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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


21. Chapter 21.

LOL!!! (Why is she laughing ?? weirdo )

Okay its question time :D

For Alexandra 

Q :Cher must be sad and feeling guilty ,you shouldn't do that should have helped her to make it up
A : Why would I have to help ..I didn't walk up to her and tell her 'Yo! you and Kian go fuck up Harry and Louis's relationship' so her and Kian need to go figure it out for themselves fuck dat !!

For Niall 

Q :this is late but how was st. Patties day for u. I love u Niall I'll make a pie:p

A : Its was fun I got drunk with the guys . painted myself green , jumped into the neighbors pool and almost got arrested .. other than that I had an epic time 

For Louis

Q : don't cry my name isn't Louis_fav_sister for noreason I love u but don't cry it makes me wanna cry

A : I don't wanna cry but its hard getting over all of this 

For Cher 

Q :Kian is such a bitch,you shouldn't do that,now if Louis and Harry knew that you set it up,they will be so mad at u

A : *No comment*

Q :why .why did u do this ? what happened to u just tell me what would u do if alex and one of ur cousins did that to u because they like liam ??????????????!!!!!!!!!well to be honest if any thing like that happened to u ,u deserve it go find something else to waste ur time with other than breaking people apart

A : I don't know . I don't know what I would do in a situation like that . And you're right .. maybe I do deserve it .. 

For Zayn 

Q : try to find a job in arts and drawing you will be amaZAYN and i suggest if the baby is a girl call her Emily or Amanda

A : This job is only temporary so it doesn't matter . Those are nice names :3

Q : Zayn are you happy for the baby or nah and do you want it a boy or a girl ily 

A : Love u too . Yes I'm very happy . I don't know I think I want a boy or a girl .. or .. I don't know I don't really care its gonna have my last name ._.

Q : Where do u work anyway ?
A : At some restaurant but its only temorary 

For Harry 

Q : please believe him..he is saying the truth,Kian kissed him and his emotions were messed up so he kissed back,but he really loves you

A : Sounds to me that he wanted Kian instead .I wouldn't blame him I was being a dick and I know he loves me ... I don't know 

Q : your a meany poo poo pants k? And what Louis did wasn't as bad as what you were doing. You were lying to parents saying that you had a fake family, what's the worst your parents could do? You don't know how much you hurt Louis. Please just get back together with him, I know you want to.

A :Correction .. What he did was twice as worse .. but .. I wanna get back together .. I miss him and .. What am I saying ?!

Kian couldn't answer the question for him because he didn't know what the questioner was even talking about and the he grabbed his stuff and stormed out the room ... so theres that 



Harry's P.O.V 

Its been 3 days since me and Louis's breakup . I didn't wanna say I have been seriously depressed but I have . I couldn't believe he would lie to me after all we've been through . It breaks my heart that he might have done it because of me . Yes I did cheat on him and he felt the same way . I lied to him when I shouldn't have . I let that one night stand come between me and Louis and nothing ever was the same . He's probably getting back at me for revenge . 

I came downstairs after doing my morning routine into the Kitchen to get something to calm myself . "Good morning dear " My mum said out of no where . then she walked into the kitchen "Hey .. Mum" I mumbled ."Do you want some coffee" I asked her . "Sure " She smiled . I put enough in the coffee maker for the both of us .

"So I wanted to talk to you about you and Livia ... You know me and your father are very excited for your marriage " She said . I coughed trying to hold back the fact that it was fake "Mhm " I hummed . "Well we have it all set " She said . "Have .. what all set ?" I asked confused . He chuckled "Your wedding of course .

its set for next Saturday . I felt that since you guys have been together for 5 years we might as well get this together for you guys " "Mum don't be so--" She cut me off "Its done darling . I know how much you love her . you'll be fine " She said . 

I won't be fine . I won't be fine without Louis . I have realized I made the biggest mistake . Louis probably was telling the truth and me caring for myself and not his feeling is tearing us apart . 
"Mum .. I need to tell you something .." I looked down . "Yes?" She sang . "Um .. you remember Louis who I said was my roommate .. " I said . "Yeah he's a trouble maker . Is he on the other side of the fence or something because he has a really big crush on you . 


that's weird for a soon to be married man --" I cut her off " Mum yes all of that .. He's not only a trouble maker  and stuff .. he's my boyfriend " I said . She gasped . "What ?" She said . "Yes . And I love Louis with every bone in my entire body . I hurt him because of what I thought you guys would say about him .

I love you guys but I'd choose him before I try to even impress you guys .. So either take me for who I am or just leave " I said . Her face said shock . Then she got up and took my hand "I love you .. I am willing to try the new you because your my son .. and I should support whatever you do " She sighed . I smiled .

"Thankyou mum" I said . "Now something tells me you and Louis aren't together right now .. Go get him " She said . I smiled running out the door . I grabbed my jacket and my keys and ran to my car . I got in the car and I started it and started driving down the street . Louis here I come 


Louis's P.O.V


I got out the shower wrapping towel around my waist . Alex and Zayn went to see the first game and I don't have to be there until 3 . I was still upset about Harry but I couldn't let something like this get between me and my career .I could find love somewhere else,with someone better and sexier than Harry .

If that is even possible .Fuck !!Why can't we just go back to how it used to be . I loved Harry more than anything in this world . When we broke up my world stop spinning . I have had thoughts about going back to Doncaster to live with my family .

I don't wanna leave my friends but .. It's just a thought . I walked out the bathroom and just when I did the doorbell rung . I secured my towel and walked downstairs to answer the door . once I opened the door I saw the face I didn't wanna see . I saw Kian standing in the doorway .

He looked up and down my body before saying "Um .. Is Alex here ?" He gulped so loud . I rolled my eyes "Do you see her car in the drive way ?" I asked in a sassy tone . "No I just thought--" I cut him off "Well you thought wrong so just leave " I said about to close the door .

His foot came in contact with the crack in the door and he pulled it open walking in " Louis can I tell you something ?" He asked . "No get out " I said walking back upstairs . I felt his presents following me "You know I didn't know that Harry was gonna show up that day we kissed " He said "I swear I didn't" He added . "And you expect me to believe you . You're a liar " I growled .

"Okay so I'm a liar .. But would I be lying If I told you that Cher set it up not me " He yelled . I turned to him ."W-What?" I said . " Yes I told her I liked you and maybe things got a little out of hand .. to break you and Harry up forever was a complete accident and I made Cher do it for my selfish ways .. I knew how much Harry and everything meant to you and .. I'm sorry  " He apologized .

I couldn't believe he was being honest with me "Are you serious ?" I asked . "Yeah I'm done lying to you ... Do you still want me to go ?" He asked getting a little closer . "I don't know .. do you wanna go ?" I said walking his way .

He shook his head smiling . Our bodies touched and him being taller than me made me feel like a garden gnome . it was only 2 inches but whatever . He took my face in his hands and kissed my lips . I felt my towel coming loose and it dropped to the floor . We didn't stop kissing though . It was very surprising I didn't let go .

I felt myself get excited and I watched Kian look down . He bit his lip . "I feel the same way " He whispered . I looked away blushing . He back away taking off his jacket and his shirt . He stripped from his jeans and his boxers . I watched him getting more excited but when he looked at me I looked away .

He took my chin between his index finger turning my head back toward him and kissed me again . He pushed me back on the bed getting ontop of me . "Are you scared ?" He asked . "No" I said smiling . He kissed all the way down my body and he kissed the spot Harry used to kiss . I bit my lip holding back the moans . He looked back up "Am I doing it right ?" he asked . I nodded in pleasure . This is when It happened .. I think I finally got over Harry . 





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