Dark love (Liam Payne)

First we meet at their music shop then I get stalked what's next kidnapping?


8. A dark angel

Hey guys sorry for the massive wait but here is the new chapter enjoy!!!

My Pov:

"I'm a dark angel love that is they are scared of me even though Liam is stronger than me he is an angel,Zayn is a werewolf, Harry is a demon, and Louis is a vampire" I heard a Irish accent say in my head.

" I said that love" I heard Niall say I nodded letting the information sink in." You will be mine love" Liam's voice rang in my head causing a small smile to form on my face. "Well I do have a ride so I guess I can leave you guys" I said pulling myself from Niall's iron grip.

Liam and Niall let out a growl at the same time " they will not let you go love" Zayn said laughing a bit.

I took a step forward a loud growl left Liam's lips. " told ya love just have the two of them go in your mustang and follow us to our place ok?" Louis explained to me.

I nodded and walked towards my car unlocking in and Liam was in the front seat in a flash and a grumbly Niall was left to go in the back he slammed the door shut. I got in the drivers seat and Liam's warm hand found mine trapping our hands together.

Niall kept growling at Liam the whole time as I followed the black range rover to a huge mansion. I parked right next to Harry's car Niall was out of the car in a flash. Liam locked the car doors and lifted me up and put me in the back seat climbing on top of me.

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