The big mystery called: 'portfolio'

I was doing some schoolwork I didn't understand and it inspired me to do a story about it. it's about the thing that was not understandable.


5. chapter 4

Chapter 4


I ran to the piece of white just in time to see it disappear. I called my classmates and they came to me.

“it went that way”

We ran that way and saw a piece of white sticking out of a garden.

I walked to it and started to dig.


“no I don’t want to be found nor understood”

“you killed our teacher”

“well yeah duhh she was going to explain how I worked”

“but why did she have to die?”

“well because she was going to email my info to you. I don’t want to be understood. I’m fine being vague.”


We found the Portfolio but it was still a bit weird.

It killed our teacher because it didn’t want to be understood.

Well another teacher will make the assignments different so it will be understood in the end. For people of next year.


We made our portfolio for another teacher this semester. We just did something. The portfolio burned itself so we couldn’t open it to find the info.


We still don’t understand a thing of it. The big mystery called: ‘portfolio’



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