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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


19. Chapter 19.

Question Tiiimmeee !!

For Harry

Q : Is u mad .. OR NAH ?

A : ... 

Q : Kian just stole your man what are you going to do about it ?

A : I .. I don't know 

Q :HARRY! Tell ur parents about louu u have to ur parents will accept u! I hope but still do it 4 the one u luv

A : I seriously doubt it 

Q :did u feel like slapping this shit out of him when u saw that.

A : Maybe ... I'm not obligated to answer this question correctly right ?

(Naw we know you did already )

Q :  Do you wanna beat the shit outta Kian or would you rather break up with Louis?

A : I don't know ..

For Kian

Q :Why the fuck would you kiss Louis if u cared about him you wouldn't do that gosh!!?

A :He could have chose to not kiss me back so whatever . 

For Louis

Q : That's fucked up I don't care if ur mad at Harry 

A : It was an accident ..

Q : OMG I am so sorry babe just tell harry that you feel guilty and you love him 

A : He's not gonna believe that 

For Alexandra 

Q : u should name the baby Marie ! JKJKJKJKJK I'm sure you'll have a better name 

A : Yah when I know if its a boy or a girl ...

Q : It's good to cry don't feel bad . I would like to kno the names 

A : .. Well no names yet .. But I want a grilled cheese sandwich .. ;3

For Zayn 

Q : WOOOOW I LOVEEEE U (jus sayin) can I mess up 

A : .. Um . Sure :)

For Cher 

Q : Guuurl if you set dis up ur in big trouble you know that ?

A : How do you know I set it up doe ? ... >.> ... <.<


To le storehh

Louis's P.O.V

"Harry " I said . I felt my heart beat 10 times faster .. I couldn't take it . Kian the got up from the couch moving next to Cher's standing body . "What's happening ?" Harry said . I felt like he couldn't process what he just saw . "It was Louis " Kian blurted out . "Me .. How could you blame this shit on me ?!" I yelled .

"Don't lie" He crossed his arms "So ... you kissed my cousin ? " Cher asked "Why can't you just tell the truth ?" Kian said . I turned to Harry and he looked away . I touched his shoulder "Harry .. I swear--" He cut me off snatching his arm away from me . He walked out the door not looking back .

"No No No Harry !!" I yelled chasing after him . I had to get through to harry that Kian was lying . and I wasn't gonna stop til he forgave me "Harry please !" I pleaded . "Are you fucking kidding me right now Louis ??!!!" He screamed . "Don't yell please " I said . "No shut the fuck up !! I can't believe I don't see you in a day and all of the fucking sudden you are already in a different relationship .. and with your bestfriends family member ! . Were you and Kian together before this .. Were you cheating on me ?" Harry yelled . I wanted to just plead and cry .

I could do it all night If I wanted to but at this point I'm just over this " You know what .. Fine" I chuckled . "You know its fine you believe someone you knew 1 wedding day and fucking 5 minute verses your own boyfriend !! " I yelled . "Fuck you " He said coldly . "..... Just get the fuck out my way you curly haired bastard !" I growled pushing through him . I got in my car and drove off in 5 seconds flat . As much as I wanted to cry I was tired of crying . It wasn't even worth it .

Cher's P.O.V


"Yes you did it !" Kian cheered . " Kian I don't agree with this .. I just broke up the perfect couple " I sighed . "Aww . Eh you'll get over it " He shrugged walking into the kitchen . I can't believe I just did that .

I just broke up Harry and Louis .They were already going through things I could tell . I shouldn't have made matters worse . But you know what they say .. Family before friends right ?

Alexandra's P.O.V

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Sparrow was still screaming . I'm surprised the baby in her arms hasn't yet woken up . "Sparrow!!" I yelled . She stopped "Oh I'm sorry its just .. like soo exciting you're pregnant !!"She squealed " I know!!! "I yelled . We started screaming like little girls . "Okay tell me how Zayn acted I wanna know all the deets . do tell !" She said . "He was so calm about it .. It was amazing " I said .

"He was calm ?" She asked . "Well yeah . But Zayn has always been a calm person right ?" I said taking a drink of my water . "Usually people calm like that got a secret .. Does he have and other kids you don't know about ?" She asked . I took an epic spit take at her question . "What ?! " I asked .

"Does he have anymore kids . I mean come on nobody can possibly be as calm as Zayn in a situation like this "She explained . Okay I know Sparrow is cray but I didn't know she was this cray "Gurl be real .. Zayn hasn't told me anything I don't know already . All his secrets are in here " I pointed to my head .

"Really ? Cool tell me one " She smiled . "Okay I wasn't really supposed to tell this one but one time in highschool he said he went to a party and --" "Ready to go babe ?" Zayn came in the room followed by Niall . "Uh Yeah .. I'll text you " I whispered the last part to her . He held thumbs up .

"Bye .. Are you guys coming to Louis's game tomorrow ?" Niall asked . "Yah!! " I said in a 'duh' tone . He laughed " Okay see yah then " He waved . "Bye" Zayn smiled and waved . He walked to the car and he started the car . "So how did Sparrow take it " He asked pulling out the drive way "Took it like a psycopath .. but I can't help that can I " I smiled .

He laughed . He got on the road and while he was driving his hand made its way to my stomach . I giggled "What are you doing ?" I asked . " .. My baby's growing in there .. I want him or her to get used to me .. "He smiled . "Awww .. Tear tear Zayn " I said running my finger down my face like a tear .

He laughed " I think you're gonna be the best daddy ever " I smiled touching his hand that was on my stomach .He took it and kissed it . I giggled . Everytime he does that I fall in love again . Its amazing . I'm actually happy we are having the baby because I have someone like Zayn by my side . Everything is gonna be just fine .. Man do I want some grilled cheese right now or what ?!








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