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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


2. Chapter 2.

Alexandra's P.O.V


I woke up the next morning on the couch with a note stuck on my forehead with peanut butter . I swear Zayn has been spending far too much time with Deangelo . I took it off my head and lick the peanut butter off and read it . 

Dragged to the hotel with the guys for tonight . No more leaving the key under the mat 

. I love you , xx Zaynie♥

 So it has came to my attention that they literally dragged him out of the house . The reason why they're going to hotels is because of our parties and so we won't slip up and see each other before the wedding . Its bad luck but I never understood why . My mom tried to explain it to me at her wedding when I was like 3 which why the fuck would anyone explain that to a 3 year old .So I don't know I'm just gonna go with it .

I got up  and went upstairs to our room and went to the closet . I pulled out some acid washed distressed jeans and a white tank top . I went and took a shower .. um .. turn up . I blowdried my hair then I put on some fuzzy red socks and Zayns favourite red Nike sweatshirt . Whaaaat he'll never knowww .ever. I packed the rest of my clothes and stuff and then I got a text from my cherry bear !! XD 



I grabbed my bags and put on my sunglasses I really shouldn't be wearing when its winter but whatever . I put my bags in the trunk of my new white charger . Its sexy as fuckk!!! . My grandma bought it for my birthday . I got in and kissed my rearview mirror then speeding down the street .

I stopped at the air port picked up Cher and my Other  enjoyable cousin Kian . He's cool he's just ... really annoying . He says things that are just out of place and stupid . "I'm sooo excited for you like .. this is gonna be the wedding of the century" Cher said excited.

"My little cousin is just growing up so fast .. Last time I saw you you were in maybe middle school and you loved your parents " Kian chuckled . "I know .. Say where are they?" I asked . "Your not gonna like this .. " Cher said .

I shot a confused look "what do you mean ?" I asked ."they're .. Coming to the wedding" she covers her face .i quickly swerved into a gas station "they're coming to the whaa now ?" I looked at her ."I knew you would react like this .

this is why I didn't wanna say anything " She mumbled . I took some deep breaths in . And down then putting a big smile back on my face "I'm not upset" I said . I wasn't gonna let some petty parent bullshit ruin my day that was going so well .

Fuck dat !!

. I started the car back up "That's it little cuz " Kian cheered . " To the hotel!!" I yelled . We all cheered and I went back on the road .

 Zayn's P.O.V

We arrived at a hotel on the other side of the city just because of some old saying . I really don't think its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding . Maybe I wanna see her :( . We got settled in our hotel rooms and as soon as I sat on the bed I wanted to pass out .

I laid back looking at the ceiling feeling myself drifting away slowly . I then closed my eyes and was close to a dark sleep .. but that's when "ZAYN GET CHO ASS UP BOY!! " Deangelo screamed . I rose up scared for my life . He scared the crap out of me .

"Zaynieeee" Harry yelled . "Come on get up the party starts soon get dressed bud!" Liam threw some clothes in a shopping bag at me and a nike shoebox .Make sure you smell good too" Niall said  "Ow!" I yelled . They just walked out . Woooowww okay .

Just smack me in the head with a box that still had shoes in it and leave . These are my friends and brother I tell you . I got off the bed and got dressed into a white t-shirt black jeans and black and white nikes . I kept my hair as it was . I actually looked pretty hot .

At least that's what Alex would say if she was here . I don't like being away from her for long periods of time . It feels weird since I'm around her 24/7 now . "Hey . You ready ?" Niall came in . "Oh .. yeah I guess" I mumbled .

"What's wrong why do you sound so sad" He sat on the bed next to me . I shruggdd my shoulders . "I don't know " . "Don't worry Zayn we aren't going out to have sex with random women or anything . Don't worry this party is gonna be epic" Niall patted my back really hard .

I laughed "Alright Alright let's go " I got up . "That's the spirit!" He clapped . I put on my leather jacket and grabbed my phone . I followed Niall out the door to the others waiting in the hallway . This better be good. 

Alexandra's P.O.V


The rented out the pool and the party house for my bachloret party . The decorated the in door pool  and we were just chillin' sipping margerita's .. yah know party junk .

Then we started to open presents . There was hundreds of them things from condoms all the way down to edible underwear "Y'all are some freaks" I said holding up yet another box of condoms . "Don't pretend you dont love it " Sparrow smirked .

Everyone laughed . "Okay I'm ready to play some games" I clapped . "Let's play truth or dare!!!" Louis yelled . "Yeah but let's play the r-rated version" Cher smirked . Everyone oooed " Alright fine .. yah nastehs" I got my feet out the pool . "Lil cuz can you go get some ice for the dare I'm thinking of .  

This is gonna be fuuunn" Kian smirked . I laughed . " alright . You kinky mother fucker" . He laughed . I grabbed my towel and My phone and left the pool walking to the ice machine .

I was walking at a slow pace because everyone knows I'm so lazy . I was almost there when my phone blasted Zayns ringtone . I cheered a little bit inside . "Hey baby" I awnsered . "Hey what are you doing?" He asked . I heard music in the background . He must be at a club or something .

"Just getting ice for my cousin" I said . "Whoaa are they okay in there?" He chuckled. "Yeah he's just a weirdo " I shrugged . He laughed.  "I can't wait to see you tomorrow" I smiled . "Me neither .. I know I say it all the time but .. I love you " He says . I can hear that big ol smile in his voice .

"Aww I love you" I smiled . He chuckled . Then I heard some kind of banging noise and the lights in the halls were flickering on and off. They can't play with me . I know its Lou or Sparrow . "I gotta go they're pulling pranks on me now " I rolled my eyes .

"Aw . Okay  I put one of my shirts in your bag . I want you to wear it " he said . I laughed "I will I promise" . "Alright .. I love you okay ?" He said. "Love you too" I said and we hung up . I looked around but I didn't see anybody . Oh fuck no!! .

I grabbed the ice and quickly ran back to the party.  I ain't bout to get snatched today fuck datt!! 


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Hope you enjoyed the chapter like fah moar cuz you know I'll make moar and stay fabulouis ... heh heh ♥



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