Dark love (Liam Payne)

First we meet at their music shop then I get stalked what's next kidnapping?


5. pizza meets

Hey guys sorry for the last chapter I got kinda mad at this website for deleting the last chapter twice. And I got sick on top of that we'll here is the new chapter enjoy!

I saw five figures step out of the car I got seated the five of them just walked in and sat beside and around in the booth I was in. Everyone had a look of horror on their faces why? Though"hey you guys followed me" I said winking at them making all five of them blush.

"It was Niall's idea love" Harry said in his deep raspy voice Niall scratched the back of his neck blushing I giggled a bit making Niall smile. The waiter came and kept starring at me I stuck my middle finger up at him I heard laughs from behind me. After all six of ordered food it cam a few minutes our food came.

The lads and I ate our food me and Niall finished at the same time I looked up and all five of their mouths were hanging open."what?" I asked "you eat as much as Niall and as fast as him too love" Liam said to me.

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