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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


18. Chapter 18.

I answer you're questions now !!

(Whaat I no undastand)

So what betch lets do it ^-^

For Louis

Q :Do you think you will work things out with Harry?

A : I don't know . I'm not really worried about him right now . I'm gonna let him impress his parents like he wants . I know i'm not good enough so whatever .

Q :u should go out with a girl and use her to make Harry jealous


Q :stay strong ...he loves you,he just needs some time to figure it out with his parents

A : I try to stay strong . i don't want anybody to worry about me anyways 

For Harry 

Q :  tell your parents about Louis or you will loose him forever

A : I want to but . I'm scared what they'll think of me if I tell them I'm gay 


A : I can't its either him or my parents and that is the hardest decision 

Q : boi how u gunna save ur man ??

A : I'll do whatever it takes 

For Zayn 

Q : Do you want a baby ?

A : I mean I do .. I just want Alex to be ready for one as much as I am and right now she's pretty much freaked the fuck out ...

Q : You mus'nt leave her EVER !

A : I won't 

Q : Dude what did you do ? lol jk but seriously you will be an awesome daddy

A : Thanks 

Q : Are you happy that Alex is prego and what do you wanna name him/her ?

A : I'm pretty happy I guess . I'm not really sure on names yet though 

For Alexandra

Q : Do you think you can handle the baby ? I do :3

A : I don't know . I think so ...

Q : are you sure you wanna do this there are many things to do ?

A : It looks like I'm doing this 

Q : What are you gonna do ? You are still a student

A : That doesn't mean I'm gonna quit school just like that . Maybe I'll invest in some online classes when it gets closer to having the baby

Q :don't be scared or worried u guys will be awesome parents its a known fact hopefully zayn doesn't feed it hamburgers like Niall -_-

A : I'm just scared because I don't know If I'm ready for a big change like this . I know like yeah I'm married now but having a baby is different . 

Okaiiii woow that wuz alot ASK MOAR !!! LOL

Okay to Le Storehh

Alexandra's P.O.V

I seriously thought the test was lying . That was until we went to the doctors to get professional testing .

The doctor walked in the room reading what looked like my test results . I was holding onto Zayn so tight he had no choice but to stand in one place . "Okay Mrs. Malik we ran the pregnancy test twice for you just to be sure and you are 1 week with child" She smiled . I squeaked in shock slowly putting my head on Zayn's shoulder .

His hand rubbed my back "Is she okay .. Aren't you guys excited ? usually young couples come in and are stoked about this type of thing " The doctor said " I think she'll get over it " Zayn said in relief . I started to cry . I don't know why this is making me so emotional . I'm supposed to be happy . I don't know .

"I'll leave you 2 alone while I go get some things for her to look over for the pregnancy " She smiled . "Okay " Zayn said . I heard the door close and I started to seriously cry . "Babe what's wrong . Everything is gonna be okay " Zayn chuckled . I shook my head then raising it to wipe my tears on my sweatshirt sleeve . "Why not ?" He asked . "Because . I-I'm don't know if I'm r-ready for a baby . I'm still in school and .y-you and this gang thing " I explained.

"Babe no . You can still do school . I'll find a different job if you are really not comfortable with that job anymore .. We're in this together Alex " He brought his hand to my face wiping off my tears and caressing my cheek . "Its not like I'm gonna leave you or anything . I love you and I'm gonna stay here through it all " He said . I smiled a little . "Come on I know you can smile harder than that " Zayn smiled .

I showed teeth this time . He wasn't satisfied and he started to tickle me . I started laughing . "That's better " He smiled . I punched his arm smiling back to normal . The door then opened revealing the doctor " Okay .. Wow there's a smile " She pointed out . Zayn grabbed my waist and I held onto his neck and we smiled together . "Okay so you will meet with me every 3 months for an ultrasound .Of course no drinking while pregnant . No smoking which you are clean for " She explained

"Mhm" I hummed " You can drink red wine but not a lot . We do suggest you eat healthy for the baby . and around time for the baby to arrive you will induce in some weird habits and behavior and may be angry and sassy a lot during the pregnancy just informing the male " She said to Zayn

"Oh no problem that's usually how she is anyway " Zayn said "Stahp" I yelled and slapped his arm . The doctor laughed " But that's pretty much the basics . I'll see you guys in June " She smiled "Wait quick question . When you say eat healthy .. I can still have tacos right ?" I asked . She laughed . Nah I'm serious about my tacos lady . 

Louis's P.O.V


For some reason Cher and Kian invited me over and didn't tell me why . I don't know If I should care or .. I don't know . I have been getting a lot f calls from Harry and I been having second thoughts about leaving over some stupid fight . But what he said to me really upset me . Maybe its best to stay with Alex just until this visit with his parents is over . 

I arrived at Cher and Liam's house seeing Liam walking to his car . "Hey Li " I waved . "Hey Louis what's up " He asked . "Nothing just coming to Hang out with Cher " I smiled . "Um Cher's not here . She said she'll be back  " Liam said . "Really ? .. Well do you know when she'll be back ?" I asked.

He shook his head "Sorry mate " He added . "Well okay I'm gonna just go home and come back later " I said about to go back to my car "Kian is in there you can wait for her in there " he said . "Oh. Okay " I shrugged .

"Wait where are you going ?" I asked him . "I'm making dinner tonight I guess . I live with Lazy people " He sighed getting in the car . I laughed . I knocked on the door and it soon came open revealing Kian playing with a cat

. He then dropped the cat and his jaw " L-Louis what are you doing here ?" He trembled . " Cher invited me over " I smiled . "Oh " He said then mumbling something under his breath . "Um .. May I come in please its cold " I said rubbing my arms . "Oh yeah of course " He said nervously .

I walked in taking off my toms at the door . "Um do you want anything .. Tea ?" He asked . "Yeah I'd like that .. I want--" He cut me off " Tea no sugar 3 spoons of honey ?" Kian asked . "How did you know --" He cut me off again "Lucky guess you know .." He mumbled . I shrugged . 

about an hour later of sipping tea awkwardly he finally started to make conversation . "So .. Your boyfriend Harry .. How long have you guys been dating ?" He asked " About a year now .." I mumbled . I really didn't wanna talk about Harry right now . "You sounded upset when you said that " He pointed out.

"I know .. Its umm .. Just that its been a little hard in our relationship lately . I'm actually living with Alexandra and Zayn right now because of what happened and .. " I didn't continue feeling like any minute I was about to break down . I let that one tear just fall from my eye . It led to more .. That's not surprising .

"Sorry um . Can we not talk about that " I mumbled . "No no its fine " He said . "But um . He made it very clear that he'd rather spend time with his fake family than with me ... I just don't exist anymore " I said . He looked at me . He was starting to feel bad. I didn't want anybody to feel bad for me .

"I'm .. I'm sorry I said something I --" I cut him off . " Its okay .. I'm actually surprised you sat here and listen to my sob story .. you didn't have to do that " I said . He didn't say anything . His eyes peered into mine . It was awkward and made me feel some type of way . I gazed at my lips and back up at my eyes .

His face lined with mine and before I knew it .. his lips attached to mine . I began to kiss by with guilt in my heart .Yes I am mad at Harry .. But This guilt might be the death of me . "Ohh Kian !!" I heard Cher sing . I heard an extra pair of footsteps and when we stopped those green eyes looked at me in shock "Louis ?" Harry asked . "Harry .." I said . I felt my heart beat 10 times faster .. I couldn't take it . I had to face him ... I had to face him with guilt .


Did Cher set this up or naw !? Did Kian know or naw ?!

Find out in the next update of MR.MALIK 2





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