The big mystery called: 'portfolio'

I was doing some schoolwork I didn't understand and it inspired me to do a story about it. it's about the thing that was not understandable.


4. chapter 3

Chapter 3


As we came outside I immediately saw a note on the door.


You’re getting closer. I am not large. I can’t be large.


What the heck does that mean.

“do any of you know what it means with this?”

“well I guess it could mean it’s either a small piece in a machine or a file that can’t be too large because we won’t be able to hand it in otherwise.”

“okay. Call them and tell them your thoughts then we will continue. I have a feeling it’s close.”

My classmate called the others and told them our findings.

“they say we would be looking for the portfolio, a project or a machine but then just a small piece of the machine”

“okay so now we have some sort of description of what we’re looking for”

We walked further into the street. I saw another note and walked to it.


I’m one out of three, who can I be. I’m made out  of paper just like the note.


“you guys. Another note. It’s made out of paper so we aren’t looking for a machine”

“okay so we’re looking for either a project or a portfolio. I would say we’re looking for a portfolio because that’s something we didn’t understand and we asked her”

“but what would be its motive, why would he murder our teacher?”

We walked a little further and another note was there.


Congratz you have figured out who I am now leave me alone I don’t want to be understood


We called our classmates again and told them we were looking for the portfolio when I saw a piece of white running.

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