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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


13. Chapter 13

its our first QnA yaaay!!! Leggo♥


For Alexandra 

Q : Whats gonna go down ?

A : I don't know you tell me *Pulls Out Knife* ._.

Q :Gurl what you gonna do about Deangelo and Natalie ? 

A : I don't even know the answer as to why I'm still sitting at this table at this very moment ... 

For Natalie

Q :The smexy beast you are are you actually in love with De or are you trying to get back at Zayn ?


Ohhh mah gawd xD Niall_Infection u be killin' me I swear thoee 

Okay that was our first QnA  ask moar!!!!

To Le Storehh

Alexandra's P.O.V

Zayn looked at them awkwardly while I just sat there pissed off playing with my salad . I think I just lost my appetite after seeing her . For some reason Deangelo was the only one smiling ... Which is what usually happens at our family reunions . "So where did you 2 meet eachother ?" Zayn asked .

 "I think it was at the Mcdonalds downtown . I noticed that white smile and sexy tattoos anywhere " Natalie smiled . De smiled "Ayye" He said kissing her . Vomit !! . "Ahh nice thats where me and Alex had our first kiss . Right Alex ?" Zayn asked . I could tell he wanted me to smile and make conversation .

 " Mhm" I hummed giving a little smile . I did not wanna be here anymore . "Um I have to ... take a shit . Excuse me " I smiled and dragged my feet to the bathroom in my old room . I wonder what they thought about that . I closed the door and locked it pulling my phone out my bra and dialing Cher's number .

"Hello ?" She answered . "Bro guess who's at the dinner table right now ?" I said . "Omg Justin Beiber ?!!" She asked . " What ? No . Natalie is dating my brother !!!" I yelled . " Are you serious ? Like how the fuck did this happen " She asked shocked . "I don't even know I just know if I have to sit at this table and take all this bullshit in for the next 2 hours I'm going to vomit !" I said

. "Okay okay don't panic .. calm down every things okay look just go to the table be yourself . Fuck her she don't matter Zayn belongs to you now " Cher said . I took air in and let it out . " Okay I--" "Babe are you okay ?" I was cut off by Zayn's voice . "Yeah here I come " I said . "I gotta go " I added .

"Okay good luck " She smiled . "Mhm" I hummed and hung up grabbing the air freshener . I opened the door spraying air freshener in the air . "Whoo that was a good shit !!" I smiled . "I know you didn't shit . I know when that happens you don't answer " He said . I forgot Zayn knows me so well . goddammit -_- .

"Okay .. can you tell I don't wanna be here ?" I asked him . "Alex its only one night I don't wanna be here either but .. It would mean a lot to your brother . one of the pieces of family you have left . The person who walked you down the aisle . The person --" I cut him off .

"Okay okay Damn ! you sure know how to make people feel guilty " I crossed my arms . "Eh its what I do " I smiled . Once I finally decided to go back downstairs with Zayn we sat back down at the table and I smiled like I wanted to sit next to stank as Natalie when really .. No . "Everything okay ?" Deangelo asked .
"Yeah .. You know my shits take time " I reminded him . "Oh Okay ... Well baby can you get dinner please " Deangelo smiled . "Sure teddybear" She kissed his cheek . I kept smiling but the word vomit was flashing in my head so many times . Moments later she came back with FOOODD!!! .

She put spaghetti on our plates and I started to eat thinking passed that she might have put poison in my food . "This is good " I said "Who made it " Zayn asked asked . "Me .. made it with my own hands " Natalie said shaking her hands . Everyone both spit out the food . Even Deangelo .

"You said your mom made it " Deangelo said . "She couldn't she had a date tonight remember " Natalie said and started eating . I smiled and started to awkwardly laugh . Zayn joined in and so did Denangelo . She know she didn't wash her hands thats why I'm laughing . 

Louis's P.O.V

"Harry --" He cut me off "Its fine babe . I swear I'm not gonna forget about you like that Its only for a week okay ?" He said to me . I Felt like pure shit when he told me to give him my ring to give to his 'wife' Livia to impress his parents for an entire week .

It still pisses me off that he chooses to lie instead of telling his parents about me . He told them I'm his roommate which makes me feel worthless now . He tried kissing me to forgive him . I didn't want to be touched  .

"Come on babe forgive me " He said kissing my neck . I rolled my eyes . The doorbell rung . "I think you need to get in character " I mumbled . He sighe d" I love you .. " He said . "Yeah " I said . "Livia can you get the door " he said running into the kitchen . "Yes !" She called . I went into the living room and sat down on the couch "Daddy" The little baby Christian said .

"I'm not your daddy " I said . He raised up his hands to me and began to make baby noises . I started to get really upset because I wanted babies with Harry . I let a tear fall out my eye . Its been a while since I've cried .

I picked up the baby holding him tight In my arms . His little hands rested on both of my shoulders .I patted his back . "Hey Louis you wanna meet my parents " Harry called . "Um .. Yeah hold on " I said . I kept the baby who had fell asleep on my chest and walked to the door to meet them .


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