Dark love (Liam Payne)

First we meet at their music shop then I get stalked what's next kidnapping?


3. The first meet

Hey guys I got three reads so far that is really good because I started this story today this is the second time I am writing this chapter will I hope you guys enjoy.

I walked and walked until I reached a music shop called"one's music shop" I wonder what that means I walked inside causing five heads to snap in my direction. I waved a bit and walked towards the gutairs that were up on a wall.

Those five guys looked buff and hot but they looked creepy the way they looked at me the one with the blonde and brown roots looked like he could sweep me off my feet."which one would you like love?" I heard a deep raspy voice say from behind me.

"Umm I want the blue one right there" I said pointing to the one above me."ok I'm Harry by the way Harry styles" he said flashing me a dimpled smile and taking the blue wooden gutair off the wall.

"I'm Savannah by the way" I said shyly Harry nodded as I followed him to the counter."alright love that would be 301 pounds I'm Niall Niall horan by the way" the blonde guy said all five of them had a a lot of tattoos too.

I nodded my head and got the cash out and handed it to him he smiled a toothy grin showing off his braces. He handed me my new gutair with a case on it."wait Niall I need to buy the case too" I said as I got my wallet out."nah babe I got it" I heard a Bradford accent say from beside Niall.

I looked up putting my wallet up and seeing a perfect faced dude,"I'm zayn Malik by the way love" zayn said kissing the top of my hand with his soft warm lips. Making my cheeks turn pink.

Hey guys thanks for reading!!!

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