Love it’s such a simple word, isn’t it? Four letters, easy to spell and write down on a sheet of paper, but so hard to understand exactly what it is. Apart from air, food and water, it probably the one thing on this planet that we all crave more than anything else. Love comes in many forms, each as intricate and bewildering as the next.


2. Sinead

I’d known Sinead for absolutely ages, almost all my life it seemed. She was a good friend and fun to be with, as girls went she was a real gem. It was during a wonderful summer that I started to look at Sinead in a different light. At the time I was in this relationship with another girl. It had been rocky for a while and I clung onto the wreckage of the affair as if I was drowning at sea and it was the only thing that would keep me buoyant. Love is such that sometimes we’re caught in bad relationships frightened to extradite ourselves from them for fear of being left washed up on the barren shores of a lonely island.

Yes, I was feeling really down that summer, although I wasn’t looking for another love connection. I suppose it was the depression in the ruins of the relationship that Sinead brightened up with her gorgeous smile and personality. The thing with Sinead was that she could brighten up my world with that wonderful smile. She came into my life like a lifeboat rescuing me from the wreckage of Sarah.

As I’ve said Sinead was always good fun to be with but that fateful summer, our friendship changed forever. Somewhere in the woods and streets where we strolled Cupid had lain in wait with his arrow, putting us in his sights and firing that fatal arrow. Not that our relationship changed overnight, no it was a slow burner that eventually caught hold and exploded into a wonderful inferno.

Sometimes friendships can turn into more serious relationships and this is what happened here. I was friends with Sinead and slowly over the course of a few months I found myself falling in love with this wonderful person. I never intended it to happen, but sometimes things just take hold all by themselves and you find yourselves being rushed down channels that you never intended taking.

I always find it difficult describing people. Sinead is no exception. Let me start by saying that she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, she exudes a quiet confident beauty all of her own. No she’s not a super model, but who wants one of those matchsticks anyway? She’s that girl next door, the one that you never dream you’ll end up with, but secretly hope you will. It seems a crime these days to not be thin and elegant, but Sinead isn’t thin and petit. Her body has curves and all the correct proportions. My friends will tell me that she’s not graceful and attractive, but as I tell them every time, do they see her through my eyes, if they did they’d realise that she was a reincarnation of the goddess Aphrodite, the most beautiful woman who had ever lived. From the top of her wonderful light brown hair to the tips of her heavenly feet, she radiates beauty like a 1000 watt lamp, but it’s the smile that you first notice about Sinead. A wonderful smile that turns her face into beauty beyond belief.

However it’s not just looks that make a relationship, it’s a persons’ personality and intelligence. As much as we want to spend every moment in the clinches of our loved ones, if you can’t talk to each other then you have a very poor relationship. In the beginning it was our common interests and talk that drew us together. Throughout that fatal summer, we talked and chatted finding mutual interests, revelling in each other’s company long into the evenings.

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