The big mystery called: 'portfolio'

I was doing some schoolwork I didn't understand and it inspired me to do a story about it. it's about the thing that was not understandable.


2. chapter 1

Chapter 1


I tried to put in my USB-stick but it didn’t work. Again if I must say so. I am no computer hero. But that damn thing never works. After 15 tries it finally worked. Then my computer gave me a blue screen. Since I have no clue what it tells me I call my dad. He told me it had crashed. I restarted the computer and inserted the USB-stick again. When I opened it all of my files were gone. I panicked since all of my school things were saved on it. I tried to reset it, but that didn’t work. All of my work was lost. All of the pictures I made. All of the essays I wrote. Everything I had ever made was lost. I had to remake everything. That going to be a shitload of work.

I started to write again and emailed my friends if they could email me the pictures. Then it was lunchtime. I had written about 7 essays now. I went down in my pyjamas and got sent to cook. I cooked some and then gave everyone food. My brother’s friend came by and he saw me in my pyjamas again. Sad enough he isn’t cute. Not even close to being cute.

I ate my lunch and got dressed after. I walked to the centre of town with my mom and we went to the shops. I bought a new pair of pants and some soap. She bought whipped cream and also soap. We also went to the computer store and they fixed my USB. Then we went back home. I went up to my room and decided I would get the assignments. The assignments said one thing and then the checklist said the other. Really weird. What were we supposed to make. What were we supposed to write. What were we supposed to make. The assignments told us to make 4 and the checklist told us 3 for one time of essay. It was really confusing. I emailed my teacher and waited. She never answered. I packed my things and went back home.

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