The big mystery called: 'portfolio'

I was doing some schoolwork I didn't understand and it inspired me to do a story about it. it's about the thing that was not understandable.


3. chapter 2

Chapter 2


Next day we got a call. Our teacher was murdered.  She was killed in cold blood. She had a gunshot to the head. She bled out. She felt the entire thing. No sweet loving death for our teacher. We were going to investigate things. I called my class together and we went to the crime scene. The crime scene was a huge mess. My teacher had fought her murderer.

“you go check that corner. Anything called fingerprints and shoeprints and anything other that’s interesting but it in the bag.” I told my classmate.

I went to check the desk she was working on. She was checking other essays. They have nothing else to do. I found some colouring pencils and some pens. I found the papers and her laptop. I opened the laptop and found our first clue.


I am the murderer. You will find me by not understanding


I thought this was a very weird clue. I called my other classmates over and they checked it too. They thought the murderer was something or someone we didn’t understand.

“you go make a suspect list” I told a classmate.

He went straight to it. I walked further through the house until I saw another piece of paper.


You won’t think of me when you make a list. I am a thing.


Another cryptic note. I called my classmate and told her to show it to the  one that was making the suspect list. I walked further. Nothing out of the ordinary. I walked back down to the other students.

“well what have we found out yet?”

“well we know it’s something we don’t understand and it’s something that’s a thing so we aren’t looking for a person but a thing”

“well what’s the list so far”

“well I have decided I would write down every assignment we don’t understand and every machine we didn’t understand. Maybe one of those things killed her”

“okay well continue and you three come with me.” I took 3 classmates with me and we went outside.

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