Love it’s such a simple word, isn’t it? Four letters, easy to spell and write down on a sheet of paper, but so hard to understand exactly what it is. Apart from air, food and water, it probably the one thing on this planet that we all crave more than anything else. Love comes in many forms, each as intricate and bewildering as the next.


4. Conclusion?

Tonight, Valentine’s Day we’ve summoned up enough courage to go out for a real meal at this wonderful restaurant in a nearby time, not enough courage to do it in our own town. My whole body aches when I’m not with Sinead. I physically hurt with pain when I don’t hear her voice. Tonight we’re sat opposite each other in a quiet corner. I gaze into her green eyes, the candle flame reflected in those green pools. I remember that first kiss snatched in a roadside café barely a month ago. I remembered the wonderful summer evenings sat talking in the dark.

Gulping an amount of wine down, I glance around the room. No one is paying us any attention, each couple lost in the gaze of each other, so different from Maccydees. I pat my jacket pocket checking the box is still there. Reaching across I hold Sinead’s hands. My mouth opens as the waiter puts our starter on the table spoiling the moment. We slowly eat the plate of food in front of us. I don’t know exactly what I was eating, the food not registering on my taste buds.

Sinead finishes her food and smiles across the table at me. We lean into the centre and briefly touch our lips in a kiss.

‘Love you’ I say

‘Love you too’ she replied saying the ‘L’ word for the first time, my heart pumping faster as she says the word. We lean back in, this time the kiss lasting longer.

‘Marry me’ I say.

I lean back and pull the tiny box from my pocket. I open it to reveal a small diamond ring. My hearts pounds as I look into her wonderful eyes waiting for the answer.

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