Love Struck

When Cimorelli find themselves touring Europe the girls know that nothing can go wrong on this trip. But during their stay in France Katherine finds herself head over heals for a young handsome poet. She is so deeply in love with this boy she is willing to stay in France with him and leave the Cimorelli European Tour! But what will the 5 other sister do?


1. Leaving

'Lisa! Stop posting selfies on Twitter!' Christina demanded. 'You need to pack for Europe and knowing you something will be forgotten and we cannot come back for it! Don't forget we need to record a YouTube video before we go!' 

'Okay, chill I am nearly finished packing anyway! Only my jumpers need to go into my case now and I am just waiting the wash to finish.' Lisa dropped her phone as the washing machine made a loud buzz from downstairs. 'See they are finished now!'

The Cimorelli sisters where off on a 5 week holiday touring Europe, although this was no ordinary holiday the six sisters where starting their European tour meaning travelling to multiple countries each week. Starting with England.

Down the hall Dani and Lauren sat in their room packing.

'Dani, did you take my black bow tie? I cannot find it any where in here and I am sure that most of this mess is yours, so it's probably under your pile of clothes somewhere!' Lauren moaned. 

'I haven't got it! Go see if it is in the washing pile, you know that a lot of clothing has been washed in the last few days!' 

Downstairs Katherine sat on the sofa writing in her poetry book. 

'Hey if I can be all packed by now so can you! We have to leave in the next hour and we still have that video to film!' Kath shouted up the stairs.

'2 minutes!' Came the echo of voices from upstairs. Kath shook her head smiling and buried her nose straight back into writing. 

Suddenly a large bang surrounded the room when a gym bag hit the bottom of the stairs, followed by Lisa dragging her suitcase behind her. Lauren and Dani followed, leaving only Amy and Christina left.

'And I thought I would be the one who hadn't finished on time.' Lisa chuckled looking up towards Christina's room.

'Hey I am here! Now go set up the camera quick, we don't have long!' Christina pointed towards the black bag holding the camera set. 'Where is Amy? I haven't heard from here all morning!'

'Look her stuff is by the door so she must be ready, AMY?' Dani yelled.

A minuted passed and still no answer. Swiftly Amy came running around the corner in sweat pants and a large t-shirt. 

'Sorry, sorry, sorry I was engrossed watching the Tennis, just let me go grab my glasses and I will be ready.' Amy ran up the stairs, while the other prepared for the video.

'Right Lisa, no scaring the fans this time with your faces okay! We have young viewers' Christina gave of a small chuckle. 

'Fineeeee, right recording, lets do this fast we have 30 minutes and I can edit this on the way to the airport!' Lisa ran towards her spot on the front row, looking up at Dani. 'You really need to stop growing!'

'Hey I'm Christina, I'm Katherine, I'm Lisa, I'm Amy, I'm Lauren, I'm Dani and we're Cimorelli!'

After 15 of filming the girls had finally finished their video and it was time to say goodbye! Joey ran towards Lisa wrapping her arms around her. Lisa picked him up spinning him around.

'I wish you where not going!' Her mumbled into her shoulder.

'It's only for 5 weeks, I promise it will fly by! Just keep up with your sports and do your best, promise?' She placed him down kissing him on the forehead. 

As they all said they're goodbyes there bags where packed into the car by Lynne their mother.

'Right girls come on we need to get you all to the airport, in the car go go go' She joked as they all piled into the car.

'See you soon boys' The girls shouted together, Christina with tears running down her face waved slowly as she stepped into the car.

'I am really going to miss them, even Christian and his pranks.' Christina sobbed.

'We will be skyping you every day Christina so don't worry, it will be like you have never left! Now who is ready for Europe?' Lynne shouted starting up the car. 

The car rolled slowly down the driveway and the girls all waved goodbye and the cars turned out of the street.

'Lisa move over, you're taking up all the room! I am smushed up against the window here!' Dani moaned.

'Oh no, here we go.' Amy huffed putting both headphone in.

The girls where of to Europe!

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