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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


16. Chapter 16


Lets do dah question bitches!!!

For Zayn

Q : Oh boiiii don't you dare think about smoking 

A : I think I'm good 

Beautiful question Zayn


Okay this storehhh is starting in 3 .. le 2 .. le 1 .. leggo !!

Alexandra's P.O.V

Turn up ! My Grandma taught me how to cook when I moved in with Zayn so Yay!! . We won't get fat on Mcdonalds .-. . I really wanted to but we aren't gonna talk about that . I had on short black shorts that said sexy on the back and a white tank top coking for Zayn while he was in the shower . While I was mixing stuff together my phone rung .

I answered it holding the phone between my ear and my shoulder "Hellloooo!" I yelled . "Hey Andra!! whatcha doin gurl?" Kian asked . "Cooking what about you ?" I asked him . " Nothing I just have some questions for you " He said sounding like a perv . "Um Okay " I said . This had suspect written all over it .

" Okay do you by chance know what Louis's favourite color is ?" He asked . I could hear pages turning in the background " Purple " I answered . "Favourite day of the week ?" Kian asked " Friday " I wanted to question what this was all about but he probably wasn't gonna tell me " Favourite sex position " He said getting more serious that before . " Uhh--" I was cut off " Baby!!" Zayn called .

" Here I come " I yelled . "Gotta go" "Wait Alex--" I cut Kian off by hanging up . I didn't really wanna talk to him anymore anyway . I  skipped into the living room and through the hall to me and Zayn's room to see Zayn on the bed in his regular relaxation clothes . I jumped on his lap and he immediately held onto me " You called ?" I smiled . "Yeah .. I need to talk to you about something " He said .

I sighed " I can explain about that brown thing on the floor downstairs . I dropped a twix in the laundry --" He cut me off " What ? No I mean your brother came by today and he has a job for me " He explained . "Well that's cool what is it ?" I asked . He let out a sigh laying back on the bed . "Come on tell me it can't be that bad " I said . "He uh .. He wants me to join this gang with him and his friend " He mumbled . "What kind of gang ?" I asked getting a little scared .

He closed his eyes "I think Its fighting but I don't really know and I wanted to talk to you about it because I know what has happened in the passed between me and you and I just --" I cut him off .

" Zayn you're asking a 20 year old idiot what you should do " I said . " I'm an idiot who just wants advice from his wife " He sighed " Well if you think you're man enough to do it ." I sighed .

"But what if --" I cut him off again " I don't even wanna think about if something bad happens . I trust you to protect yourself " I laid down on his chest . I felt the vibration of his laugh from his chest ."I'm happy we could talk about this .. I just wanted to see if it was okay with you " He said .

" Yeah I know .. Thankyou" I said tracing over his tattoos . I decided not to think about any f the bad outcome that could come from this . Beside I said this about 5000 time . My husband can do ANYTHING .

Louis's P.O.V

I walked downstairs when I was done taking a nice long shower after Football practice  . Harry and Livia took one of the guest rooms which means I get to sleep alone yay ! . -_- . His parents are in the room right next to me  and at night I can hear them talk about how good Harry is doing and how beautiful his 'Wife' is and the fact that Christian is sooo cutee . Nobody ever talks to me during dinner . I never even get mentioned and all of this was for me to meet his parents . Harry won't even talk about me . Its like I don't exist anymore to him . 

I sat down at the dinner table next to Livia and the baby . Where I usually sit now . I was awkwardly eating while they all talked about whatever the fuck . Once again they never mentioned me and Harry just looked at me . "Lou why aren't you joining in the conversation " Harry asked . Now why the fuck would he ask that .

I smiled " This doesn't really have anything to do with me .. Its all about your 'perfect' fucking family " I mumbled . "Lou.." He warned " Hey Livia did you know that your husband kissed a guy before ?" I asked her . She spit out her food . His parents choked on theirs " Louis stop!!" He yelled " Admit it Harry .. Admit to the table who you really are !" I yelled back . I couldn't stop what was already in motion .

"Louis a word .. Please !?" Harry growled walking into the kitchen . I followed him kinda proud at what I did . "What the fuck was that ?!" He screamed " What do you mean . I've done nothing wrong " I crossed my arms over my chest . "Cut the bullshit Lou . Why would you humiliate me infront of my family like that !" He yelled getting more angry "Why are you yelling at me !?" I screamed

"WHY WOULDN'T I NOT DO YOU SEE WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE DOING !! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS --" I cut him off . "WELL IF YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT THEN WHY DON'T YOU STOP . I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE CHOOSING THIS SHIT OVER ME " I said . "Maybe I am " He said coldly . I swallowed the lump forming in my throat and began to cry . His face softened "Louis .

Babe "He said trying to hold me " Don't fucking touch me ! " I screamed . I pushed his hands away running out the kitchen . I walked through the dining room where everyone was sitting and ran upstairs as fast as I could . I slammed my bedroom door crying to myself . I was so angry .

I needed to throw something . I angrily picked up the picture of me and Harry throwing it to the ground and breaking it to shards of glass . I didn't stop there breaking everything messing up everything . I looked in my drawer pulling out a pack of cigarettes I've been having for stress . I light one and began to smoke it . I didn't need them for a while .

After that I got out my bags stuffing most of my stuff in them . I dialed Alex's number "Helllooo!" She answered . "A-Alex" I quivered . " . Boobear whats wrong ?" She asked " Can I come over for a couple days . I-I just can't be here right now " I said . "Yeah call me when you get here " She said . "Okay" I said hanging up . I put my hood on my head grabbing my bags and my phone and walked downstairs .

I had to walk through the living room to get to the door . " Louis where are you going ?" Harry asked . I didn't even think to look at him . I walked out the flat slamming the door behind me . I got in my car after putting my stuff in the trunk . Seeing Harry's face in the window made me wanna cry but I looked away from it starting the car and driving off . Its clear . Its very clear that I'm not wanted back .

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