Dark love (Liam Payne)

First we meet at their music shop then I get stalked what's next kidnapping?


7. crushes

Hey guys sorry for the wait here is the new chapter enjoy!!

My Pov:

"Soooo who do you have a crush on?" Niall asked me happily with hopeful eyes I smirked as a idea popped up in my head."Harry I like Harry" I said trying in to laugh,Niall's eyes turned black he tackled Harry to the ground about to punch him.

"Niall,I was kidding I like you and um Liam" I said as Niall lit up smiling like a kid on Christmas tackling me in a hug.Liam lit up to but kept his distance from me because of Niall who was. Hugging the life out of me .

I wondered way the four others were so scared of Niall I thought so my self as Niall nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck his soft hair tickling my chin and neck. He peppered my skin behind my ear causing the skin to become tender.

He started to suck and nip at that one spot causing a soft moan to come out of my lips. I felt him smile into my neck causing me to blush.

Sorry for the long wait....

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