Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


14. Chapter 14


For Deangelo

Q : I know Natalie is a smexy beast , But you gotta restrain yourself big boy cuz its Zayn's ex dumb shit ! ;3

A : That's Zayn's Ex Natalie ... Wow 

For Zayn 

Q : Wow u kno Alex so well lol even when it comes to her shits 

A : Now that we live together I know all about that .. Living with her is a good kind of weird ;3 

Q : Whatcha gonna do about this ? i mean what do you think of this  :/ this is so weird sowwy 

A : I just choose to ignore Natalie because I know that how I feel about Alex will never change no matter what she does 

For Louis 
Q : U gonna adopt a kid w/Harry

A : Maybe 

Q : Are you okay ? btw you should tell Harry how you feel about this and sorry :( hope it works out 

A : I'm okay I just thought he would know how I feel by now . I guess not . Thanks btw :)

For Natalie 

Q : Are you ever gonna understand Zayn doesn't love you ?!!


And Das It !!! ASK MOAR!!!

Okay Roll The Storehhh!!!


Alexandra's P.O.V

I was dancing to my favourite song as I drove to campus this morning . I didn't think about dinner last night anymore . I just wanted to push pass the fact that Natalie might not have washed her hands ... and I ate that food .. I'm gonna stop before I get sick again . I parked in the student parking space and grabbed my bag getting out the car . I started to walk toward the door when all the sudden I was pushed over . I screamed as I landed on the floor with Louis who was then getting up 

"Sorry did I scare you ?" He asked . "Um no .. Get off these are new jeans " I said . He stepped away from my body letting me get up . "No what was that about if I may ask ?" I said fixing my shirt as we started walking "I really need someone to come to .. Sitting with Harry's parents yesterday and just listening to them talk about Livia all night made me want to fucking vomit !!" He yelled

"Oh yeah I forgot his parents were coming well how were you introduced ?" I asked . "This is my roommate Louis ... I was crying before that so I just went to the bathroom and cried some more " He sighed . "Whoa .. You cried ?" I said shocked . I have never seen him cry before . "Yeah .. and the baby I held the baby and all I could think about is why couldn't all this bullshit happen to someone else . why me ?" He said .

He looked down . I sighed stopping him from walking "Look Boobear .. You gotta be strong through this look at you .. Having emotional breakdowns with babies and stuff . You're better than this " I said . He wiped his eye " You're right .. You're right thank you I needed that " He smiled .

I smiled back " Go . Now lets go to class--" I was cut off by screaming . "BESTIESS!!!!" I turned around to see Sparrow screaming and running from her car . "SPARROW !!" I yelled ."BIRDIE!!" Louis squealed Me and Louis ran over and hugged her . "I can finally come to my first class .. This is the first day I'm not home with the baby I hope Niall is okay " She sighed and started to walk with us . " hey did I tell you who was at dinner yesterday ?" I asked them "Who ?" They both asked . "Natalie" I said . They screamed .


Niall's P.O.V

This was the first day I was home with the baby .. By myself . I don't know how Its such a good Idea to leave a 23 year old home with a 2 week old baby .. alone .. I'm very scared . I was in the kitchen fixing me a sandwich . I was about to take a bite when the baby started crying . I dropped the sandwich and ran upstairs .

She was screaming but I didn't know why . Was she hungry , is she wet , is she tired I don't know . Maybe I should call Sparrow and see if she will help me . I dialed her number and after 3 rings she finally answered . "Hello ?" She said "Babe I need help " I said picking up the baby . "What's wrong with her ?" She asked .

"I don't know That's why I called you "  I said . She sighed " Okay did you check her diaper ?" She asked "No " I responded . " Do it " She demanded . " Okay okay " I said . I laid her down on the changing bed and un buttoned her onsie and checked her diaper . The smelled filled my nose .

" I think I found the problem okay thank you " I said covering my nose " Alright bye " She said " Bye " I said and hung up . I changed Seianna's diaper hopefully It would work but I didn't . I didn't know what to call Sparrow back or figure it out for myself . I walked over to the table with the bottles and stuff was and made her bottle .

I fed it to her but after she was still crying . " Its not a cheese burger this time " I whined . She still cried . I sighed " Okay calm down " I said holding her . I sat in the rocking chair and started to sing Wake me up by Avicii quiet and slowly . " So wake me up when its all over .. when I'm wiser and I'm older " I whispered .

She stopped crying and when I looked at her face she had fell asleep . I sighed in relief . Rocking in that chair made me tired too and 5 minutes later I was sleep with the baby still in my arms . 

Aww see Niall doesn't wanna eat the baby after all ... He did want that sandwich thoee 

Liek for moar!!!!!! ;3


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