Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


20. Chapter 20.


Mkay but lets answer the questions ! ;)


For Zayn 

Q : my last question was suppose to say can I mess up ur hair... Umm do u have any other kids cuz my dad passed out when he found out bout me 

A : Mess up my hair ? You monster ! . And this will be my first baby which I am really excited for and as much as I wanted to pass out . I couldn't because then Alex probably would have went more nuts than before 

For Alexandra 

Q : well then go fix ur grilled cheese if you want it. If it's a girl name it Isabella

A : Isabella ? Hmm 

Q : I hope you get your grilled chesse and I love that u are having a little Malik are u happy or nah

A : I hope so too ;3 .. And I'm FUCKING EXCITED !! I wanna be a mommy but what If I fail is the question ? ._.

Q : Congratz on the baby your gonna make a great mother

A : Thank you OMG u so kind ;3

For Louis 

Q : why Louis why did u kiss back

A : I don't know .. It was an accident 

Q : dont worry if harry wont take you back i will 

A : Thanks .. You are so kind  :)

Q : Are you gonna appoligize or go with kian ????

A : At this point I'm just gonna be with Alex and Zayn until things clear up a little better . I love harry but he doesn't love me right now so whats the point of sticking around any longer . And as for Kian I don't ever wanna see his face again because I'm gonna stab his eyes out !

For Kian

Q :  I wish u would die so bad right now Louis and Harry were great and when u came in you ruined it all!

A : Well that's a little harsh ...

Q : Your doing a good job bravo to you bb 

A : Um .. Thankyou .. NO WAIT THAT WAS SARCASM 

(LMFAO !!)

Q :  I thought you liked Louis now your blaming him for things??? He'll never like you ya knoweeee!

A : I do like him ! I sat there and listened to him cry over Harry .. I could have been the ass I can be and just fucking ignored that and kissed him so hard !! 

Q : Kian u r cold and rude do u realize wut u just did ?!?

A : I know what I did was pretty bad . On the inside I feel bad but On the outside I'm just like I don't care .. Who cares . Kian DOESN'T CARE !!

Q : I just want to reach through here and punch you . They we're perfect and already had problems why did you have to mess it up you bastard.!!

A : I'm no bastard .. But I agree I deserve a good punch to the face 

For Harry 

Q : Believe him you curly haired freak please you jus ruined it !

A : I can't . His face told it all It's too late 

Q : harry u luv him . U can't do dis 

A : I did love him . Its just not the same anymore I'm sorry 

Q : I am sorry but running off and yelling isn't going to help you have to talk to Lou and not belive that asshole

A : I don't believe Louis and That's it end of story 

For Cher 

Q :u should slap kian and feel guilty for yourself lou and Harry could commited suicied

A : Don't make me feel more worse than I already Do



(Okay lets do le storehh)


Alexandra's P.O.V


"Are you sure you're pregnant ?" My grandma asked over the phone ."Yes " I said making it clear for the 50th time . "Are you sure its his ?" She asked . "Grandma!!" I yelled . "Sorry I just don't want you to end up like Aunt Felicia at our family reunion with her supposed to be baby's dad .. that was so awkward " She sighed

"I bet it was " I nodded . Just then the door bell rung. "I GOT IT !!! Call you back grandma" I said "Mhm" She responded hanging up before me .. Okay then . I ran down the steps opening the door to Cher . 

"Hey Cherry!!" I squealed . "Hey .." She said sounding a little gloomy . "What's wrong ?" I asked " I just need to talk to you about something really important " She sighed . "Oh .. Okay " I shrugged . She came in shutting the door behind her . She followed me back up the stairs and we sat across from each other

"Okay so what did you wanna talk to me about ? Are you addicted to eating tooth paste again ?" I asked . "What ? No .. Its something about friendship and family " She said . "Okay " I nodded . "So .. You know how Kian .. Likes Louis right ?" Cher said and started playing with her fingers " Yeah why ?" I asked .

"Well I uhh " She stumbled over her own words . "I .. Kinda broke Louis and Harry up for Kian " She admitted . My eyes got big "You did what now ?" I said shocked . "I know its bad but I didn't wanna do it I was forced into it " She explained "You were forced into it by Kian .. The human tooth pick ?" I asked to be sure .

"Aye like I said I didn't wanna do it !" She held her hands up in defense " It doesn't fucking matter if you wanted to do it or not you got Harry who won't even answer his fucking phone like he's deaf or something and Louis crying every 5 minutes . Do you see what the hell you just did ?!" I yelled .

"You know I thought I should come to you first just so I can have that one person who's gonna back be up on this " She yelled back . "I can't back you up on this you were wrong . I'm not just gonna be all smooth with this knowing you fucked up " I said being Honest

. "But .. We're cousins .. Best Cousins .. Cousins for life " Cher said lowering her voice . "Well I don't do that .. You fucked up so you go take care of it .. and don't neither you or Kian  talk to me until you do .. You can let yourself out " I shook my head in how ashamed I was of them walking to Louis's room .

"Louis ?" I asked . "Yes" He sniffled . "Are you okay ?" I asked walking in . He nodded wiping his eyes with his hand . "Who was at the door ?" He asked . I heard the door slightly slam shut . I sighed " Nobody don't worry about it " I hugged him . He hugged me back starting to cry again . "Its okay . I'll be here for you " I sighed .

Zayn's P.O.V

I put the pin in the back of my ear walking back over to the Bar with my new co worker Joanne . She's the Bar tender who has been working here since forever I guess . "Already tired hot stuff ?" She asked washing a glass "Yeah a little bit " I chuckled .

"Yeahh It can be hard sometimes but you just gotta know how to deal with these ass holes " She explained . "Well hopefully it will get better . This is just training and I feel like drinking a whole bottle of whiskey " I sighed . She chuckled . "Hey I just filled an order for pig pie .. what is that ?" Niall walked over and asked Joanne

" Oh basically its a pie made out of bacon and pork skins " She explained . ".. Oh my god this place is heaven " Niall said . We shared a laugh . "So are you 2 gonna keep the job ?" Joanne asked sliding us both a cold beer .

"Yeah it pays good . I don't have a problem " Niall shrugged . "Zayn " He asked for my answer . It really wasn't that bad . This was only training though . I want to make Alex happy .

But I also don't wanna be unhappy . "Yeah I guess but only because of Alex " I sighed . "atta boy Zayn !" Niall slapped my back . It won't be that bad I guess 

Kay kay yass updates .. all day .. 

Mkay bai ;3




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