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Alex is officially an adult with Lou ,Sparrow, And Cher . She has her dream coming true one step at a time ,a new husband , and a new life . Her and Zayn were happy until jealousy finds a way into their lives once again which causes so much hell ... will they be able to fight through it like always ? Or will they have to kill for peace ?


1. Chapter 1.

•Warning! The following sequel contains many graphic sex scenes and the use of a variety of drugs .. don't say I aint warn you !•

Now here is how the Ratchet cookie crumbled Enjoy Bitch ;3

Alexandra's P.O.V


"Hold still girl don't move not one more time!" My grandma screamed at me "Sorry you keep missing the pin holder !" I complained . The wedding is this Saturday so this week has been busy . My dress took 3 days but it was worth it . Its really big like cinderellas .My grandma loves me so much thoee!! .

"You look so beautiful" Zayn's mom smiled clapping her hands . "Oh you!!!" Ahhh that good ol bashful hand . They laughed . I turned into the mirror and looked at myself in my future wedding dress . I sighed.  "This is it" I whispered to myself with officially the biggest smile on the planet planted on my face .

"Well go take the dress off hunny . We got work to do at the ceremony location " my grandma told me cleaning up her stuff.  I nodded . I CAREFULLY walked to the dressing room to take off my dress and put back on my real clothes and my phone started to ring.

 it's probably Zayn wondering what my dress looks like .He's been asking me since my grandma came over to talk to me about it . Nosey ass! . I awnsered the phone and put it on speaker while I was pulling on my leggings . "Hellooooooo!!"I said like always . I'm 20 years old and I'll never get tired of that .

"Babe we have a problem " Zayn said in a panicalicious voice . "Whats wrong ?" I asked pulling on my sweater and my boots . He said something but I couldnt hear him . I picked up the phone and took it off speaker "What?!" I asked for him to say it again .

"Sparrow is in labor and the baby could be here any minute" he said . My jaw dropped . "Holy shit!! Okay uh .. I'll be there in 5 minutes tell Sparrow to keep the baby in her vagina !" I said and hung up . I grabbed my bag and ran out the room passing my grandma and Zayns mom who were fixing the dress .

"Where are you going sweetie?" Zayns mom called to me . "SPARROW!!!" I yelled running out the building .

 I made it to the hospital literally in 5 minutes . I ran into that building so quick you would have thought I was flash . I ran to the front desk "Whea she at?!!?" I yelled . "Where is who ma'am ?" The lady with the long finger nails asked in a snooty tone . "Sparrow Smith..." I asked being a smart ass back .

"That room right there" She pointed . "Thank you ... ugly bitch" I mumbled . I walked into the room Sparrow was screaming everyone was yelling and Niall wasn't in there "HEY!!!!" I sreeched . Everyone got quiet exept for Sparrow who was in pain ... a lot of pain!! . "So .. where the fuck is Niall?" I asked .

"He's getting me a cheeseburger " Sparrow panted groaning after . "A cheeseburger ? .. your about to give birth!" I threw my hands in the air . "This baby is just as hungry as I am! " she groaned .

I ran my fingers through my hair with a sigh . Just then Niall burst through the door with a mcdonalds bag and 4 drinks with a cheeseburger in his mouth.  He sat the stuff down and ran to Sparrow .

"Eat babe" he said feeding her the cheeseburger . When he saw me he attacked me with the biggest hug "Your here! Thank god!!!" He literally yelled.  I laughed .

Then Zayn joined in hugging me and kissing my cheek . I blushed as he wrapped his arks around me from behind . "HELLO!?!" Sparrow yelled .

"The baby is coming like right now! " she screamed . We took action . Don't fuck with the pregnant lady emotions . Time to have a baby .

They made us all put on blue scrubs and stuff.  I looked so sexy ;3 . We all gathered around her . "What am I supposed to do ?" Zayn asked . "Your fine where you are standing sir" the doctor said . Zayn pouted . "Basically just stand there and be sexy " I smiled . He smiled back holding up his thumbs .

" Okay on a count of 3 we need you to push okay ?" The doctor said . Sparrow nodded . "Okay 1,2,3 PUSH!!" I screamed , Sparrow screamed , Niall screamed ,Zayn screamed . Everyone screamed . "Your doing great . Here's the head . One more time feel free to sqeeze a hand " the doctor said .

Niall grabbed her hand and kissed her forehead . " 1,2,3 push!!" We all screamed again . Niall screamed in pain . "MAH HAND!!!" His irish voice echoed . The screaming soon stopped and her frown turn into a smile .

"Its a beautiful baby girl" the doctor smile holding up the baby . Niall smiled at the crying baby who was getting cleaned . He kissed Sparrow . Aw :). "Oh here comes the after birth" The doctor warned . Everyone started screaming again .

Niall held the baby in his arms having the baby gtrip on his thumbs . "She's so beautiful .. she looks good enough to eat" he smiled "NOOO!!!" We all screamed . "Not literally calm down" he said .. We all sighed in releif . The door opened and Louis,Harry,and Liam .with balloons ,flowers,and bullshit .

"aww she's here" Louis said smiling . "How come you didn't come eariler ?" I asked . "I know I'm loud but the screaming and stuff .. I can't take it" he shook his head.  We laughed . "What he meant to say was we couldn't wait to see our sweet little niece ." Harry smiled .

"Have you guys thought of a name ?" Liam asked . They looked at eachother . "I wanna give the god parents the oppritunity to name her " Sprrow smiled at me and Zayn .

We pointed to ourselves with a confused look . She laughed and nodded . "Whooaaaa okay!" I said ."So we got Sparrow and Niall .. this requires so much thinking " I said . "What about Seianna Lauren?" Zayn said .  "That's pretty . Where did you come up with that ?" I asked . He shrugged " it came to me " he smiled .

I laughed " Her name should be Seianna Lauren." I clapped .

"That's sooo pretty " Sparrow smiled at the baby .I was wrapped in Zayns arms . He dug his head in my neck kissing my shoulders . I giggled at the touch of his hair against my skin "Hey you guys want a chance to hold her ?" Niall asked .

I grabbed Zayhe hand and jetted over there.  SUPER GOD MOMA AND DAD COMING THROUGH BITCHES!!!


I put on Zayns ' Cool kids don't dance ' t-shirt . I love this shirt . He likes when I wear it too . I came out of the bathroom and skipped downstairs to Zaynw with No shirt on and gray sweat pants Channel surfing . I jumped on his lap and got comfortable .

He pulled me closer and tangled his legs with mine " 2 days " I reminded him . "I know I'm excited " He grabbed my hand with my engagement ring on it and kissed it . "I can't wait... all I want in to be with you forever " He kissed my forehead .

"Forever is a long time" I blushed " I know " He smiled . I smiled back and kissed . I honestly can't wait either . Believe it or naw he's the first person I have ever been in the much love with . He's grandma approved LOL!! 



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