 

Zayn's P.O.V 

Working . 6 to 2 .. everyday . Maybe even longer . Wearing the ugliest of outfits . I didn't like it but I'm doing it . But of course I'll eventually will get fired .. or I'll quit . I can't though.  "Another order at table 5 give her a salad on the side please for her sake !" I said to the chef .

He nodded . I walked back to the reservation table and sat in my chair putting my feet up . "Hey Zayn" Niall said coming into the booth . "Hey . your on break already ?" I asked him . "Nah just came to talk " He shrugged "Oh .. Okay " I said .

"So how do you like it so far ?" he asked . I sighed "It sucks ass I make 7.50 an hour and the uniform is fucking shit  .. Niall I'm not gonn last in this very long with the ratchet ass customers " I said . "Okay!  geez you sound like Alex" He held his hands up in defense .

I'll admit I've been around Alex a lot .. "Just hang in there .. I know its hard but just remember who your doing this for .. You got a baby coming soon you gotta do something .. Heyy its break time wanna come to mcdonalds with me ?" He asked removing his apron .


"Um .. yeah just order me something and I'll be there alright ? " I said . "The usual ?" He put on his jacket and grabbed his keys from the employee drawer . "Yeah" I nodded . He walked out and I grabbed my keys walking out too .

I opened my car door and sat down in my front seat . I laid back in my seat closing my eyes . What Niall said really had me thinking . 'you have a baby on the way you gotta do something ' His voiced played in my head .

I have to do something and 7.50 isn't gonna cut it for my family . Not for my wife and not for my baby . I opened my glove compartment pulling out my phone and my pack of cigarettes . I bought them the other day when I was stressing about this .  

I didn't think about smoking them but its gotten harder for me to control the fact that I'm clean from them . I took a cigarette out and put it in my mouth talking out my lighter lighting the end of it . I exhaled the smoke feeling stress melt off of me .

And its been so long since I've done this I coughed once or twice. I held the cigarette between my fingers as I dialed Deangelo's number . "Helloo?" He answered .

"Hey De .. how fast can I start that fighting thing ?" I asked him . I had to do something .. this might go wrong . But I'll take risk for the poeple I love . 


Liek for moarr??! or nah!!?? 


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