The Styles Triplets

All three of them are triplets. The Styles Triplets. Harry Styles is part of the British boy band, One Direction. Edward Styles is a punk rock star who thinks he can get with any girl he wants to be with. And then there's Marcel, the smart, nerdy, Styles.
Madison Tomlinson.
She's Louis Tomlinson's little sister. She has a crush on each of the boys. But she likes Edward Styles the most.
When she starts dating Edward Styles, and he decides to break up with her after 5 months of dating, will Madison run to Harry or Marcel? Or will Louis tell Harry and Marcel about what Edward did to Madison?


2. Chapter Two

Madison's POV


Once I woke up the next day, I realize I was in Edward's arms. I smiled a little and watched him sleep.

He chuckled softly."Good morning, Sleepy Beauty." He whispered.

I smiled."Good morning."

"You hungry?"

I nodded."Yes, actually, I am"

"Let's go out for breakfast then." He said, smiling.

I nodded and tried getting up, but instead of getting up, Edward pulled me down on top of him and kissed me gently then let me go. I smiled when he did that. Then after a few seconds, I got up grabbed my clean clothes and went into the bathroom to shower.

I turned my music on. It contained mostly Emblem3 and One Direction.

I showered for two songs and then gotten out. I was still singing and putting my clothes on. Once I gotten my skinny jeans on and my tank top on, Harry walked in. His ear buds in his ears. I giggled.

"Harry!" I shouted. He didn't hear so I tapped him on his shoulder.

He looked at me and chuckled, taking his ear buds out of his ears."Sorry, didn't know you was in here." 

I smiled."Oh no. It's okay." I said.

After I left the bathroom, I finished getting ready and told Edward that we can leave to go out for breakfast.

Edward nodded and went to his car with me. I got in and buckled up. I soon gotten a text message from Louis.

Louis: Be home by 11AM.

Me: Alright. I'll be home after breakfast.

I looked at Edward and smiled."I have to be home by 11."

He nodded."Alright then."


After Edward dropped me off at my house, my brother, waiting in his chair, looked up from his book he was reading. He smiled and looked back down at his book.

I sat on the love seat and grabbed my book from my bag. After I pulled it out, I looked at Louis."Lou, can I tell you something?"

Louis looked up and closed his book and nodded."What's wrong baby sister?"He asked, worried.

"I need some advice. I like both Harry and Edward but I don't know who to choose."I told him.

"Just follow your heart. Only your heart knows more about who you like than yourself."Lou told me.

I nodded."Alright. Thank you."I said.

I got up and went to my room, grabbing my cell phone and texted Eleanor.

I told her to come over to hang out with Lou and I and she quickly agreed and told me that she'll be there in about an hour.

So I went downstairs and told Lou."Your girlfriend will be in here in about 1 hour tops."I said.

He nodded.

"I'm cooking dinner for you guys."I added.

"You. Cook?" He asked surprised.

I nodded."Eleanor taught me and so did Sophia." I added. I'm like a little sister to Eleanor and Sophia already so they love me to death and taught me everything they know about boys to be a wonderful girlfriend.

Lou smiled."Good, now go get ready and start cooking."

I nodded and went to the kitchen but before I went, I walked over to Louis and gave him a hug."I love you big brother."I said.

"I love you too baby sister."He smiled, hugging me back.

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