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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


17. Chapter 17

Le questions activated !! o.o

For Louis

Q :I think u made a good choice give harry some time to cool off good job boo bear

A : I guess .. 

For Harry 

Q :  Why don't you Just tell your Family that Louis is your boyfriend it's like they're not gonna hate you or anything you should be honest though cause you shouldn't hurt louis like that

A : I don't know . Its just .. I love my parents and .. I love Louis but .. I don't know :(

Q :  boi how u gunna save ur man??

A : I don't know 


Okay les do it 

Alexandra's P.O.V


The morning sunshine beamed through the window . I was laying on Zayn's chest and he was holding onto my waist while he was in a dark sleep .  I rose my head from his chest feeling sharp pains in my stomach . I wasn't feeling like myself today . For some reason I felt the urge to cry and eat ice cream .

I removed Zayn's hands from my back rolling off his body and going into the bathroom  . I looked in the mirror . I was pale as a mother fucker . My stomach started to churn . Then I let a huge load of vomit on the floor . I started coughing . "Babe are you okay ?" Zayn called . "Noo" I said .

I quickly ran over to the toilet vomiting some more . WHAT IS THE UNIVERSE DOING TO ME ?!!! . I felt presents in the bathroom with me . Arms pulled back my hair from my face . "What's wrong why are you vomiting ?" Zayn asked . "I- I don't know " I said starting to panic "I'm scared !" I screamed .

"Okay calm down . Was it something you ate ?" He asked me "That can't be possible because what I ate you ate it too and your not throwing up " I explained then vomiting again . He rubbed my back . Then I put my head up . "Oh shit !" I yelled running to my computer desk . "What what's wrong ?!" Zayn asked .

I logged on to my apple desktop and went to my calendar . I looked at my girl log .. Yes I have girl moments . Then I realized "Fuck !!" I screamed "What?!!" He said . "I'm late " I said . "You're late .. ?" He asked again . I sighed "Zaynie I need to go do something for me " I put my hands on his shoulders

"Okay " He said ready to help. I could tell . "Go to the store .. and buy stuff " I ordered . "Just buy specific stuff or buy anything " He asked to be sure " Anything buy anything ... GO GO GO YOUR WASTING TIME !!" I pushed him out the room . After a couple minutes I then heard the door open and shut .

"Okay I have 20 minutes .. lets do this " I said to myself . I went downstairs into the art studio where we put all of our wedding gifts . We have a lot so this is gonna take a while . I looked through a bunch of condoms and house hold Items until I found my grandmas present which was by far the one that took it too far .

I went back upstairs into the bathroom and opened the box revealing pregnancy tests and vasectomy cards . I don't know what that was all about but okay . First I had to read the instructions . I don't know how the fuck to use this so the instructions were useful . I had to pee on the stick then wait 1-5 minutes for it to show up . I'll check in 3 minutes then .

I'm seriously freaked the fuck out like . What if I am pregnant ?I don't know If I'm ready for a baby .I can't even take care of a fucking goldfish I'm sure . But I'm not one of them girls who be like 'He's not gonna love me anymore . He's gonna leave me ' Fuck dat since Zayn's been by my side this long . "Hey Alex" Louis smiled walking in my room . "Hey .. Are you okay ?" I asked him .

He actually looked better than yesterday "Yeah .. I guess I'm okay " He shrugged . I sighed shaking my leg nervously " What's wrong are you alright ?" He sat down on the bed next to me "Lou I think I might be pregnant " I said . He gasped "Oh my gosh really how so ?" He asked " Its been 3 days . I'm late " I mumbled .

 "Oh my gosh Alex I'm sorry " He sighed "Its alright . I'm not like those girls who don't know what sex is gonna bring . I'm not stupid " I said with a chuckle  . He laughed . "Has it been 3 minutes ?" I asked him "Its been 7 " Louis smiled looking at his invisible watch . I sighed getting up and walking into the bathroom .

I picked up the test and looked at it . 2 lines showed and the word pregnant "Oh my god " I whispered to myself . I heard the front door close and keys "ZAYNIE!!!" I squealed . I heard bags drop and 3 seconds later Zayn came running through the room and into the bathroom . "What did you find out what's wrong ?" Zayn asked . My hand was shaking as I lifted the test up to his eyes . His eyes widened and he looked at my scared face . "You're .. pregnant " He said . I wiped the tear from my eyes . He hugged me and kissed me until I stopped crying . "Its okay its okay .. We can do this " He whispered in my ear . My I thought to myself ..

Am I ready for this ?





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