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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


12. Chapter 12

Alexandra's P.O.V


I had one more day until I had to go back to my classes so I had time to chill with my besties and cousins cuz gurrrl . As soon as we got home they kidnapped my husband so ... that's that .

We just chilled by the pool as they forced me to talk about the ENTIRE honeymoon . "So was the sex good or ..?" Kian asked . Everyone laughed "I'm not about to tell you so you can go around fucking peoples husbands " I said . They all laughed again.

"Well that's enough about my sex life --" Kian cut me off . "Right how about you Louis is Harry's sex good ?" Kian smiled at Louis like a creep . What the fuck ? . " Well you know my boo got that good good " Louis brags .

"Ayyyee" We both said and high fived . Harry is sex crazy everybody knows it . "Okay okay enough about sex . How's being a mommy " I asked Sparrow . "I love its very easy when of course you have bestfriends to help you " Sparrow smiled .

"Aww". Cher yelled . "You should have a baby Alex  I think you and Zayn would be the best parents to a Melissa" Kian said . "Melissa?" Everyone said. "Pretty I know" He said sounding cocky . Oh wow .I told you my cousins on my dads side are weridos .

"I don't know about a baby I really have been thinking about it really I have and sometimes I get scared at the fact that if we have sex and I get pregnant . I'm not ready for a baby " I almost panicked a little inside .

"I'm pretty sure you can do it I'm 19 years old I didn't ask for a baby .. I asked for sex " Sparrow shrugged . Everyone laughed . "I'll think about it .. we'll see " I smiled . Well looks like I gotta think about plans for a baby .

I'm not just gonna give in like other girls always do . Like they be like 'I want a husband and kids and a family' . I want only stuff I'm ready for though .


Me and Zayn were finished eating like 4 boxes of taco bell and now we were sitting in the game room playing chess like a bunch of nerds . Which was okay because I realized no matter how much trouble I got into in High school I managed to get all A's .

And its not just because I was dating a teacher I'm actually pretty smart . I moved my piece and he started to smirk then pushing my piece out the way "Check mate " He sang . "FUCK!!!! WHY AM I SO BAD AT THIS " I said frustrated .

"Because you just are . but it's cute " He smiled . "Cute pfft I'm waaayy passed cute cuddle face " I said quoting him from like the 2nd day I knew him . He laughed " Cuddle face ?" He grabbed my waist . "Eh your face is so soft "I rubbed his face . He laughed . "You always knew how to make me laugh" He smiled .

"Yeah I know " I I flipped my hair . He kissed my lips . He let his lips brush against mine as we both fell on the couch in that awkward sex position . We were kissing rough but the moment was interrupted with my phone ringing. "Fuck " I mumbled .

I picked up the phone answering my brothers call . Zayn was kissing my neck as I was trying to focus on what deangelo was saying to me . "Hello ? Alex what are you doing ?" Deangelo asked . "Um nothing what's upppp" I moaned up so loud .

"Um .. yeah anyway my girlfriend is coming over tonight and she is really excited to meet you guys do you maybe wanna come over to meet her ?" He asked . "Yeah that would be cool we'll seee you in like an hour okay ? " I said .

"Alright bye" He said . I quickly hung up . "Alright get off cuddle face " I pushed Zayn off . "Don't deny my lovin !" He yelled starting to chase after me . I screamed running away .

Yep what big children we are . After Zayn was finished chasing me around I finally got to getting dressed . I got in the shower and put on a black skirt with a white long sleeve that I got in paris with this tattoo that after all the bleeding was gone it looked pretty nice .

I put on a black sweater and knee socks with my knee boots . Zayn was looking in the hallway mirror like 'oh I'm so sexy' . We matched too . "You ready babe ?" He asked me . "Mhm let's go " I smiled . He took my hand and we walked downstairs to the door together.

We walked outside "wait forgot something " Zayn stopped us . He took the key from under the mat and put it in his pocket "Not about to let nobody just walk in this time Ms.Leave the key so creepers can come in" He said .

"Okay Mr.Shutup before I break your neck " I smiled . "After you my lady " He changed the subject like that . I laughed . We got to my brothers new house and got out the car and walked to the front door . We rung the door bell and my brother immediately came to the door . "Alex!!!" He screamed .

"Oh my god!" I yelled back and hugged him . "What's up Zayn ?" He asked . "Eh . I saw you like 4 hours ago so .. the same thing that was up then " he smiled . "Okay then well come on she's in the dining room" He invited us in .

He shrugged and came in . We walked into the dining room ready to meet the pretty girl dating my brother but instead we met "Haaay you guys remember me ?!!" She yelled . "Natalieeee" Zayn tried to say more cheerfully . I stood there . A stank face upon me . I mugged her . Shits about to go down !

Itssss tiiiimmmmmeeee!!!! 

its le charater QnA . As question to there sexy charaters above and leave questions for me

Ain't the baby cuuuttteee I knowwwwwww

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