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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


22. Chapter 22

KK lets answer le questions .. :D


For Kian

Q :you are such a fucking bitch...I hate you

A :Okay first of all I'm Not a dog .. get that in check now ..

Q :I will kill you in your sleep so better watch out cuz Larry are ment to be together not you and Louis that's not right

A: Haha .. Yeah kill me in my sleep okaaayy . Dream on babe

For Louis

Q:Louis, why did you kiss that son of a bitch!! Harry still loves you!

A : No he doesn't . And since he doesn't I have found love somewhere else

Q :I can't believe you are having sex with kian!!

A : I can't believe it either

Q :stop the sex harry is coming for you babe

A : What ?

Q :NOOOO NO NO LOUIS ugh Harry is ur man not kian or whatever his name is

A : Harry used to be my man .. Things aren't the same anymore

Q :please Louis for ur sister jus date Harry please I love u

A : I've moved on .. kinda .

Q :why would u choose Kian you and Harry are perfect for each other. Why can't you see that///

A : We were perfect together weren't we ... I don't know what to do .I am going through alot . I'm gonna make some mistakes I guess

Q :Why? you and harry were so cute together! Harry was on his way to take u back. Why did u choose kian after everything he did?

A : I chose Kian because of a feeling that I can trust him . I wanna trust him .. and if it means I get over Harry and the heartbreak I have been through .. I do anything .

Q :Harry still loves you and you clearly still love him so what the fuck are you doing with kian?! He won't love you the way Harry will! I still love you tho...even if you're with that asswipe

A : Because Kian was there ..

For Harry

Q : I love u Harry I'll ways be there for u no matter what happens *kisses cheek*

A : Uh .. Okay sure

Q :what type of animals do u like ... Soooo off subject but ok

A : I like Tigers .. Because that's Louis's favourite animal

Q :do not come for Louis if u do I will cry!

A : Why would you cry ? That's nothing to cry about

And I think thats all of them . If I missed out on some sorry .. There was a lot and It was confusing ..


okay to le storehh :3

Alexandra's P.O.V


Louis's football gave finally began after 4 long fucking hours sitting on a metal chair with no back -_- . Its been the 2nd week of my pregnancy and I think I'm doing pretty good . I threw up my breakfast and everything from yesterday so there's a sign . Zayn has been helping me even though I don't really need it .. I feel the love ;3 .

Since last week and the fight with Cher I haven't talked to her or Kian . Kian has been calling me but I just ignore the calls because I know if I were to answer he would commit suicide when I was finished talking .

But I have been feeling really bad about it because I don't like to make people feel bad and I yelled at Cher even though she doesn't even know what's going on with Harry and Louis . I could tell Kian pressured her into doing that but why would she agree ? "So how's being pregnant ?" Sparrow asked while literally breast feeding in public . "Funnn" I said a little sarcastically holding up 2 thumbs .

"Oh well good " He smiled and we shared a laugh . "Isn't Cher and Kian coming ?" Zayn asked . I shrugged "I haven't really talked to them .. but I know Liam is coming " I smiled at the last part "Well that's odd . You always talk to your cousin " Niall said patting my shoulder . "Yeah but right now .. Its best if we stay away from eachother .." I sighed . "Why is there something bothering you ?" Zayn asked .

I shook my head " Its not really important .." I mumbled . They all oohed turning their attention back to the stretching players on the field . But then I felt the urge to tell them "Her and Kian made up some plan to break Louis and Harry up " I blurted out . "What ?!!" The all gasped ."You heard what I said " I snapped my fingers sassily . I don't know what the finger snapping was about .

"Is that why you're not talking to her ?" Sparrow asked . "Yeah but I feel bad about it .. I don't like yelling at people " I whined . "Its okay .. It doesn't make you a bad person to speak your mind don't feel bad " Zayn brought me into his arms . I breathed in the sweet scent of my husband . Though it was mixed with the smell of nacho cheese . "Thanks .. But you guys have to promise me you won't say anything about it . Especially to Harry .  " I warned them ."Yess Alex" They said .

"Good" I smiled . "Guys!!" I heard someone yell . I turned around to see Harry running towards us with flowers and a little box in his hand . "Hazz why are you running what is this ?" Niall asked . "I'm looking for Louis .. Is he out there ?" He asked and began to search the players for him ."Yeah they're just stretching right now though ." I smiled . "Okay thankyou " He said then running off .

"What was that all about ?" Sparrow asked confused . "I don't know let's go get something to eat before the game starts " I said getting up "You are always hungry " Zayn said "She gets it from me " Niall smiled "Shut up " I said sternly as we began to walk to the concession stand .

Harry's P.O.V

Right now I was determined to get back what was mine . The only person who made me happy . I drove him away now its time for him to come home with me and be my BooBear once again . I love him more than he'll ever know . I slithered through all the players until I met with the back of a jersey that read Tomlinson #17 .

"Um hey .. Louis " I said . He turned around "Harry " He said . I heard some excite in his voice . "Um here " I said nervously giving him the roses . "Thankyou " He smiled smelling them . "But um . I just wanted to talk to you because I felt I made a huge mistake .. I should have believed you when you told me what happened wasn't your fault . I need to learn to trust the people I love and .. I love you Louis ."I smiled .

He smiled back . I saw his cheeks turning a shade of red . "I --" He was cut off by a voice coming his way . "Hey babe I bought you something to drink " Kian walked up kissing Louis's cheek . "Louis what is--" I was cut off by Kian kissing Louis's neck . Kian's smirk grew larger and I could see in Louis's eyes . He wasn't himself .

"Comeon the game is about to start " Kian said taking Louis the other way . Anger grew inside of me . I shouldn't feel jealous after all Louis was mine and always will be mine . But I couldn't hold back the urge to Kill Kian . I balled my hands into a fist and walked up to them grabbing ahold of Kians hood .

"Harry No!!" Louis yelled . I ignored him beginning to beat the crap out of Kian . He started to fight back but he didn't fight back hard enough . I punched harder and harder . He would have been dead if the cops didn't pry me off of him . Louis just stood there scared . I watched that one tear that always got to me fall from his face .

"I love you" I mouthed to him . He shook his head getting down to help Kian . I started to have the guiltiest feeling in my chest as the put my into the cop car . I was only getting back what was mine .Or what used to be



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