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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


11. Chapter 11.

*I would like to say thankyou to u guyz cuz I officially have made 3 popular storehhs and that just makes me happy . Thankyou for dealing with my crazy ass in the first place :3 ♥

Kk to le storehh


Alexandra's P.O.V

*the end of the honeymoon ;3*

"I don't wanna do it I don't wanna do it !!" I screamed squeezing Zayn's hand . "Its okay its just a small one its not gonna hurt" He tried to calm me down . I'm forced to get my first tattoo .. okay I'm not being forced but I'm scaredddd!!! .

Just the thought of a needle touching me makes me wanna cry . I hated shots there's no way I'm gonna like this . "What are we getting today beautiful ? " Some guy asked . It doesn't matter who he is but he looked chinese and really funny .

 "She's getting the same thing I got  " Zayn said . "Do you got a picture of that ?" He asked . "You just did mine what do you need a picture for ?" Zayn asked confused . "Oh nevermind " The dude turned away awkwardly . "Zayn don't let me die !!" I said .

I was hyperventilating . "You're not gonna die Babe . Its okay I'm here for you " He kissed my hand .  " Okay you ready ?" He asked . I sighed "Yeah I guess " . "Okay relax its just marker " The dude said trying to make fun of me laughing.

"I will cut you so fucking deep if you don't wipe that nasty smile off your goddamn face " I said.  He quickly stopped smiling . I turned to Zayn who was laughing to himself . I rolled my eyes smiling .  "Okay now for the needle !" The guy said picking up the gun .

My body got stiff . "Babe its okay it doesn't hurt " Zayn smiled . "That's easy for you to say you have 5 thousand of them " I said . He laughed shaking his head.

He thinks this is a joke I'm seriously scared . "Okay relax you're gonna feel a slight pinch okay ?" The guy said . I nodded . He held the gun to my pinky and I let out a scream so loud I'm pretty sure all of paris heard it .

(On The Plane)

I was haftway sleep . Despite the pain coming from my finger and that I had a headache from crying for 20 minutes because my finger hurt I was tired . This will be my first and only tattoo trust me ... maybe .. I might not keep that promise .

I was slowly falling alseep when 2 arms wrapped around me . Lol Zayns arms wrapped around me . He put his head on my shoulder squeezing me .

"Babe.." I asked ."Yeah?" He said . "How long do you think we're gonna be together " I asked him . These last 7 days have been the best days of my life and to see them go I just wonder .

I just got done being a teenager I'm curious sometimes " Well in my opinion .. I hope forever " he whispered make me tingle inside . "Promise me " I said . "Promise what ?" He asked .

"That we're gonna be together forever " I said . He kissed my neck "I promise that I'm gonna be with you forever . I'll stay by your side through everything . I'll never hurt you because I love you " He smiled . He held up his pinky that had the promise tattoo on it .

I did the same and we linked our pinkies together lightly . Mine still hurt :( . He kissed me . The after 2 minutes of cuddling we fell asleep really sloppy-like but we were still cuddling ... kinda

(Back In England)

We pulled up to the house the driver was getting our bags out . Me and Zayn walked hand in hand to the front door . I put the key in the lock but I was distracted because the blinds were shaking . "Did you see that ?" I asked Zayn . "See what ?" He said . I shook my head .

Maybe I'm crazy . "They're here they're here !" I heard Sparrow's voice say . I heard baby noises and people scurrining . "Wait for me Cher !" I heard Liam . Then something broke "fuck!!" He yelled . "Shut the fuck up!!" Louis yelled at everyone . Then it was quiet .

"Did you hear that ?" I said . I know I'm not crazy ! "Yeah" Zayn said . I told you I wasn't crazy . I quickly unlocked the door and turned the lights on "SURPRISE!!!!!" Everyone screamed . Except the baby who was in Niall's arms drinking a bottle .

"How did you guys get in ... you left the key under the mat did you ?" Zayn crossed his arms . "Noooo" I turned away . Everyone laughed . "I missed you!!!!" Louis screamed and attacked me and Zayn . "I missed you more !" Cher said and jumped on top of Louis .

"Dog pile on the maliks!!" Sparrow screamed "noo!!" Me and Zayns screamed . She jumped ontop of them anyway . They crushed mah boobies :( . 

Sorehh Le Chapter Was Short I Wasn't Using A CP ;3

Liek For A Second Updateeee 030

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