Dark love (Liam Payne)

First we meet at their music shop then I get stalked what's next kidnapping?


6. rough rides

Hey guys sorry for not updating this story by the way this will be a short chapter sorry :) enjoy!!! ;)

My Pov:

"And what does that mean?" I asked confused"well I've never seen a girl eat like that you are different love" Liam explained to me. I felt my cheeks burning and Louis giggled a bit and whispered to Liam.

Liam smiled a perfect smile making me giggle Niall smirked at me." Hey do you have a ride home love?" Niall asked me all five of them looked towards me."Hey savannah" I heard marcel say from behind me.

"Marcel!!!"I screamed trapping him in a death hug"your h-hurting me love" he said his face turning red. I let go of him "you know my little brother?" Harry asked me I nodded"he was my boyfriend" I said as the seven of us walked outside."what happened love" Niall asked me" I cheated on her" marcel said to them.

"What why?!?" Niall yelled picking up marcel by his shirt "he was drunk Niall it's fine I like someone else already" I explained to him he nodded and put marcel back on the ground.

Sorry for the wait :)

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