Mr.Malik 2 +16

Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


10. Chapter 10

Louis's P.O.V

I was home from Football practice . This has had to be one of the most Irritating days ever . First I had to go to class which pissed me off from the start because I hate class now . And when I came back here to get ready for practice Harry's cat shit everywhere in the flat and he wasn't even there .. Beautiful just all apples and bananas .

Then practice came . I could not stop thinking of Harry . It hasn't been the best few days of our relationship . Due to the fact he's been Lying about me to his parents , My parents don't accept us , And he's cheated on me already .

He said he was drunk but I'll never just forget about it like everyone else likes to do . I'm known to hold a tight grudge on things .  I never told anyone about our problems except for Alex and she vowed not to tell anybody .

I pulled into the drive way in my new Charger next to Harry's Challenger  . I got my bag out the back seat and got out pulling out my house key "Hay Louis!" our weird neighbor Amanda waved . I sighed "Hi" I waved back .

She's in my classes and she's a cheerleader . She's an annoying one . I unlocked the door searching for the hug that I needed . Harry wasn't siting on the couch waiting for me ? "Harry !" I yelled . I got no answer ."Harry ?" I called one more time before I jogged up the stairs . Our door was closed

. "Harry I'm home" I said opening the door to Harry with His laptop in his lap sleep . It was cute . His glasses were crooked on his face and he wasn't wearing anything but his boxer which made it even cuter .  I took off my cleats by the door and took of my jersey showing off my bare body to the cat that was rubbing himself on my leg .

"Get off dusty" I whispered moving the cat off my leg . I crawled into bed with Harry taking his laptop to see what he was looking at . I looked at the search engine that said 'How to apologize to your boyfriend in 6 languages' .

I smiled closing the laptop and putting it by me . I hugged his body feeling the love I've been needing all day long !! . "Apology accepted " I whispered kissing his chest tattoo and rubbing on his stomach . And its funny ... I don't even know what he did . 

Cher's P.O.V 

I was playing pat-a-cake with Kian while Liam was at work because I had nothing better to do . I was supposed to Babysit Seianna tonight but nooo Niall and Sparrow just had to be loving parent :( . I'm actually having fun with Kian even though he's seriouly weird . "You know can I tell you something ?" Kian asked me .

"Sure" I said . We stopped the game and I walked into the kitchen and he followed . "Well you know how I've been looking for a boyfriend for a while and ..." He started but I cut him off "This better not be about you liking my Liam because I will cut you " I said .

He held his hands up in defense "No Never .. but I do like someone you know " He explained . "Okay so let me guess ... Niall ? " I asked . He shook His head " Zayn ?" I asked again . He shook his head again "Umm Harry ?" I guessed again "You're getting warrrmmmerrr " He sang . "OMG YOU LIKE LOUIS!!?" I screamed .

He covered my mouth "Shut UP .. Yes I like Louis .. He's so hot and smart . And not to mention we talked at the bachelorette party and he mentioned that he is captain of the football team " He squealed "That that kind of football you idiot" I already knew what he was thinking ."Oh .. But still its soo hot .Too bad he's in a relationship " He shrugged .

Aw Kian is just so sad and alone while everyone is in a relationship . "Well sorry Kian " I shrugged . "Wait!" He stopped me . I turned around to him . "What if .. You break up Louis and Harry so we can be together " He said .

"Hell no ! You know Louis is like my best friend and Harry and Louis were meant to be from the start " I explained " pleaaaseee who's your favourite cousin ?" He said "Alexandra " I answered " Okay who's your second favourite cousin " He asked "Justin " I answered .  

"OKAY WHO'S YOUR COUSIN IN THE ROOM RIGHT NOW !!?" He yelled . I groaned "You are ... Okay fine " I accepted finally . "Yes ! Your the best cousin ever  " He hugged me . "Yeah I guess"  mumbled . I can't believe I just agreed to this . I can't break them up I would never do that to Louis . But you know what they say .. Family before friends .

Ohhh Sheeet Cher is goin' cray cray !! Is it gonna work or Naw ?

Like for moar !!! ;3


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